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  1. I'm just really pleased that we splashed out 400 odd quid on half season tickets for me, my daughter and her mate. How excited was I when we picked them up as the promotion dream was on. Oh hang on....
  2. Think I'd genuinely rather discuss the renaming of the the A12 than the game.
  3. Ha apologies! It's the green and yellow avatar, that I've just realised is an A12 road sign. Struggling to get any interest in the game, so back to the imagining accents regardless.
  4. I'm imagining you two arguing about this sat in your tractors as you have a stand off in a single track road. Also enjoying the idea of 'Forestieri' in a Norfolk / Suffolk accent.
  5. Genuinely one of the worst threads I've seen on this site. The standard was set by the 'mentally weak' nonsense, then there's barely a worthwhile comment through the thread. Some fans just need someone to jump on, and now Fox isn't the easy target, they need to find someone else. It's all linked to the embarrassing 'Iorfa future England player' hysteria . Some just don't get form, general state of the club, playing / squad issues, etc etc. Lees is a decent to very decent Championship CB. In an on-form, confident side, he's excellent. Burnley were linked to him for decent money a couple of seasons ago, and most Championship sides would jump at the chance of signing him. He's struggled this season, through competition from other decent players, Borner and Iorfa. He hasn't nailed down his place and regular partner, and the team as a whole, and particularly the defence, has been unsettled. The goalkeeping issues wont have helped. I agree he's not a natural captain, and needs a solid partner next to him. But that would be true for 8/10 central defenders. 'Mentally weak' though. Blimey. Typical social media hysterical nonsense.
  6. Knew I shouldn't have laughed at this! Blimey Wednesday.
  7. Be interesting to see how Fletcher and Wickham develop as a partnership, be a couple of weeks before they're both at full fitness though. Come on Wednesday!
  8. Fletcher and Wickham not fit, have to be eased back in. Though it does seem pretty strange, is that the 2nd or 3rd game in a row Pelupessy has been subbed at half time? Wonder what he makes of it.
  9. Pitchforks out for Dawson, embarrassing. He's had a very good season so far. Yes he's made 2 big mistakes, there's no hiding that. Let's see how he comes back from it, rather than all this hysterical 'he's not up to it' nonsense.
  10. GREAT SAVE! Leeds United 0-1 Millwall Bartosz Bialkowski saves Millwall again. More superb build-up from Leeds United and a through-ball finds Stuart Dallas who on the angle slams a shot across the Lions keeper. It's tipped wide, but inexplicably the referee awards a goal-kick! A minute or so later Dallas is at it again with a vicious effort that Bialkowski beats away. It feels like an equaliser is coming - but isn't that Leeds this season? Leeds United 0-1 Millwall Leeds United have responded brilliantly since conceding early, and have gone close several times.The best chance has just come for Patrick Bamford. Some superb build-up ended with the striker striking the ball from inside the box, but he shot straight at Bartosz Bialkowski. Either side, and it was a certain goal. BIG chance. PENALTY Leeds United 0-1 Millwall Millwall have a penalty! I'm not allowed to enjoy it as Millwall will be above us in the table though.
  11. Yeah fair enough, I'm wrong Still, I've got a Wednesday Millwall Bradford treble on, so I'm going to be selfish and hope for that.
  12. I spot a half full glass. If we win tonight we stay above Millwall.
  13. Cakeball 11-0-0 formation. Sneak through on pens.
  14. Get in. One of the crappest goals I've ever seen! Go on Morgan!!!!
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