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  1. When he came back for a trial, when we were in league 1, I spoke to him on the pitch after a pre season friendly. I asked him if he would recreate the dive against Leeds. He told me to fizz off.
  2. This is how I read it: Simon McCabe now talking about the appointment of David Weir [chuckle] in 2013. “Scott and I were quite worried about Kevin’s erratic behaviour [chuckle] over that past year [chuckle]. The first visible signs began [hmmmhaha] with Chris Morgan’s promotion to caretaker manager [hahaha]. That summer he was adamant that Gary Megson [eh? ha ha] would be the manager just because [here we go...] it would be easy [eh?], and he thought he’d be a popular choice [pfffffffttttthahhashoesoffhaha]. We had to take evasive action [hahahahhaevasiveactionhahahaha! Blimey what could that be?], and by chance found that David [haha] was holidaying [go on] in Sheffield [HAHAHAHAHAilovesheffieldbuthahahaha who would you holiday in Sheffield with?...] with Lee Carsley [flippinghell give over hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaha] at the time and they were staying in the Copthorne Hotel [I'm off for a lie down]. Scott gave David one of his spare suits [oh for the love of... WOOOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH, presented [fookmeHAHAHAHAHAHAHA] him to Kevin [AAAAAAAAHHHHhahahahahahahahaha] , and within an hour we had a new manager [blimeyeffinghellhahahaohshit please let it be true, I've only just stopped laughing at Leeds blimey hahahaha.” For those now saying it's fake news or didn't happen or whatever, it's ok, it gave me a right laugh and i'm still laughing at Leeds. Genuinely one of the funniest paragraphs I've read in a while.
  3. Just needs a quick song of "Pigs do fly" then forget about them.
  4. Gooooooaaaaallll! Do you 2 mean melodramatic by the way?
  5. The OP doesn't deserve the grief he's getting in this thread. It's all about extremes. When we were in a mess, and being drawn into a relegation battle, you had plenty on here coming out with all sorts: Lees was the worst defender in the world, Palmer should be in League 2, Westwood was done, Reach can't tackle, Bannan was poo, Hutch was a crock that should never play for the club again, etc etc. Mixed in with that was the decent discussion: why wasn't Lees playing well, was it down to his CD partner, talking youth players through games; Was it right playing and giving a decent youth keeper a chance, should he have been rested; Does Reach close down play, and not get injured, due to his approach to games; Why was Bannan playing so deep, what was going on with the tactics etc. Loads of that good stuff gets drowned out by the odd nutters shoting 'Bannan / Reach / Palmer is poo' nonsense. The extreme stuff is the stuff that should be called out. When you try to do it at the time, you get shouted down. Then when things are on the up, these types disappear / hush up. Nothing wrong in calling these out, imo. On a smaller website I post on every now and then, it's discussed, with some nonsense thrown in. On here, it's discussed mixed with plenty of hysteria and nonsense. On facebook and twitter, the hysteria is magnified x1000, to the point where it's unreadable. The difference is the extremes. Posters who are generally positive get pissed off with the over the top nonsense, and either go quiet, take a break from the site after a defeat, or call it out at some point, usually through frustration. Debate, discussion, disagreeing is all good. The hysterical 'look at me listen to me' nonsense should be called out, imo. Anyway, we're on a roll, and in with a squeak, so all good... COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  6. Bannan is our best player imo. Occasional drops in form, not scoring from every set piece he takes etc leads to over the top criticism. He's a clever, clever player. Constantly making space. Got stuck in today too. On his day, on form, he's a top 3 championship central midfielder. Even out of form, he's a 6 out of 10 at the least. I love Barry Bannan.
  7. The Forestieri stuff on this thread is utterly bizarre. Wittering, laughable nonsense. Sticking to the thread, gutted if Lazaar is, as is likely, ruled out. He looked very good last night, and by all accounts in the previous game. Palmer at left back for me, played equally well at LB and RB. Iorfa should be very close to match fit for right back. Fox if fit gives the other stable option at LB.
  8. Fair enough cheers, interesting, ties up with a vague memory of what Richards said at the time I suppose.
  9. Really? Never heard that before. Did he elaborate?
  10. Christmas pair too. Cheap rubbish. Unlike Findus Crispy Pancakes.
  11. They're going back in the freezer til we win the cup. Fish fingers it is.
  12. Findus Crispy Pancakes. I'm hanging fire on cooking them till we've seen this through. Drinking instead. The Mrs is getting irritated.
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