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  1. Only because they have no choice, due to the way money has taken the game since the Sky money started pouring in. Personally, I was cheering on the European breakaway when they went for it - if clubs wanted to continue to sell their soul, let them eff off and do it. It would have at least allowed for a bit of a reset among the teams left. Realistically, I get that they would all just chase it in exactly the same way anyway, and we'd be back where we started. The difference in money between the top 4/5/6 has made the rest of it all a bit pointless. Personally, and I know it will never happen, but I'd like the Championship to just start again, away from the Premier League. Call it Division 1. Plenty of very decent sides in there, and some very big clubs. Set a wage budget limit, and off we go.
  2. Got to page 2 so far, a brilliant opening question and loads of great replies, finding myself agreeing with comments on both sides of the argument - although there's more than 2 sides, which restores my faith in footy a bit. For me, I'd be happy with the Norwich situation for now. Promotions, relegations, a bit of excitement. The Premier League isn't for me, well not in the way a team such as Southampton does it, mid table after mid table. I'd much prefer to be in the Championship rather than League 1, particularly if there were teams like Sunderland, Forest Leeds, Sheff Utd etc. What I really want is for the Premier League to break away. Maybe let them play in our FA Cup. It's too far gone for any other team to challenge now. The money is ridiculous, and sick. Set up a new Division 1, no promotion or relegation to the league above, and start fighting it out for bragging rights for the title. Set a wage cap of 20 grand a week.
  3. Only Fletcher can answer that to be fair. Saving himself from injury to get one last contract? That's certainly what it looked like. I wasn't a fan for a long time after his start, maybe put off to a degree from a Sunderland mate who rated him, but warned he was lazy and selfish. Then he came very, very good, and put in one particular performance that was right up there with the best all round forward performances I've ever seen at Hillsborough in 30 years or so - granted, at Championship level. Then he left the club, with a lot of doubts lingering - compared to how Kieran Lee put everything on the line for us, risking pretty much everything contract wise, and his future football career, I know how I read it. Lee - legend. Fletcher - tainted (at best), I wouldn't want him anywhere near SWFC.
  4. I'm also after a spare for a friend if one becomes available (obviously after Ian Simmons in the queue!) Thanks GermanBird, he says he's checking the website every 5 mins!
  5. I have absolutely no idea how it works, sorry, could you point me to a link or let me know?
  6. I think it's very doubtful I will be able to get one, unlikely to make it to members I would have thought. I haven't seen that the away allocation has been confirmed anywhere yet, so thought I'd put out an early request in case anyone has a spare one later on.
  7. Was expecting the poster to be Paul from Wisewood.
  8. I agree with a lot of what you're saying, however it struck me a few weeks ago, watching a highlights package, how many goals in this league (and league 2) were being scored from set pieces - I don't think it's just us who concede a lot of goals from them. Perhaps teams in league 1 work on them more attacking wise, I've no idea. Would be interested if there were some stats somewhere, comparing league 1 / 2 to the Championship / Prem. Might just be me seeing something that isn't there!
  9. Anyone else having issues getting it to play? Or will it not start until a couple of minutes before the game?
  10. Had no idea it was selling out so quick, so grateful for this thread, just managed to get 3 tickets on the kop now!
  11. Is that genuinely right? Why / how has that happened then?
  12. Doesn't this make Moore's job harder in a way? Picking through the players that are here for the money, and the ones with the genuine desire? A couple of months ago, Berahino was marked down as one of the worst signings we've ever made. Now many are clamouring for him to play every week. Moore has put his arm around him for most of the season, talked through him being criticised in the press and pointing out that he needs to develop his strength and fitness, and is now getting pelters for not playing him every minute since his (one) hat trick game. It's not just as simple as signing the players that demand the most. We've got 3 or 4 on high wages. Wing, and that lad at MK will have been on high wages too. There's no magic formula. I was one of the few that voted give Moore time at Christmas, despite being frustrated with how it was going. He's got a lot right, some of it basics that we have been crying out for under previous managers. I'll back him next season, the full season, at least.
  13. 2nd free header for Bolton. Mark. Their. Players. Wednesday. Forget that. Get IIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!
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