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  1. Typed in the wrong box and it looks like I'm quoting someone but it's my statement above.
  2. gableratchet

    Highlights From Sky

    FF knew that the defender was going to pass back to the keeper, great bit of anticipation by him, took the goal really well.
  3. gableratchet

    Westwood will be Off

    My take on it is that Westwood will only leave if we get a very good offer for him. If not then he will be number one next season and then I think Jos will send out on loan the keeper who will possibly take over from Westwood (IMO will probably be Dawson ).
  4. gableratchet


    There were many times yesterday when Fulham attacked and he could have released the ball early and it would have been 2 against 2 but with holding onto it the Fulham team were allowed to regroup and that's when the ball came straight back
  5. gableratchet

    Quality balls

    As a kid many years ago I had an old leather ball that was laced to hold the bladder in. While bored one day I decided to undo the lace, rip the leather and take out the bladder. Me and my mates then decided to play football with just the bladder and with just one bounce it promptly burst and we didn't have a spare ball. To make it worse I then had to explain to my parents why I did what I did, christ the back of my legs stung after the slaps I got off my mum (before any one says anything it was the 60's). Happy days.
  6. I watched the whole match on a link my son found in Germany and no way were there 29000 at the game, the amount of empty seats was unbelievable. Great following from us though, really impressive.
  7. gableratchet

    Bannan Injury

    After Sunderland's result tonight I wouldn't rest any player, got to play our strongest team and go for it. I reckon 2 more wins would see us safe. Really can't wait for this season to end, get the players back fit and really go for it next season.
  8. gableratchet

    Is that one of our best second halfs ever??

    I actually thought it was one of the better games at Hillsborough, just goes to show how different people view the game differently.
  9. What's Gary Glitter doing there (front left)
  10. gableratchet

    Leeds v Wednesday

    Mate of mine who I work with is a Leeds season ticket holder, wishes he hadn't bought one with the amount of games shown on Sky, says it would have saved him a fortune.
  11. gableratchet

    Daniel Pudil

    So pleased for him, thought he was asolutely brilliant today, had Tammy Abraham in his back pocket throughout the game, so much so that Abraham was substituted. Really suited to the centre back position and for me a much better option than Loovens.
  12. gableratchet

    Big up Andy Rhodes

    Is Weaver with us as a keeper coach, if so I didn't know, brilliant if so.
  13. gableratchet

    Dave n Marco

    I know but I wouldn't mind us having Gunter, good attacking defender
  14. gableratchet


    According to my son LJ and MM played together in Portugal and MM scored most of his goals because LJ did most of the donkey work, why not try these two together . And can I just say I'm listening to Becks new album 'Colours ' one of the best albums I've heard last and this year.
  15. gableratchet


    If it's true that DC looks at emails and tweets from fans then just bombard him with them and get him to sign him. From what I have seen of him he's been great so far, it would be an absolute waste to let him go.