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  1. Wasn't the aldershot game a league cup tie? Early round, 2 legs back then? Cheers guys, knew owlstalk would know. So hopefully that's the only time and we'll win this replay.
  2. ......Been knocked out of the F.A Cup to a non league side? One for you old uns I think as I know we haven't during my 30 years.
  3. I'm not even sure he had decent technique. My main memories of him are that sitter at forest he got under and his woeful free kicks. Mainly over hit. But like others have said, as soon as any pressure was applied his technique went out of the window anyway.
  4. Lets be honest, if his name was Nick Picnic and he'd come on a free from Grimsby he wouldn't even have had good technique. Where was his technique when he blazed over at forest from about 7 yards? He was a luxury we couldn't afford because he was rubbish.
  5. That kit is class. Puma too Imagine that in Wednesday blue
  6. Not true unfortunately Mellis, on his own, would be a better midfield pairing than any two would could perm! Obviously a joke, but you get my drift!
  7. Plus we were a league one team at the time and not certainties for promotion but don't let that get in the way
  8. It's a good flag but the photographer must be inexperienced. A real photographer would have stood the lads in front of the ugly banking which would also incorporate the owl on the kop.
  9. 350k + O Grady = Mellis = yes please, everyone's a winner
  10. Oh sh*t! @Galaxypuppet. I bow to your awesomeness. I wish I was you.
  11. Not seen anyone mention a screamer at Southamptom at the Dell. Think we won the game 1-0, early Nineties Picked up the loose ball and drilled it from 25/30 yards straight into the roof of the net Can you imagine what his left foot would do to these modern footballs?
  12. Pig....Fact! Hope she gets fourth in the Olympics
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