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  1. Yes, me too. As a subscriber we should still be able to watch as we've paid for a full season!! Not happy.
  2. Is anyone else finding the ref's kit very like Swansea's colours? I keep thinking he's one of them. Maybe it's my old eyes.
  3. My iFollow is fine again. Don't know what I'm doing right!
  4. Been working fine for me lately, but I always keep my fingers crossed when signing in!
  5. Sorry friend but I've got it on iFollow again. Only downside is Mike Pickering is on commentary with Rob O'Neill as Pearson is on his holibobs apparently! I'm going to watch and listen to Sky though 'cos Pickering sounds so boring I'm afraid he'd send me to sleep!
  6. You try again on Wednesday, you never know you might be lucky again!!
  7. No, the full works, but I watched it on a big screen rather than my 15" laptop screen.
  8. Last match against Leeds, I was surprised I got it on iFollow. I thought, if a match was live on Sky, you weren't able to get it on iFollow. I'm not complaining, I was able to watch on tv whilst listening to commentary from John Pearson and Rob O'Neill. Took a few minutes to synchronize but it was worth it so I didn't have to listen to Sky's commentary!!
  9. RIP Hayley. Heart breaking news. Thoughts tonight with your husband and children. It puts tonight's result in perspective, so let's stop moaning about a football match and count our blessings.
  10. I don't have a choice as I live outside Radio Sheffield range. Having said that I've endured R S's away games commentary on Wednesday Player and iFollow for years, so I'm not in the least bothered to lose them. And I hate A. Giddings with a passion. So glad I've got that off my chest!!
  11. I would have hoped the same, unfortunately the expiry date on my credit card runs out in June, so I would have to fill in new details. Sods law as they say!
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