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  1. Strict conditions though. One in, one out or something like that. Cap on the weekly wage or total value of deal. I’m sure it’s soenthing like 10k a week.
  2. The fact we are not challenging for anything this season pretty much puts to bed the chance of attracting any top loan players. We will probably see more benefit in the summer when the clear out begins.
  3. To be fair to the OP, I heard that this was one of a long list of things that DC was looking at to try and solve the P&S problem. This was around the time of the first fans forum this season. Not sure £30m is an accurate valuation, and as far as I know it wasn’t pursued. Unless the idea is being revisited.
  4. Rhodes going out on loan with 75% of wages paid plus a loan fee. Abdi being actively touted around Europe and Palmer available also, along with a few others. But not inviting bids for FF, this is what I heard yesterday. Not exactly ground breaking news but there it is anyway.
  5. Don’t know why people are assuming Rowett will take him to Stoke. He didn’t exactly favour him at Derby. Left him out more than he played him.
  6. This has been done to death to be honest, but do you think the rest of the league may have wised up to how we play after the first season? There was a notable change in our tempo and style because the majority of teams changed THEIR tempo and style to combat us. Anyone with half a brain saw how teams were coming to Hillsborough not to play to our strengths and openly attack us, but look to press, stifle and frustrate us. Now you could maybe point the finger and say he didn’t have a plan B to get around that, but to imply he just woke up one morning and thought “hang on, I might just swap this successful attractive style of play for something a bit slower and more turgid” is ridiculous.
  7. Just because something doesn’t fit your agenda doesn’t mean it’s rubbish mate. Open your eyes for God’s sake. The Carlos era had ran its course yes, but most people don’t know the half of what he had to put up with.
  8. Same here. His first season here will live long in the memory, playing brilliant football, the place was buzzing and everyone was together as one. Fair enough it ran its course as most managers do. But the abuse I have read directed towards him or about him on here and twitter is laughable and ridiculous. Not to mention the complete cluelessness and things he gets the blame for. Carlos put up with a hell of a lot when he was here, a hell of a lot. Maybe one day he will tell he full story about his time here, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  9. It’s the earliest I’ve ever left a game, I was just so angry and frustrated that it wouldn’t have been good for my health if I went back to my seat. So I decided to get an extra pint and left when I’d supped it. Much better for my health. P.S If someone offered to finish the season tomorrow I’d snap their hand off.
  10. I’m sorry with all due respect I really disagree with you. I thought from the first minute we looked lacklustre and were very poor. Too many players hiding and generally going through the motions. I saw very worrying and familiar signs yesterday that made me think we are in serious trouble. The way we responded after the first goal was terrible.
  11. Haven’t we won something like 7 of the last 30 odd games? We need at least 6 wins to stay up between now and the end of the season. I’m interested to know where people think these wins may come. As based on yesterday, a game we should be winning at home, I can’t for the life of me see where the next 3 points are coming from.
  12. I can’t believe in any way shape or form that it was a tactical decision to leave him completely out of the 18 when you look at the options on the bench. Either a disciplinary issue or like others have said, he was close to the door on Wednesday. And for the ones blaming Carlos for “spunking £8m” on him, ask yourself whether it was him that wanted Rhodes. Or the majority of other signings. Maybe what the manager asked for and the alternatives he was given instead played a big part in his downfall.
  13. Carlos spoke to another club though before he took the Swansea job, a club who hadn't sacked their manager yet. Granted it didn’t happen but it was for other reasons, not because he’d already spoke to Swansea.
  14. Was a target of ours in the last window right up until deadline day, but ended up doing the Butterfield deal instead.
  15. If you got told this in confidence, why the fizz would you post it all over Owlstalk? Really don’t get why someone would want to splash the team everywhere 2 days before the game.
  16. Can’t stand the bloke, if ever he was on TV he would just keep talking at a hundred miles an hour and you had to pick bits out that were relevant because he was just constantly talking without coming up for air.
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