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  1. Sheffield Wednesday vs Derby

    Any dropouts?
  2. Not bothered

    Chin up pal they'll drop quicker than those pine needles!!!!
  3. One adult or senior required please/missed out whilst on hols
  4. mansfield away

    Do we get the 10tppoints?
  5. Fulham Ticket Sales

    Tried ages for grandstand this afternoon think that's gone as well? so got mate 1 in south & they are limited
  6. Your Dad.

    Was privileged to be at Leeds for the 1-3 Fa cup victory as well as the 5-4 Man Utd win & the 3-2 Palarse win at Villa Park/cried at Chelsea tho when Tambling's miss hit shot went in in injury time ahh well nice memories!! Cheers Dad
  7. Let's not kid ourselves...

    Didn't enjoy that one jot! 24 hours on Newcastle tho may change that selection/formation with Fox/Macca/Winnall/FF in contention
  8. Rotherham V Fulham

    Yeah & we've toytown!
  9. Rotherham V Fulham

    Not at all surprised!!
  10. Any streams for match today?

    Think skysportsnews show the goals( if any) immediately so best bet if no links
  11. stream for game

  12. Newcastle tickets

    30k is about capacity these days at the old lady due to the laws that be!!! Personally don't care as I've struggle re Burton/Villa/Forest/+ others with poor allocations for the massive
  13. member

    Hi lads after leeching a member id for Newcastle game for a senior bit pricey hence ask (tin hat on)
  14. Rival watch

  15. Rival watch

    So we all Wolves n Brighton today!