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  1. Nah, able replacement in Tom Lees, brilliant save he made on Saturday
  2. Plus we have Tom Lees as a good backup, great save on Saturday
  3. Wasn't he banned at the start of the season for the same offence, surely he can't be banned again for it.
  4. If pigs could fly, Bramall Lane would be an airport
  5. Thought that one of his better kicks in the second half was when it went straight down the middle and there was no one to latch onto it due to Lucas J. Just going off.
  6. Ought to try and add a few more lines to this and get it going at Hillsborough
  7. Really impressed with how he played tonight, really solid defending, some great tackling and heading, possible future captain.
  8. Fletcher was injured, he spoke to Bullen about 5 minutes before coming off.
  9. Sorry but Penny was garbage tonight, too slow on the uptake. How many times do you see him running towards a player, slowing down then suddenly realising he should speed up to keep in touch with the player and by that time it's too late. Needs a really good strong stern talking to.
  10. Thought he was really good tonight, let the game flow.
  11. But according to the sky pundits it was a poor penalty, not a good save. Never heard so much bias towards the pigs tonight, absolutely disgraceful from sky tonight.
  12. Yet Thursday morning BBC radio Sheffield said that Jos said that Lees was dropped for tactical reasons???????, what gives? Who's telling porkies.
  13. 3 league goals (so far). Oh and if Lees and Thornilly were dropped for making individual mistakes on Friday then after tonight we're struggling to put out a side for the Birmingham game.
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