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  1. Best laugh since the start of Lockdown #1. Thank you Your Graciousness. Predicted result: 15th. May Final. Arsenal 0 : 1 Owls (og) aet. WAWAW
  2. Remember him well, playing for Man U. Hard in the middle of the pitch. Also remember whenever Man U were at Hillsborough during that period, Wednesday invariably scored a bucket load of goals against them. But then Wednesday scored bucketloads against everyone in those days .
  3. With the Arsenal Back 5 taking standing jumps onto his ankles it would have been no diferent if he was made of iron.
  4. The billionaire owners of the Premier League clubs walked all over Dave Richards. Let's see if the tables can be turned by our owner.
  5. He would have had at least two up front for Juve last night.
  6. Height and weight, before the Arsenal Defence started jumping on his ankles or after?
  7. I hope the Club are getting a Bulk Discount with their Direct Debit to the Surgery.
  8. Bloody Hell, folks on here saying UKIP - the most pro Rich Establishment party of the whole lot, full of ex-Tories- is left wing. Bloody Hell, folks on here saying the BBC is Left Wing - when Osborne's best friend runs the News and Current Affairs Department and every single one of the BBC's National Journalists and/or Commentators is either an ex member of the Tory Party or used to hold a high position on one of Murdoch's rags, or both. Bloody Hell, folks on here saying the BBC is Left Wing when the ratio of Right Wing 'experts' to Left Wing 'experts' invited to comment on the New
  9. Only using one foot, is this some sort of industrial action, didn't Thatcher put a stop that sort of thing? Does he think he's not being paid enough to use two?
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