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  1. Don't see any reason to change anything. Pay him appropriately whilst he's manager but no need to put any pressure on by giving him a formal title. If we keep winning there's no reason to need another manager. If we don't, then like all managers anyway, he'll be moved aside and somebody else will take over.
  2. Correct, and nor should they. As it stands, it was off target. Any shot should be classed as off target if it doesn't need anybody to stop it from going in - assuming it has enough power to go over the goal line! Hitting the bar/post and not going in scores as many goals as those that go high, wide and handsome. Look or sound good sometimes but still won't win you any games. Post and in, well that's obviously on target. You may have guessed that I don't understand when people get excited about how many times teams hit the woodwork and it not going in
  3. 21 now. 17 not worthy though as they're off target. Can have a thousand off target for all I care. Had the same amount of chances to score as us, 3.
  4. Yet Huddersfield rested their entire first team with 3 or 4 games before the end of the season and were completely rejuvenated for the playoffs.
  5. You mean, think we're better than we are but ultimately fail?
  6. The period from 80th minute to 94th minute (typical amount of injury time) is 15% of the total game time. So it's pretty much on par with goals scored at any other time of the match.
  7. Probably get it completed just before half time ready for switching ends!
  8. Means he can buy it off her now for £500,000,000,000 and get a cash injection!
  9. Don't know how he'd deal with it, but I'd deal with it the way I mentioned in previous post.
  10. My thoughts on this are that firstly, we're right to get investigated. Like everybody else on here I'm no expert but it appears to have been such an obviously shady act to try to get round the rules which doesn't appear to have paid off. Second, if trying to stop clubs going under, why allow them to lose 13m every year or 39m every 3 years? Who can afford that long term if sustainability is what they're after? Third, this can be easily solved by the efl having a holding account for all clubs which equals the same as their debt level. That way if any owner screwed the cl
  11. Yes but they're expected to go down, they can then build long term as a bit of a yoyo club. They'll never stay up by getting points off the likes of Liverpool anyway. They all have a mini league of their own and anything off top half teams is a bonus.
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