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  1. Where the eff is the neg button? I hardly ever used it, maybe twice, but... blimey! Injuries don't stop defensive responsibility Eh? It thought Lees was easy to get past til I saw moses Bizarre The blokes a car crash Not really. He started sprouting **** on tw@tter about how fans negativaty in the stadium was causing him and his teammates performances to suffer No. He. didn't. Well no fans for 6 months and his performances continue to be well below average, so what's the excuse now? A half reasonable question. Face it, he is a ve
  2. I get where you're coming from, but Rhodes has been consistently poor pretty much since he signed. I'm pretty patient with players, but I just can't see it. Yes our newer players haven't performed tonight, I'm not sure what that has to do with Rhodes overall. I dont jump on players - I've supported players like fox, hunt, or others that get grief when they're clearly just going through a spell of poor form, but I just don't see anything with Rhodes.
  3. A 6 for me. Still the best player in our squad for me, I'll never get Wednesday fans who jump on him as soon as he has one of his poorer games, it's bizarre.
  4. I don't like negative player ratings, but cannot argue with any of this! There were some positives, but we were miles off. Suspect Brentford could have moved up a gear too . We were poor.
  5. It's not though is it. It's nonsense. Of course a higher level player would have made a difference. Swap any of our strikers for Toney, and we would have been more dangerous. Yes there are mitigating factors - Brentford are miles ahead of us - but the simple fact is that, forget about any other strikers - specifically, Rhodes has never got anywhere near the level we have needed or expected. He is miles off and pretty much has been since he signed. Obviously the transfer fee and wages hasn't helped, but this nonsense about just needing service... blimey.
  6. I get that abuse of him is out of line. But in his time here, name the number of times you have seen him play and genuinely rated him above a 5/6! He was very poor tonight, again. For whatever reason, and I suspect we'll never really know why, he has been a terrible signing. Gutted, as like many, I just wanted him to succeed.
  7. Just to save time here, I'm guessing s36 is trying to get owlstalk to admit he wanted jos sacked so he can compare the 2 records to make his point. But owlstalk is refusing to fall for it and pointing out, rightly in my opinion, that the comparison is pointless due to the differing circumstances.
  8. Love how this extremely good post, in the middle of all the nonsense, was ignored. I've given it a late plus. Funnily enough, I was recently wondering if I had dreamt all the 'Pelupessy will be a future captain' stuff.
  9. I thought it was Rhodes who hit the post, and if it was he really should have scored. But saying that, if he had, and we'd have gone on to win, as a fanbase we'd be buzzing. Give him a run. Let him work with the new coaches and let's see. I get the false dawns, and I would struggle to give him a 6 for today, but I'm very happy with the whole team today, and delighted with the start.
  10. Quite a bit of wittering going on now. We were quality in the first half and could easily have been 2 up. Watford have been on top 2nd half, but haven't been miles better. Still anyone's game, come on Wednesday!
  11. Tom Lees has been excellent, hopefully a return to form.
  12. should be 2 up from Brown's free kicks, 2 lovely balls in.
  13. We're looking really decent. Enjoying this. Great ball from Lees just then. Come on Wednesday
  14. Just won the ball back through pure energy and pressing. Barely saw that at all last season.
  15. Class move that, lovely football. Come on Wednesday.
  16. I'm not sure if you know what you have let yourself in for - I would need step-by-step instructions, DOSbox means nothing to me, and to be honest I struggle with 'download'! But it's a very kind offer, cheers!
  17. Cheers, been trying to find a download for Champ Manager 93, I think it was, for ages, where you just had to sign Mark Pembridge and Tommy Johnson from Derby to win the league. They never seemed to want to come to Wednesday, so you had to add a manager, take over Derby and fine them a couple of weeks wages. They were desperate to sign for Wednesday then. Nii Lamptey was class too. Is there still an xpert11 Owlstalk league? Will have a go at the FM2020, but guessing it will be too complicated to hold my interest!
  19. To be fair it is literally nothing like that
  20. Hunt had a decent cross on him, he got a lot of unwarranted grief. Fair play to palmer, lovely cross this evening. Put another decent one in by the sounds of it, good stuff.
  21. Aye sorry, I was taking the mick. Don't understand the drawing 2 rounds thing, not seen it explained anywhere. Oh hang on, eff it, WIiIIIINNNNNNNNDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!
  22. Come on Wednesday, hang on. Deserve to win this, and be in the hat for the next round. Potential glamour tie?
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