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  1. gableratchet

    Any credit to Chansiri?

    Ought to try and add a few more lines to this and get it going at Hillsborough
  2. gableratchet

    The players are a disgrace

    Didn't read it that way, read it again
  3. gableratchet


    Really impressed with how he played tonight, really solid defending, some great tackling and heading, possible future captain.
  4. gableratchet

    The players are a disgrace

    Fletcher was injured, he spoke to Bullen about 5 minutes before coming off.
  5. gableratchet


    Sorry but Penny was garbage tonight, too slow on the uptake. How many times do you see him running towards a player, slowing down then suddenly realising he should speed up to keep in touch with the player and by that time it's too late. Needs a really good strong stern talking to.
  6. gableratchet


    Thought he was really good tonight, let the game flow.
  7. gableratchet


    But according to the sky pundits it was a poor penalty, not a good save. Never heard so much bias towards the pigs tonight, absolutely disgraceful from sky tonight.
  8. Yet Thursday morning BBC radio Sheffield said that Jos said that Lees was dropped for tactical reasons???????, what gives? Who's telling porkies.
  9. 3 league goals (so far). Oh and if Lees and Thornilly were dropped for making individual mistakes on Friday then after tonight we're struggling to put out a side for the Birmingham game.
  10. gableratchet

    Middlesbrough were just stronger than us

    Don't like it but I would just go long against the grunts, they don't like it when teams are up and at them, get them on the back foot and they'll make mistakes. It's when you sit back and allow them time on the ball that they punish you.
  11. gableratchet


    Not big Dave''s biggist fan but he should have played from the start, their defenders would have known they were in a game, Joao is too lightweight and is easily knocked off the ball and after a while his head soon drops. Thought Joey P. had a decent game but too many players had an off game, just hope we can bounce back against QPR and Birmingham.
  12. gableratchet

    Sold out

    No, it's now called the "We were once on Dr. Who stand"
  13. gableratchet

    Another good game

    Bringing Kirkby on. It made the midfield a bit lightweight , would have been better bringing on Thornily to just sit in front of the defence. Would have also brought Fletcher on instead of Joao.
  14. What disappointed me in that first 10 minutes of the second half was that we had 11 men behind the ball and we were mostly in our own half of the pitch. We just invited pressure on ourselves. Another thing that annoyed me was the amount of times Dawson went to ground with the ball and just laid on it instead of launching a quick counter attack, saw Reach make a couple of runs when Dawson had the ball but he never released it long and chose to play it short to a defender and the way Leeds were pressing we were instantly under pressure .
  15. gableratchet

    Hector was the biggest plus yesterday

    My son thinks he should be dropped if Hector is to be played, Thornley hasn't really done much wrong, however having a large imposing player along Lees may see his form improve.