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  1. Agree, though we were under embargo I think? Blame still with chansiri though.
  2. Not seen anything about of any of the social media boycotts in the news over the last few days! Interesting.
  3. Before I opened this thread, I'm pretty sure I hadn't thought about Dulux paint for at least 5 years though. Now Dulux paint is bang in the middle of my brain. They're not daft.
  4. Oh come on! You're shattering my glimmer of hope!
  5. Great ball in palmer, finding space down the right
  6. Hmm maybe, I think I was just suggesting there's more to this than made out so far. Anyway, the other half has just got in, so before I lose this argument completely, I'm off to bed before losing another argument, ie a double argument loss.
  7. But that's one person, out of 3: What about Chansiri and Jos's side? Also, the one random bloke on the internet made a perfectly decent point.
  8. Obviously, as you've nailed your colours to the mast with Chansiri. I agree with a lot of it, but Morganowl made a very important point, that you just dismissed as you've made your mind up. There's so many unknowns. It would be great if a reporter could have asked Jones: So how much were you on? Which clubs came in for you? How much of a pay cut would you have taken to leave?
  9. Find this really interesting. I've always enjoyed betting, but only ever on football really. And it's a fiver a week on an accumulator, I enjoy following the results coming in. I've never been interested in the more complicated gambling, or on other sports. I've had some really decent wins over the years, the odd 500 quid ish win that's paid for a weekend away etc. Couple of weeks ago I was a Millwall 0-0 Wycombe away (needed a Milwall win!) from 1200 quid! Stinger, but hey ho. In fairness, that win would have paid for a pretty decent family holiday. I enjoy popping into bookies an
  10. Rangers too, hopefully this will snowball. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56683033
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/08/swansea-city-to-boycott-social-media-in-fight-against-abhorrent-abuse Swansea City players and staff boycotting social media for a week. Needs others, including us, to join in imo.
  12. Leeds lost 62 million in their promotion season, according to the athletic.
  13. I'd buy a small grassroots local club, Otley Town, limit my spending to 20% of my winnings, and see how far I could take them. It would be ace trying to overtake Guiseley and Harrogate.
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