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  1. ipswichowl

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    I don't think it's a simple in or out if you don't know who the replacement is. Got to the point where everybody seemed to be calling for Carlos's head, he went, now people want Jos out.
  2. ipswichowl

    Sorry but Jos cost us points

    Probably because his perfornances were in complete contrast to each other. Just like Nuihu. Completely different performance. Joao looked a lazy sod when he came on. Strolling around whilst Fessi is still able to run past him to get near his men.
  3. I can sort of see your point. It's like England. I think it's the way to progress. But players need to know when going long is the right option. Also there's nonppiny just lumping it. It needs to be with a purpose like putting it into the channels for Lucas or Mathias to run on to, ither wise it looks dreadful and gets the crowds back up. Again, like England it will only get better with time and practice with the system that inevitably means there will be bumps along the way. We don't need to be so black and white. There's plenty of grey area in between.
  4. ipswichowl

    Ashley Baker

    I don't know if it's because I watch from a distance so to speak but why can't people accept criticism? If you make a comment on a poor performance you get jumped on by saying youre attacking our own players? Must be hard work spending a day working with such sensitive people. I thought northerners were supposed to be tough....cue the onslaught!
  5. ipswichowl

    Ashley Baker

    Only seen him on tv twice. Very impressed in first game to the point that I looked to see who he was as I didn't recognise his face. Maybe the Sunderland game?? Tonight though he wasn't great but there weren't many that could cover themselves in glory. Life goes on and one game doesn't make you a bad player or prospect. On to the next match.
  6. ipswichowl

    Hooper & Fletcher

    Agree. Fletcher usually always impresses me. Hoopers just got goals him. Hopefully we give him a run in under 23s though. Not just 2 or 3 games after 9 months out. FF is only out for 1 more game as well isn't he?
  7. ipswichowl


    Also managed a bit of form when his contract was expiring. We should put everybody on 1 year contracts (where's the smiley face icon?).
  8. ipswichowl


    I thought Thorniley was our better player. If he's playing like that most weeks I think we got a really good defender on our hands. He reminds me of when we used to play as kids by listening to our coaches basic instructions before we grow older and think we need to do more. Boring solid defending is unappreciated sometimes I think.
  9. ipswichowl


    Ha ha. Nice one. Really like it! Did you make it up yourself?
  10. ipswichowl


    He may well be....just not tonight. A lot of people seem to get quite irate when mentioning poor performances. You can have good players, even great players that have bad games.
  11. ipswichowl


    I was going to say how could you say he was one of our better players. But then I agreed with you on all the others you listed so has to put him in the top half by default! Just a poor performance all round really. Strike it off and start again.
  12. ipswichowl


    Then his positioning was all wrong certainly looked to me like he was playing as a defensive midfielder. Can't have 2 players playing the Bannan role.
  13. ipswichowl

    Will Keane/James Wilson

    Came through Ipswich's Academy.
  14. ipswichowl

    No Antonio fee yet

    Easy w decided not to pay them yet! Told Forest to transfer our money to them.
  15. ipswichowl

    Any one else think Grey is after a pay off ?

    Every manager is after a pay off. Nobody walks anymore without a cheque in their back pocket (or BACS payment).