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  1. Very poor. 5 mins to nick an undeserved winner. Ridiculous after how we started the game.
  2. Sheridan used to take them ahead of Hirst to be fair. I would have liked Berahino to take it though.
  3. Ha, they're pretty complimentary to be fair. 74% possession for Wednesday so far
  4. Stuck with Shrewsbury commentary on ifollow radio annoyingly. Saying that, not had any silence breaks as we go around the grounds.
  5. Out of this latest example of why football just doesn't work financially, I'd be interested to see how much the EFL and Derby have spent on lawyers, financial advice etc. It's easy to grumble at how much money agents take from the game, the lawyers can't be far off.
  6. I'm venting my anger at Ifollow rather than the team as I said I wouldn't moan until we've lost half the games I expect. Is Monk responsible for Ifollow? Monk out. Stupid rubbish Ifollow.
  7. It is shocking, and I can't get my head round how amateurish it is. The 'round the ground' thing is a joke. Agreed, I don't pay much for it, but use it regularly when I can't go to a game. How hard would it be to have a bit of half time analysis, build up to the game etc. I'd happily pay a bit more, if I knew it was going to the club, and it wasn't so rubbish.
  8. It's ridiculous. I pay just to be able to listen on the radio as I'm out of the Radio Sheffield area. Such a poor service.
  9. 20 minutes or so after full time, will we get the full set? I honestly can’t see how Marvin Johnson has lasted 90 minutes today. Another ineffective performance on top of his others he’s had for us so far. I’ve not been impressed with him so far. ------------------------------- Gregory was a bit disappointing today, still feel a more physical centre forward could be needed up top for games like today. ------------------------------- Byers is pants! ------------------------------- Johnson is ******** ------------------------------- Kamberi is the attacking version of Pelupessy btw Loads of energy and effort but 90% shybo on the ball if he can’t immediately find Bannan ------------------------------- Hunt is my scapegoat he is pants ------------------------------- To be fair, the Gregory one doesn't really deserve to be in this collection. Reasonable criticism that is fair, balanced and the poster backs up what they're saying, that's all good and interesting to read. It's the inane nonsense others chelp that does my head in. Anyway, 6 down, 5 to go...
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