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  1. Christmas pair too. Cheap rubbish. Unlike Findus Crispy Pancakes.
  2. They're going back in the freezer til we win the cup. Fish fingers it is.
  3. Findus Crispy Pancakes. I'm hanging fire on cooking them till we've seen this through. Drinking instead. The Mrs is getting irritated.
  4. I was wondering this too and too busy cooking tea (findus crispy pancakes) to cook it either. Anyone? edit - google it not cook it. Ridiculous how giddy a cup game can make you. edit - drunk not giddy
  5. Disagree, I think there is a comparison. Watched Fletcher have one of his best games I've seen him have against Birmingham, but there's not many others I can think of. More quality, granted, but 2 pretty limited players - Fletcher on his way down, Nuhiu staying bang average in all his time here. One gets regular grief from the fans, one gets hardly any, despite earning, i'm guessing, twice as much per week? Regardless, we've paired them up front tonight. We have a huge rebuilding job ahead. EFFF IIIIIIIIIIIT! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL! THEY'RE BOTH EFFING ACE!
  6. Agreed, more a frustrated comment about how much grief he gets over time though, compared to Fletcher, who hasn't brought much more to the table in his time here. Fletcher and Nuhiu is a shocking front 2 though. Get that Winnall needs easing back in, but we're going to be relying heavily on him as he does get his fitness back.
  7. Nuhiu getting loads of poo again this season, yes he's having a poor season, but considering likely wages and fitness, Fletcher seems to get off pretty lightly...
  8. One of the coolest goals [EDIT TRIED TO PUT IN THE SHERIDAN GOAL] in the history of football ever. Cheers, needed cheering up after seeing the line up. Made me think about the positives. Maybe Hector can step up to the midfield enforcer role. Boyd is about to have a renaissance in his preferred position. Good to see Thorniley back in, he could be a decent player for us. Fletcher and Nuhiu might... nope that's all I've got.
  9. Hotten Owl

    Brum fans.

    To be fair, they played that quite well with the throw in routine. And our fans did shout handball quite a lot in the first half. We should have made more of it when their player randomly caught it. HAAAAANDBAAAAAALLLL! HAAAAAANFOOOOOOKIIIING BAAAAAAAL! YEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRSSSS! WEEEEE@RRRREEEE OOOOONNNNN OOUUUUUURRRRR WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY! IIIFFF YOOOUUU DOOONNN'T EEEEFFFFIIIIING BAAAARRRNCE! It's just that it was funnier when we did it at Barnsley all those years ago.
  10. Hotten Owl

    Ground Sold !

    What. Do. People. Get. Out. Of. This. Sort. Of. Thing.
  11. Hotten Owl

    Kicking the back of your seat

    Just stand up, stretch your back. Then tell them you'll sit down again when they stop booting your chair. You sort your back, get a better view, they can see eff all. Win.
  12. Hotten Owl


    Birmingham fans unhappy with him first half, Wednesday fans unhappy with him 2nd half. There was a fairly drawn out spell where he seemed to flip a coin inside his head as to who to give the foul to. 4/10, inconsistent, fairly poor, but that's about it. Said to my daughter he'll get booed off at full time. She asked me if she could boo him, she's still figuring stuff like that out, and we're fairly polite - aye knock yourself out, he has been pretty rubbish.
  13. Edit - This was supposed to quote Whitechapel Owl's 'sad that you even have to post this' post I get this but in fairness the whole thing is chaos. Why not stick with the cancellation of the forum, particularly if the Bruce rumours are true, and re-arrange for early January? The forum was a complete farce.