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  1. Theoretically though a club could go all the way to the final without actually playing a game (or even win it). How mad would that be.
  2. You’ve got to save these and repost them at the end of the season
  3. Christ some really ott posts on here, just give the man a chance and if (like one of the earlier posters said ) he does lead us to the Premier league will they all admit they were wrong. I watched us under both big Jack and Howard and found the matches to be exciting. It was great seeing us attacking constantly and getting the ball into the opposites box in a few passes rather than tippy tappy football that gets you nowhere. Possession football is ok if you do something with it but most of the time we don't and now we may see players actually having a go and find their scoring boots.
  4. But he didn’t play in the prem with either Brighton or Fulham, think you misread my statement .
  5. Seems strange the situation with Norwood in that he's twice achieved promotion with two separate clubs but never played in the Premier league with those clubs. Now it seems that he's out of favour for the blunts, could it be that he's just a really good championship player but not good enough for the Prem.
  6. I'm sorry but how the hell can you say we are staring relegation to league one after only 2 games, christ we've already reduced the deficit by 4 points and there's still 4 teams above us that's played the same amount of games and are yet to get a point on the board, we can easily catch them and I still believe we will stay up. Just stop being so bloody negative or alternatively just ******** off and stop posting if all you're going to be is bloody miserable all the time.
  7. Remember this game well. Was on the kop and when we got the penalty I couldn't watch and turned my back on it. The relief when it went in was unbelievable. Weird night, utter joy at 3 nil up to despair at 4 - 3 down back to joy (and relief ) at 4-4. It's just the Wednesday way.
  8. According to Monks interview just now on P & G he was telling the players not to sit deep and allow pressure on to us but to get forward, seems like the players didn't listen.
  9. Was thinking the same walking up Herries Road after the game. He reminds me of Paul Warhurst when he goes on one of his pacey runs,similar type of player.
  10. Can he do anything in January, if we've been charged by the EFL won't we be under an imbargo?
  11. Shove Iorfa to right back and recall Lees, pace down the rhs, get plenty of crosses in.
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