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  1. gableratchet

    Sold out

    No, it's now called the "We were once on Dr. Who stand"
  2. gableratchet

    Another good game

    Bringing Kirkby on. It made the midfield a bit lightweight , would have been better bringing on Thornily to just sit in front of the defence. Would have also brought Fletcher on instead of Joao.
  3. What disappointed me in that first 10 minutes of the second half was that we had 11 men behind the ball and we were mostly in our own half of the pitch. We just invited pressure on ourselves. Another thing that annoyed me was the amount of times Dawson went to ground with the ball and just laid on it instead of launching a quick counter attack, saw Reach make a couple of runs when Dawson had the ball but he never released it long and chose to play it short to a defender and the way Leeds were pressing we were instantly under pressure .
  4. gableratchet

    Hector was the biggest plus yesterday

    My son thinks he should be dropped if Hector is to be played, Thornley hasn't really done much wrong, however having a large imposing player along Lees may see his form improve.
  5. gableratchet

    Matt Penney Goals for SWFC

    Think that he will go barmy when he gets his first senior goal, think the crowd and occasion will probably dictate his celebration (hope it's against either Leeds or the piggies)
  6. When does his contract run out. My worry is that if he doesn't get much game time he will just be released at the end of it. Such a shame really cause on his day he's pure class.
  7. gableratchet

    wolves game on ifollow?

    According to my mate who lives abroad the game is on Wolves TV so there should be a stream for it. Just Google live soccer stream and you should be able to get a link.
  8. Typed in the wrong box and it looks like I'm quoting someone but it's my statement above.
  9. gableratchet

    Highlights From Sky

    FF knew that the defender was going to pass back to the keeper, great bit of anticipation by him, took the goal really well.
  10. gableratchet

    Westwood will be Off

    My take on it is that Westwood will only leave if we get a very good offer for him. If not then he will be number one next season and then I think Jos will send out on loan the keeper who will possibly take over from Westwood (IMO will probably be Dawson ).
  11. gableratchet


    There were many times yesterday when Fulham attacked and he could have released the ball early and it would have been 2 against 2 but with holding onto it the Fulham team were allowed to regroup and that's when the ball came straight back
  12. gableratchet

    Quality balls

    As a kid many years ago I had an old leather ball that was laced to hold the bladder in. While bored one day I decided to undo the lace, rip the leather and take out the bladder. Me and my mates then decided to play football with just the bladder and with just one bounce it promptly burst and we didn't have a spare ball. To make it worse I then had to explain to my parents why I did what I did, christ the back of my legs stung after the slaps I got off my mum (before any one says anything it was the 60's). Happy days.
  13. I watched the whole match on a link my son found in Germany and no way were there 29000 at the game, the amount of empty seats was unbelievable. Great following from us though, really impressive.
  14. gableratchet

    Bannan Injury

    After Sunderland's result tonight I wouldn't rest any player, got to play our strongest team and go for it. I reckon 2 more wins would see us safe. Really can't wait for this season to end, get the players back fit and really go for it next season.
  15. gableratchet

    Is that one of our best second halfs ever??

    I actually thought it was one of the better games at Hillsborough, just goes to show how different people view the game differently.