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  1. Daft question about the crowd noise but is it only the TV viewers that hear it or is it played over the PA system so that the players hear it as well?
  2. Remember this game well. Was on the kop and when we got the penalty I couldn't watch and turned my back on it. The relief when it went in was unbelievable. Weird night, utter joy at 3 nil up to despair at 4 - 3 down back to joy (and relief ) at 4-4. It's just the Wednesday way.
  3. According to Monks interview just now on P & G he was telling the players not to sit deep and allow pressure on to us but to get forward, seems like the players didn't listen.
  4. Was thinking the same walking up Herries Road after the game. He reminds me of Paul Warhurst when he goes on one of his pacey runs,similar type of player.
  5. Can he do anything in January, if we've been charged by the EFL won't we be under an imbargo?
  6. Shove Iorfa to right back and recall Lees, pace down the rhs, get plenty of crosses in.
  7. No, it would just be our luck for the EFL to postpone any punishment till the very end of the season and for us to grab an automatic promotion place then be hit with a points deduction which would move us down to seventh place in the division.
  8. Thought it was a bit funny on praise or grumble on Saturday. Wilder was being interviewed after the Spurs game and he was saying how all his players are really honest and that they wouldn't resort to cheating to gain an unfair advantage and that if anyone did he would give them a firm talking to and that they would possibly loose the shirt. He was basically complaining about a Spurs player diving in the box and that it should have been reviewed on VAR and the Spurs player booked and I thought, really, honest? If a blunt dived in the box in the 94th minute with the score at 1-1 would you really go to the 4th official and say no penalty, my player dived. I think not.
  9. Leeds are averaging bigger crowds but our ground is bigger and currently the biggest in the championship.
  10. Sorry, but as good as Hector was, Borner is much better.
  11. Anyone else think that the posh blunt who phones in sounds like Jeremy Hilary Boob, Ph.D from The Beatles Yellow Submarine film https://dangerousminds.net/comments/fantastic_jeremy_hillary_boob_ph.d._yellow_submarine_toy
  12. Nah, able replacement in Tom Lees, brilliant save he made on Saturday
  13. Plus we have Tom Lees as a good backup, great save on Saturday
  14. Wasn't he banned at the start of the season for the same offence, surely he can't be banned again for it.
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