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  1. I don't have a choice as I live outside Radio Sheffield range. Having said that I've endured R S's away games commentary on Wednesday Player and iFollow for years, so I'm not in the least bothered to lose them. And I hate A. Giddings with a passion. So glad I've got that off my chest!!
  2. I would have hoped the same, unfortunately the expiry date on my credit card runs out in June, so I would have to fill in new details. Sods law as they say!
  3. Thanks for that, will try next week if I encounter same problem. Not confident for next season though, I've read that iFollow require you have a legitimate address abroad which links to your credit card. I suppose I shouldn't complain as I've been able to watch live this season, but when you're unable to attend Hillsborough due to disability, distance to travel etc. it would be great to subscribe to Wednesday direct and get to watch them legally. Maybe one day, but I'll probably be dead by then!!
  4. I've got NordVPN but can only get live commentary today. It's worked fine all season though, so it looks like they've sussed NordVPN now.
  5. gr_owl


    I'm getting the same except its not showing my subscription at all. Could this mean £110 (or whatever) down the drain?
  6. gr_owl

    Ross Blair

    But he stipulated NO SUFC shirts. What a guy!! Deepest respects to his family. RIP Ross - fly high.
  7. gr_owl


    There was no live video coverage of tonights match. Live video coverage for league matches only. Live commentary was fine though.
  8. gr_owl


    Started out fine and gradually got worse.
  9. gr_owl


    Picture and sound stuttering really badly.
  10. Its given me headache too, though probably for different reasons. Mine worked like clockwork 5 seconds of picture then 2 seconds of black screen, 5 seconds of picture followed by 2 seconds of black screen. I turned it off at half time and re-booted, logged on again and exactly the same. I've paid 130 euros to get a nagging bad headache. Hope it improves, and soon!!!
  11. gr_owl

    Wednesday Player

    Thanks for that RichieB., I didn't realise they'd do that! As it stands I don't know what to do, as for the 1st time ever we are considering going to Spain for the winter months in which case I would consider taking out the new live iFollow option. (I think I'll email them and see if I could upgrade to the live option when we get to Spain in October). One can only try!! Thanks again.
  12. gr_owl

    Wednesday Player

    Thanks for your reply Suzuki_San, much appreciated.
  13. gr_owl

    Wednesday Player

    Fortunately mine was just a monthly payment, but still a bit naughty when they aren't involved anymore!
  14. gr_owl

    Wednesday Player

    After reading your post I've just checked my bank account to find they took a payment on 21st June. How do we claim it back as there's no actual Wednesday Player now on SWFC webpage? Sorry if this has an obvious answer, but I've got nothing going for me - I'm old, female and not very computer savvy! Thanks in anticipation.
  15. John Pearson is on Wednesday Player, Mark Smith on Radio Sheffield.