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  1. Yep, same for me. Expected to be have to go right to the back of the queue but it logged me back in straight away. After a couple of attempts, it allowed me to select a seat and went straight through to my basket this time.
  2. I'm the same as others. Got through ok, selected a seat but then it took forever for the circle of doom to disappear. It now shows that I have no tickets remaining, yet there is nothing in my basket and I can't deselect this mystery seat.
  3. It could mean anything. The family, understandably, want privacy so I think anything at this point is purely speculative.
  4. Still over 900 seats left. I'd be slightly disappointed if we don't sell out given the fact it's pretty local to Sheffield and is on the back of a great derby win. GET YOUR TICKETS!
  5. Because I love Sheffield Wednesday. Because no matter how fired up the players are (or should be), it would surely give them a bigger lift to see 5k Owls there than seeing 2k. Because when I was last there, we won 2-1 and the feeling of that was unforgettable and I'd love a taste of that again. Because I'm not obsessed with United like a lot are. Because even if the match tickets are expensive, it'll be a lot cheaper than travelling down to Exeter when I don't have that much money to waste. Each to their own though.
  6. I agree with this. Don't understand some of you not wanting a big allocation. I'd take as many as we can get and sell, regardless of whether it gives them money
  7. Crisis averted eh Rich. Where you sitting? I've still to get my ticket
  8. I actually hate the derby games. I don't enjoy the build up at all. That said, I LOVE it when we beat them.
  9. Anyone know if you can still get copies of the Pete McKee painting of him after the play-off final? I really want one of these
  10. Cheers for that. Good interview, wouldnt say enjoyed reading it but you know what I mean!
  11. Sorry for being a dampner on this but we are where we belong at the moment. Agree though, our support is magnificent at times.
  12. I'm heading up, only a few miles away for me Just a heads up, they usually close a few of the city centre pubs when it's City v United, particularly around Piccadilly where most away fans tend to head. If it's open - avoid the Wetherspoons at Piccadilly Gardens.
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