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  1. What's Gary Glitter doing there (front left)
  2. Leeds v Wednesday

    Mate of mine who I work with is a Leeds season ticket holder, wishes he hadn't bought one with the amount of games shown on Sky, says it would have saved him a fortune.
  3. Daniel Pudil

    So pleased for him, thought he was asolutely brilliant today, had Tammy Abraham in his back pocket throughout the game, so much so that Abraham was substituted. Really suited to the centre back position and for me a much better option than Loovens.
  4. Big up Andy Rhodes

    Is Weaver with us as a keeper coach, if so I didn't know, brilliant if so.
  5. Dave n Marco

    I know but I wouldn't mind us having Gunter, good attacking defender
  6. Matias

    According to my son LJ and MM played together in Portugal and MM scored most of his goals because LJ did most of the donkey work, why not try these two together . And can I just say I'm listening to Becks new album 'Colours ' one of the best albums I've heard last and this year.
  7. Venancio

    If it's true that DC looks at emails and tweets from fans then just bombard him with them and get him to sign him. From what I have seen of him he's been great so far, it would be an absolute waste to let him go.
  8. Villas Boas

    Only trouble with appointing a manager mid to late January is that we won't have any transfer activity. A new manager will want his players and were we to sign anyone in the window we could end up wasting money and end up with a player not being used. Either let Bullen have it till the end of the season and it would give us plenty of time to look for a good manager or appoint someone now no matter what the cost.
  9. Doesn't deserve Sack after that

    It baffled me when Butterworth was substituted instead of Wallace.
  10. Ref blows on 94 minutes

    There wouldn't have been 6 minutes added time if the Hull player who went off injured walked behind the goal and up the sideline, classic time wasting tactics.
  11. So basically we started with plan A, it wasn't working so switched to plan B which did work. Here's an idea, why not start with plan B.
  12. Stupid Sky Commentary

    What got me going last night with the sky commentary was the way they went on about the Loovens tackle, yes it was bad but the way they went on and showed endless replays really peed me off. I was thinking that it was a good job that the ref wasn't miked up to the commentators otherwise he would have been off. Then when Mcgoldrick (sic) went off at half time due to a deep gash to the groin, again they went on about the tackle. Amazing how he managed a full half and showed no discomfort from "the deep gash". If the "gash" was so bad where was the blood on the shorts in the first half?
  13. That's the thing with us, when we are in front we really need to go for it. Winning with a one goal margin (1-0, 2-1 etc) really is not a time to sit back and try to see the game out cause nine times out of ten we always seem to concede and end up drawing. Even with a couple of goals advantage I still don't feel comfortable

    The thing with Westwood yesterday was that he couldn't speed things up. If you noticed whenever Bristol got a corner or long throw (which was as good as a corner )they pushed all but one man up which made us pull everyone back, most of the time Westwood won the ball so therefore couldn't distribute it quickly cause everyone was back defending. I've always wanted us to leave at least two players on the halfway line whenever the opposition have a corner, free kick, long throw etc just so it would give Westwood someone to launch the ball to quickly. Can't remember the opposition but I do remember Westy doing this once where after the opposition attack broke down he launched it upfield, it bounced once or twice and Hooper leathered the ball into the net (Leppings Lane end ) brilliant goal. Very rarely do we get to see this now.
  15. Normal service resumed

    Just watch, we'll go and absolutely batter Ipswich on Wednesday

    Should be above the teams above us and would be had we not drawn the games we have, just look at the pigs, 17 games and no draws???????
  17. What annoys me is that in all of his after match interviews he's happy to settle for a playoff place whereas we should be busting a gut to get an auto (sorry but I think we might not even make the playoffs under CC). This has got to be one of the poorest Championships for a while.
  18. This. Also I think that you would find Lee offering a bit more width if he played there. Wallace tends to drift inside too much for me.
  19. Just watched them, absolutely brilliant, laughed so much. Whoever did them I hope we see more.
  20. Tuesday night

    I'm a season ticket holder and definitely going as said earlier, miss all the trick or treaters.
  21. Jack Hunt at the final whistle

    What pees me off most of the time is when Wallace drifts inside to centre midfield and we lose any width that we may have had and it just leaves Hunt to play as both defender and winger. Thought Hunt had a great game today and the criticism of him is a bit ott.
  22. Bottling the big games

    Been saying it for a while now, we are just too static, point being today when Wallace had the ball in the first half on the halfway line, there was no movement in front of him so had to pass it back to Lees and then he (Wallace ) just promptly stood there with his hands on hips instead of moving in to space. Football is really a simple game when you pass and move but we just seem to pass and then stand there admiring it. The pigs did it to us today, Brentford did it the other week. We have got to try and get back to the tactics we played in the first season under Carlos.
  23. Colin Murray is a great presenter and C5'ves football show is much better with him presenting it, he was a great person to front Match Of The Day 2 but got took off it because people wrote in to the BBC complaining about not being able to understand his accent, bizzare.
  24. Brilliant thread, really informative and really enjoyed finding out a few more facts about us.
  25. Bannan and Jones

    How about trying Hutch at right back, I believe he played there for Chelsea as well as center back (could be wrong though)