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  1. It seems every time I get the huff on and refuse to pay a tenner, we play brilliantly! Sounded very good on the radio, and comments on here. 14 shots in the 1st half! We are a mental football club.
  2. 13:51 onwards. Bannan assist? No, Reach. What actually makes the goal? Bannan - reading of the game, quality, skill, vision. He does this all over the pitch, opening up the early stages of chances we create. It has nothing to do with assists. I really struggle with people not getting Bannan, I get opinions, but he's literally the only player we have that I genuinely enjoy watching. He'd be class at Brentford, will never really get why he didn't push for that move.
  3. We started brightly Does he mean when, from their kick off, our players ran forwards past the ball expecting it to go back, while their player casually turned and took them out of the game, then set Brentford off on the attack with a simple forward pass to feet, setting the tone for the half? Compared to our kick off tactics of passing it forwards, then hoofing it forwards out for a throw, 20 yards or so past the half way line? We are a mess.
  4. For me, part of the problem is the general acceptance of cheating as part of the game. We have tv angles for all top level games now. * Rather than listen to pundits defend it as 'part of the game', 'taken one for the team', 'a clever booking' 'he looked for it but there's contact, so it's a penalty' etc to describe cheating, use TV for retrospective action. A yellow on the day, but a 5 game ban for preventing a goalscoring break if obvious cheating. 10 game ban for diving. The commentary would change to 'Well he stopped the break there, b
  5. Disagree. It wasn't a 'block the player / barge / stand in the way / general late challenge' effort that usually everyone shrugs about as a 'take one for the team, stop an attack' Yellow. It was a nasty, studs to ankle challenge, to stop an attack yellow. Now realised, in the time it's take to write this, that I agree with you. it pissed me off though. If I was at the game, it would have had me out of my seat shouting 'ooh you dirty ******** ********' rather than the 'oh fizz off you tail' that my other examples would warrant.
  6. To be fair it would have made absolutely no difference, imo
  7. Paterson on for kachunga! That'll do it! HERE WE GO! COME ON WEDNESDAY! GET INTO THEM! 3-2 TO THE WEDNESDAY!!!
  8. That was a nasty challenge. Not your run of the mill foul to stop a break.
  9. I watched Coventry beat Brentford on Saturday. They did it with fast, passing attacking football. Great game to watch. We might somehow nick a draw tonight, from a cross or free kick. If we do, it would paper over the cracks - Brentford should be disappointed if they don't win this 3-0.
  10. It's awful to watch. About 3/4 seasons ago, and I'm no expert, you could see where football was going - passing football, almost mini 5-a-sides all over the pitch, fast possession based football. We were getting out-played by football playing teams then. That was the time to have a real look at it. Start to bring coaches and a manager in who would look at it as a longer term project. Like the team we are playing / attempting to play tonight had started to do a couple of seasons before. What have we done? Carried on carrying on. Brentford tonight are a level above us, d
  11. I did the same thing with that ridiculous questionnaire. At the time, I was worried about the spending and falling on our arses. I was concerned about what was happening to Derby, after they had done it in a very similar way. I was angry about the pay on the gate prices in particular. At one stage, as I was training for a new job and income was low, I took Chansiri up on his offer to help out fans struggling and emailed the club explaining my circumstances, which was tough to do - effectively going cap in hand. I never received a reply from the club. I really don't get how he has r
  12. Yup, deservedly 2 up now. Should have had more to be fair. Brentford missing Toney, on a poor run.
  13. Painting the living room with Wednesday on the radio today, last time I did that I dropped the paint pot when a last minute accumulator came in. Today's winnings could be a grand, Coventry getting me off to a good start at the moment. They've looked very good, we'll do very well to catch them. Come on Wednesday, huge game today.
  14. Funnily enough, was talking to a Burnley fan about Howe the other day, he was saying what a cracking manager he was. Entertaining, open attacking football. That's what I want more than anything, fed up of the dreary attritional percentage stuff we've put up with over the years, Carlos excepted. As others have said, very unlikely we would be able to attract him.
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