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  1. Where's the Leeds fan that was saying we'd be lucky to get £3m
  2. Nobody seems to follow them as much as you. To say your interest in us is unhealthy would be tame. Can't for the life of me understand how you've got the time and energy to pay so much attention to another clubs forum. It's strange.
  3. The odds on him signing for Fulham have come tumbling down this morning from 20/1 to 5/2 on SkyBet.
  4. Still people cling on to the hope that he's going to be important for us. I haven't seen anything since he's been here to back up the claims of the Watford fans that he was this brilliant footballer. Nothing.
  5. Whoa steady on I'm not knocking him, I like him. I'm just saying I wish he would have as much confidence about him every game, like he had against Chesterfield. But as I pointed out it was limited opposition so I can understand why it doesn't happen every week in a sense. Doesn't stop me from wanting it every week though.
  6. I would love the Jack Hunt who played against Chesterfield to turn up every game. He was outstanding, although against limited opposition granted.
  7. The only concerning thing here is that I believe Nixon has got links to Rhodes, I think they got quite close during his time at Blackburn. He seems to think that we are open to selling him.
  8. Don't really understand the stick he gets sometimes. He's not that bad. Seems to come across as an alright bloke to me. Jsut because he reports the odd thing that Wednesday fans might not want to hear, all the usual "shittstirrer" accusations come out. People need to grow up he's just doing a job. Cue the "Hi Dom" replies.
  9. Is there anything on the screen though yet? Mine is just a black screen.
  10. There's nothing in this at all apparently. Where did the rumour even start? Gullible people have lined the bookies pockets though so they will be happy.
  11. I remember his debut in that Port Vale friendly, I thought we've got a player on our hands here. And that's the last time I've been impressed with him apart from that goal at Forest. Sometimes it just doesn't click for players at certain clubs.
  12. Villa fans seem to think he's going there.
  13. Well I've managed to change the VPN on my tv and bought a match pass through the ifollow site on there. I'll let you know if it works Saturday though.
  14. Does anyone know if there's a way of changing your VPN through a smart tv? Tried downloading Opera browser but it just seems to freeze. Any people more tech savvy than me know of a way around it?
  15. I was encouraged by the last half hour. That's about it. First half was turgid stuff again.
  16. No still same. Just not coming up with the options for tonight but they come up for Fulham. Cheers anyway. Nay bother, wasn't for me anyway.
  17. Yes if you click on the blue VPN symbol it brings up a few countries. Still no joy though. Desktop. Edit: It's coming up for the Fulham game as above but not Sunderland game?
  18. Done all that and the match pass still isn't coming up. Does it matter which country I change the VPN to?
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