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  1. Fair enough, based on what specifically though? Which games? He showed flashes without getting consistent playing time. He scored 2 crackers against Portsmouth, and had a 7/10 against MK. He clearly has quality, and I like the route of taking Premiership youth players and working with them - it worked with Whelan, Brunt etc. But there's no guarantees. Why so confident?
  2. I back Moore on this one, and it's a big one how this plays out. When Shaw and Urgohide left, he was very quick to point out that he would have done more to keep them if he had the opportunity. No one could really have seen Bashiru's first 2 games this season being so successful - he showed promise when he played last season, and that was it. Interest from Blackpool, Norwich(?) shows that he's on other team's radar. He's going to look after himself. He will have his agent in his ear. He will have other clubs sniffing around. His next contract is pretty much a career defining one. If he stays, it will be down to 70% money, 15% Moore, 10% how we do this season / ambition, 5% the reception he got from the fans at the end of the game on Saturday.
  3. Decent saves against mk, also thought he commanded his area very well. Confident he will be very good for us this season.
  4. Yeah I appreciate that, though perhaps not the soulless bit. Mk is a decent ground to be fair, it was just strange with it being so empty. Lots of home grounds struggle with atmosphere these days, Hillsborough included. Think I was just disappointed that I was expecting an amazing away day trip due to the number of tickets we sold, and it just turned out to be alright, a bit flat.
  5. Firstly, can I say thanks for all the advice / tips etc on the other thread - where to stay, what to do - we had a cracking time overall, and loads of that was thanks to posters on here. But, football wise, I found the whole experience a bit irritating / sad yesterday to be honest. The stadium was soulless, effectively empty, and far too big for the club. It was tricky to get to. Was hoping for the young un to experience a really decent away day, Wednesday fans everywhere on the journey to the ground, etc. Turned into a quiet walk from the station. Soulless, TGI Friday style bars around the ground for a pre match pint. Going into the ground, always exciting... Nope. Seeing a scattering of fans in the home ends, there was no atmosphere. No interaction between the 2 sets of fans throughout the game. Wednesday fans, though great at times, were also silent for long periods - just a general feeling of irritation / moaning. Obviously the general play in the 2nd half didn't help. Half time entertainment - some bloke banging on about how MK had received the 'best away fan experience' award - what the actual fooooook? It should have been a brilliant away day, it was just a bit rubbish to be honest. Happy to win though, decent 3 points. Feel I completely overplayed it to the young un how good a day it would be though. Hopefully not heading back there anytime soon. Met some decent MK fans, and there's some decent ones been posting on here too, but blimey. What should have been an amazing day was just a bit... odd / disappointing? Can't quite put my finger on it. I know this is just a massive moan / whinge, and to be fair we had a grand trip overall - I just remember the whole experience being a bit more magical when I was a kid watching. Just me?
  6. I also like getting punched in the face, but unfortunately I took my own sandwiches, whisky flask and pyro that I managed to sneak in. I saved over 12 pounds in pies and a pint, but missed out on the joy of a punch in the face. Then I put my sandwiches down in a corner, moved 10 yards away, then pushed past myself to get my sandwiches. So it all worked out in the end.
  7. Man Utd have apparently spent 1 billion since Fergie retired. Commentator mentioned they may need to spend another billion to get close to challenging City...
  8. I'm undecided. I want to watch games with skill, passion, and fast passing football. I don't particularly want to watch long ball football, but surely it still has its place in football, particularly lower down the leagues. It's not just long ball, it's fast, direct passing, playing percentages. Watched Man City this afternoon, and there were flashes of really entertaining stuff, but literally hundreds of seemingly unnecessary, slow, pass back to each other passes. I get the skill level was high, and they often switched the play to do it, but passion? Pretty much none. It was one team dominating another for 90 minutes, and I wasn't entertained by it at all. All of these players on tens of thousands a week, wingers (my favourite players) also seem to be being slowly phased out of the game. I just find it as bland as hell to be honest.
  9. Just about to head in, quick pint in the sunshine
  10. To be fair, there's not many players I can think of that you would question their work rate, particularly over the last couple of seasons.
  11. Hate to bring a downer to this thread, but it just shows how rubbish following Wednesday has been for 25-30 years. Not one player I can really say 'oh he was class, really liked him'. Some decent players, and some of them had their moments, but blimey.
  12. I've done a quick search to check whether this is fact. Do you mean this time?
  13. Any thread descending into this is not fun. Garry Monk is the literal opposite of fun.
  14. Pretty much every club he played at he was loved. I remember his goal for Bradford City in the cup against Everton as much as I remember loving watching him at Hillsborough. All time great.
  15. Thanks all for the tips and advice, loads of ideas. Ended up booking a hotel in Bedford so will hopefully go with the train down, scooter to the ground! Much appreciated everyone who has posted on the thread, cheers! (although I'm not sure I'll be able to wangle a visit to the club mentioned a few posts up)
  16. Just had a bit more of a look, it says over 16's for the scooters? Daughter is 13, any way round this? After a bit of local knowledge!
  17. Just looked this up, thank you! Absolutely brilliant. Would give you 10 trophy thanks for this if I could! https://getaroundmk.org.uk/get-connected/go-electric/e-scooter-trials
  18. Genuinely thought this was a thread about us when I saw the title, good to know MK need time to gel / settle down as we do! Really looking forward to this game.
  19. Looking at making a weekend of this, had a look at staying in Bedford, hotels in MK look quite pricey, nothing much on AirBnB from what I can see. Would it be a pain travelling from Bedford? Planning on driving down but having a couple of drinks through the day. Heading to the match with my daughter while my other half goes exploring MK. Any tips for stuff to do would be gratefully received! I know @BetterCallSaul has been posting on here, any tips / info would be grand, thanks! Might have a visit to Woburn Safari Park on the Sunday.
  20. 8 games out of 10 we wouldn't notice him to be fair. 2 out of 10 when he has a decent game, or even a belter, and gets on with his usual stuff, he'd be irritating. He's a bang average player, reasonably handy to have around a squad. No-one on this thread could really pick a position for him, looking at the posts so far, let alone claim one as his starting position above anyone else. I agree he's a handy-ish utility player,he will always give 100%, and I assume he's alright for team morale. He's just not very good.
  21. Just got 2 tickets for Block 25, quite a few tickets left but I'm guessing they will all go! Should be a brilliant trip, will be my daughter's first away game.
  22. Does this mean it has sold out then? Any chance of more tickets?
  23. Absolutely this. And hopefully fans will give the defence and keeper time to build their understanding and settle, not pile in criticising the keeper / defenders the first time he doesn't command his area... oh In all seriousness, I really hope this utterly ridiculous early criticism of Stockdale doesn't snowball. If there's one thing we've learnt over the last few years, surely it is that a confident keeper, such as Westwood, Kirkland, who can organise his defence is worth plenty of points. We all know he's not going to be Schmeichal, why on earth some are piling in based on a couple of friendlies is beyond me. Similarly, a young keeper's confidence can be shot to bits very quickly, as we've seen. Would love Dawson to come good again here and stick it right up to the 'oh I'm really pleased to be proven wrong' brigade.
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