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  1. Maybe we should have held on to it in the corner rather than going for a third. Game management not our greatest asset. Thought the ref had a great game really.
  2. Spot on decision. It was a foul.
  3. Given away needlessly by Hector. Dawson should probably have got that but could well have seen it late.
  4. It will have naff all to do with us though.
  5. A good defensive performance which is to expected against them. The class divide is immense. But the penalty, come on really? It was clumsy. Not only that but it was repeated again, this time fortunately not in the box. Bannan more interested in arguing with the ref than concentrating on the game. Perhaps he knew something that VAR didn't (what does arguing with the ref EVER achieve?).
  6. Sounds like the bookies have heard 2 of those won't be playing!
  7. Wow. Really can't understand that being an acceptable response. I just don't understand why some people don't seem to have any other means of behaviour. What if you were in a pub watching a game and one half of the pub cheers when their team scores and gives it the biggun to you? Do you all go over and punch everybody?
  8. I imagine they also did a thorough risk assessment to make sure that their punch wouldn't be the one to cause dramatic consequences? I imagine all the families that have lost love ones due to someone deserving a slap feel the same way. Why not just go to football and enjoy it and have a laugh with fellow supporters? What makes a football match so special that it's seemed acceptable to behave that way? So you're saying cheering is good enough reason to be violent?
  9. Really? Bloke attends a game of football. Gets punched in face by moronic supporters and he's to blame for cheering?
  10. I agree about the Nuhiu thing. If ever there's a game and there's a striker above 6ft3 you can see the refs going blow up for it before it evens gets competed for. It's like a lot of times when keepers are protected. Same thing happens a lot again at crouch. I know his arms are a bit like an octopus at times but the decisions should be made on each instance, not what has gone on before. The reason for my post was that you can always guarantee a thread about refs will pop up when the result goes against us. Certainly does take a certain type of person....like goalkeepers.
  11. Ha ha. Or people always look for someone else to blame. Perhaps they have issues?
  12. Fair enough if he was, I wasn't there / watched on tv so cant comment. Just seems comments/blame is only attached when we lose. Seems to imply the games are only won if we get a good ref and lost if they're bad. Wonder what the view is from the opponents.
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