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  1. Did they score 5 somewhere recently?
  2. will i am

    Last desperate move

    I blame pudil for not tracking Quaner? 1 up against udders With 30k behind you!!! Indefensible!! Never been same since
  3. I've used it several times email CES which is Mr Wilson! He decides if you warrant a ticket with what you say in your begging letter the cheapest I've had is £20 although £5 cheaper if you're a poor concession! the norm is £25 anywhere in the old lady but sometimes no reply to request which is frustrating & usually it's Saturday morning when the ticket office call you if successful/pick up is leppings lane gate 6 & I notice the lady is still there handing out envelopes on match day/ past experiences suggest about 6 to 8 games a year are possible( there's no means test incidentally!) you can also ask for a poor friend to join you if you're cheeky enough/I've personally got a S/T now but it is an option for the walk up on expensive match days of £40+ Hope this helps
  4. will i am

    Not bothered

    Chin up pal they'll drop quicker than those pine needles!!!!
  5. One adult or senior required please/missed out whilst on hols
  6. will i am

    mansfield away

    Do we get the 10tppoints?
  7. will i am

    Fulham Ticket Sales

    Tried ages for grandstand this afternoon think that's gone as well? so got mate 1 in south & they are limited
  8. will i am

    Your Dad.

    Was privileged to be at Leeds for the 1-3 Fa cup victory as well as the 5-4 Man Utd win & the 3-2 Palarse win at Villa Park/cried at Chelsea tho when Tambling's miss hit shot went in in injury time ahh well nice memories!! Cheers Dad
  9. will i am

    Let's not kid ourselves...

    Didn't enjoy that one jot! 24 hours on Newcastle tho may change that selection/formation with Fox/Macca/Winnall/FF in contention
  10. will i am

    Rotherham V Fulham

    Yeah & we've toytown!
  11. will i am

    Rotherham V Fulham

    Not at all surprised!!
  12. will i am

    Any streams for match today?

    Think skysportsnews show the goals( if any) immediately so best bet if no links
  13. will i am

    stream for game