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  1. I think we've managed a couple in the last 15 games or so
  2. Stevie May, the striker who couldn't seem to shoot properly, just shot properly and scored. Haven't seen the goal, it may have been scuffed.
  3. Was he the lad that there was a bit of a kerfufle about when he left?
  4. Pretty sure he came through the youth system, and it's a pretty heart breaking end. Interesting as it is for the players who didn't quite make it with us, and went on to have decent lower league careers and all the stories that leads to, I'd quite like to know that things turned out alright for him.
  5. Chris Stringer is always one I'd like to know about. Came in as a cracking young keeper, lived the dream for a short period, gave a ridiculously enthusiastic and slightly barmy post match tv interview that will always stick with me, and had his career tragically cut short. Hope it's all turned out alright for him.
  6. In the same circumstances? Such as the examples I gave? No I wouldn't dial 999. I'd deal with it in much the same way Paterson did. I'd also feel vindicated to lash out, if it kept on, as it did. I wouldn't lose much sleep. Then there's me in big trouble. Paterson reacted how I'd hope I would, but I would want consequences for whoever did it. Err, can you not touch my ********, ever. How I think it should be dealt with in a high profile football game, watched by thousands of people, then talked about by thousands of others, loads of which are saying 'ah it's no big deal, it happen
  7. More details / info required Cracking player. Not sure who i thought was going to be better, Wood or Beevers. McCabe is an interesting one, would like to hear more how his career went. Sorry, genuinely don't remember him. Would love to know what Chris Stringer is up to. 5/10 interest Definitely, definitely what this thread isn't for This too. Eff off the pair of you.
  8. A quick catch up with the thread! This is what it's about! I used to like O'Donnell. Genuinely don't think he was far off our current 2 youths. Really struggling to remember him, more details needed! 1st team appearances? Good luck to him. This is not what I was looking for. (Would be quite interested in how he's getting on)
  9. I sort of expect not to have to. If we really need a reminder, well... I don't know what to say. Playing football: Can you not fondle my ******** please. I appreciate you want to defend the corner, I'm trying to head it in. Waiting for a job interview: Can you not fondle my ******** please. I appreciate you want the job too, but it's really not right is it. Queuing outside Sainsburys: Can you not fondle my ******** please. I appreciate you want to get in the shop before me, but we've all got shopping to do. Waiting at the bus stop... I wouldn't expect t
  10. The 3rd option for your scenario is 'oh come on mate, I was just trying to distract you so I could get to the bar before you!' Still happy with that? Still think it's ok? Laugh it off? Or respond in the same way way that Paterson did, which must have taken incredible self restraint. He comes out of this with a lot of credit. Probably best if everyone says 'Lets just not grab each others nadgers unless we're all ok with it'. He needs banning for 10 games at least, it's messed up. Kids see a player diving what do they do - dive. Kids see a player doing doing that - 'oh
  11. 'Bannan stunk the place out' Sorry yeah, I take it all back. This isn't laughable nonsense. I meant to say I don't agree with your opinion. Blimey.
  12. Some incredible, laughable nonsense posted on this thread. When I watch Wednesday, I'm drawn to watching Bannan more than any other player. When he's on form, and the team is playing well, he's head and shoulders above any of them. His intelligence, movement, range of passing - we literally have no one close, and all these people calling him out - who would you sign if he had p issed off to Brentford? He can be a joy to watch, and I'd struggle to have a football conversation with anyone who doesn't see that in all honesty. I get as frustrated as anyone when he's drawn
  13. Not sure if there is a thread for this, not seen one - apologies and delete if there is! It's less about players such as Antonio, but as I was cooking tonight I've got half an eye on Plymouth v Portsmouth. Danny Mayor's name keeps coming up, and a stat flashed up about his assists. Just got given man of the match! This interested me. I know it wont interest many. Anyway, a thread on how they're doing when their career plummets after leaving the high point of playing for The Wednesday. Interested in players like Richard O' Donnell, Jack Hunt, Morgan Fox - more the under-
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