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  1. Bob on but the I want it all and I want it now brigade will not agree
  2. What if we have a chairman who is is saying to young players if you want big money you can have it but first you have to earn it. Even if they signed a contract on poo money if they got a chance and smashed it then big money would come to them. But then again if big money is all that matters then fluffy cloud em
  3. Welcome to the wonderful and err wacky world of Wednesday Jos lad
  4. Wish we'd stop picking up three points every time we win ffs
  5. Should be first name on team sheet every week
  6. ha'vin. A birthday every day with balls like that
  7. Take a bow son. Took some stick and rightly so but tonight was quality..that ball though..
  8. No better player in championship. Absolute machine
  9. Get in.. wawaw.. well some of us are
  10. Seriously reading some of comments on here tonight I'm not so sure
  11. Why do so called Wednesday fans hate it when we win...... foooooking madness
  12. Wonder how many of you going on about our 1 million pound pitch are the same ones slating our 1 million pound pitch last season when it was bedding in.Also wonder how many slating Sheffield eagles actually live in Sheffield:
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