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  1. Didn’t we have to wear white shorts against Cambridge because they wore black shorts? The game where Dele-Bashiru scored?
  2. Deepest condolences to Jose and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, God bless. xxx
  3. Get well soon little man. Shouldn’t happen to one so young. My love and prayers to you and your family. Xxx
  4. Can someone advise me re sizing, please. I am a size 14 but neither Macron size chart or SWFC online shop chart match my actual size in inches. As I cannot get in to Sheffield I must rely on buying online, but I have no idea what size to buy. Can any ladies who have bought the shirt let me know how they found the sizing for themselves. Thank you in anticipation. WAWAW. UTO.
  5. Last Saturday, word was Corbeanu was ill. Maybe not recovered.
  6. Will someone tell Alfreton commentator that it's BORNER not Bower!
  7. Same here. Not happy at all, 'cos even though we're now in League 1 the subscription has not been reduced! Talk about taking the ********!!!
  8. Still not connected. Tried re-booting several times, but nothing. Not impressed!
  9. I try to sign-in, nothing happens.
  10. One of my early hero’s too, and a really nice man. RIP Gerry. Condolences to family and friends.
  11. Yes, me too. As a subscriber we should still be able to watch as we've paid for a full season!! Not happy.
  12. Is anyone else finding the ref's kit very like Swansea's colours? I keep thinking he's one of them. Maybe it's my old eyes.
  13. My iFollow is fine again. Don't know what I'm doing right!
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