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  1. Up until now, I love these sort of threads as my nickname is Poll. The 'New manager Poll' thread was my favourite. This post has pretty much ruined it for me though. 'We need a poll' to 'What's this sudden craze for polls? Do they do any good?' 'If we have a poll, what difference will it make?' Gutted.
  2. Pretty much this for me, though I would have given Fletch 6, Murphy 6 and think you're a tad harsh on Reach, 5.
  3. Fair enough, I think. Not sure what football forums are for then? Anyway, have a good evening, my teas ready.
  4. But rather than press that red arrow, which now means I wont be able to sleep tonight for worrying, why not just say what you disagree with? Like SouthRustyOwl did? It adds to debate etc...
  5. Lewis Buxton got some grief in his early days, turned out to be a quality full back. Same could easily happen with Fox, if given the chance. As Beholder said, Harris will help massively.
  6. I don't really neg, what did he do in the first half that was shocking?
  7. And could be the perfect partner for Lees, which could make a massive difference. Lees was also quality tonight.
  8. Quality tonight. Ended the season well, pretty much from when Bruce came in. Still gets loads of grief when named in the line up. Faces up to the criticism, and just gets on with it. He's tall, has a decent whipped cross on him. I get that he's not a flying full back, but I think he'll go on to have a very decent season, and plenty will have to hold their hands up for their criticism of him. 2 brilliant challenges tonight, 1 early on and the 2nd late on when, if Luton had equalised, the whole atmosphere would have changed. Passing, positional sense, all spot on. I think he gets grief in almost a sheep mentality. Fair play to him, joint MOM for me with Borner and Harris. He must have some strength of character to crack on, despite all the criticism. First topic start on here, prepared for it...
  9. Bannan, who I love, was lazy there. Saved by fox, with another great challenge.
  10. Despite all the talk of triple half time substitutions for Bullen to save his job, it seems we just needed to press a bit more, and 2 or 3 to raise their game, which they have. Come on Wednesday!
  11. The right side worries me. We look disjointed through midfield, too many players not on the same wavelength yet.
  12. Borner has looked decent. So has fox! Cracking tackle just now.
  13. Absolutely, he's played well so far, done absolutely nothing wrong. Drives me mad how people jump on him. We're not playing particularly well, plenty of other stuff to criticise...
  14. When he came back for a trial, when we were in league 1, I spoke to him on the pitch after a pre season friendly. I asked him if he would recreate the dive against Leeds. He told me to fizz off.
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