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  1. Yup we all get angry about something, then distracted about something else, end up arguing amongst ourselves about both things, those above carry on, do something else, the process repeats.
  2. 1) You can't. 2) Well yeah he probably will. Why are you calling him a donkey? 3) Genuinely, what on earth are you wittering on about? Apart from that, great post.
  3. We have 5 or 6 Championship quality players in our squad, imo. A couple of them have been done by injuries, a couple are on higher wages than we should probably be paying, particularly if we don't go straight back up this season. I'm not going to lose any sleep over another club's fan labelling us all as 'delusional' based on one (understandably emotional?) post, when he clearly knows nothing about Hutchinson's, history, be it his injury record, being frozen out (twice|) or retiring early and battling back. No idea what Hutchinson would have achieved if he had stayed fit his whole career, though there's a decent chance he would have played mostly in the Premier League. Who knows. A quality player who you can't help but love, who currently is a cracking player in League One, and loves Sheffield Wednesday. I'll take that.
  4. So does that mean it was a good plan to start with? SWFC: Here are cheap season tickets to buy, you have a few days before Christmas to buy them. Some fans scrabble to buy them / can't buy them at the cheapest price / (reasonably) complain. Early January: Oh only kidding, you can still get them at the same price for another week or two now. Fans: err, eh? Genuinely all a good plan, no reason to complain? Great stuff from the club again? Or another mess? I wonder how much all of this is worth to the club in actual money to the club, compared to being looked at as yet another basket case moment.
  5. It annoys me how the whole thing is so cloak and dagger. I'd like to see a clear list of dates and reasons. It took 25 or so pages on another thread to work out if we were still in one. Still not sure if we are or not.
  6. Coventry away, the Owusu 'raise the roof' celebration. Coventry fans, quite rightly, went with 'What the effing hell was that?' Pretty sure Coventry went on to win.
  7. Love this. Just before my time as a player. How good was he, compared to say Pearson / Anderson?
  8. Thought his commentary was decent. Didn't hold back and criticised where it was due.
  9. Can't be bothered reading this thread. No doubt it's mostly a slating session. He had one of the worst games I've seen him have for us. But not once did he hide or give up. He's still our best player by a mile.
  10. Peacock-Farrell 7 Nothing wrong there. Got the ball moving quickly. Palmer 4 Poor Johnson 3 Very poor Adeniran 4 Unfit / poor Hutchinson 5 ok. At least showed some spirit. Wing 3 Couple of decent efforts on goal. Otherwise poor / anonymous. Paterson 2 poor / anonymous. Bannan 3 One of his biggest fans. Awful today. One of his worst games for us. Battled on (and moaned a lot) to be fair. Gregory 4 poor / anonymous. Berahino 1 Embarrassing performance. Managed to not give the ball away 3 times by my reckoning. Gamble really hasn't worked. Corbeanu 3 Reasonable effort, but owned by their full back. Brennan 3 thrown into a shitshow. Take him out before his confidence is ruined Dele-Bashiru 3 poor / anonymous. Mendez-Laing 4 Saw the ball a bit. Didn't do much with it. I would rarely give any player less than a 5. Not sure if I even have in the past. That was terrible. Literally in the first half the only positive I could find was that we played it out from the back well a few times. Berahino needs to be nowhere near the team sheet. It hasn't worked. Genuinely one of the worst performances I have seen in years. As pissed off with that as I was walking out of Sunderland. It is a mess. Again.
  11. This is really bad. Get berahino off. Utter garbage.
  12. Not great at all. Shrewsbury are a very limited side by the looks, but we've barely troubled them. I'm a massive Bannan fan, but this is the worst I can remember him playing. But they've all been pretty much poor. The only positive I can take from that half is we have played it out well from the back at times. Everything else, just poor. Need a huge change in the 2nd half. Confident? No.
  13. Crossing the bridge (miles better than Newcastle's) towards the ground. Love this town.
  14. If you're driving, Marston grotto about 4 or 5 miles up the coast is well worth a visit if you're looking for something a bit different. An old hobbits cave, blasted into the cliff face. A lift takes you down to it, the inside of the pub is built into the rock and the beer garden sits on a stunning beach. Magic place, well worth a pint there.
  15. Spent a few days cycling to this, camping and staying in pubs on the way. Drunkenly decided it was a good idea after the 2nd leg against Brentford. To be fair it was, the trip was amazing and the day incredible - probably my best as a Wednesday fan. Seeing Cardiff taken over by Sheffield Wednesday fans, the atmosphere in the ground - everything about it was brilliant. Every now and then being a Wednesday fan is magic.
  16. Setting off in a couple of hours, driving with a Sunderland mate though, nowhere near as good as beers on a train. Jealous.
  17. This was one of my favourite ever moments following Wednesday! Peaked when it went out for a throw and the player picked it up. 'FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!'
  18. Ended up in the Sunderland end, one of my favourite away games. Anyway, would obviously love to be in with the Wednesday fans, so just on the off chance, if anyone needs a ticket for the home end rather than the away end, would be delighted to swap outside the ground. The ridiculousness of this post weighed heavier and heavier as I continued to type, but you never know...
  19. Yeah almost certainly, unfortunately. Used to live in Sunderland, pretty much my favourite away day, gutted.
  20. I'm also looking for 2 tickets, 2nd in line after mrbluesky obviously.
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