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  1. I know that’s my point. What I meant is because of the multiple season tickets and the club 1867 this will never be able to happen. As for me coming back. Need to start with a more reasonable pay on the gate price every week but again we all know that won’t happen
  2. I have not bought a season ticket this season for first time since I starting going in 1996. This was due to being disillusioned of how the club as been run and more importantly the pricing strategy we seem to have gone down. I think it way over priced compared to other clubs in this leagues (and above) bearing in mind where we live etc. There is no sign this will change for years only way is up. In my opinion when we do reach the premier league it should be so much cheaper to make up for the crap we have had to put up with for what will be the 20+ years. This cannot happen due to the multiple season tickets and 1867 membership but time will tell. Hopefully I will be back someday. WAWAW
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