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  1. Not sure what you are talking about. He’s an inconsistent, ill disciplined, injury prone, ageing talent. You think he can produce the goods consistently next season, I don’t.
  2. He’s got heart when he’s interested. That has been a rarity in the last 2 years. We have proved since Bruce has come that we can succeed without him. The likelihood of him being a consistent performer week in, week out with his injury history and temperament is slim.
  3. Other than injuries, refusing to play, disciplinary issues, suspensions and a court case he’s been f00king amazing. We need consistent hard working, fit, athletic players where Bruce can develop a togetherness and team spirit. For all his talent, FF doesn’t fit that model. We need to move on.
  4. He originally retired for a reason. Bottom line is you will never get a full season or anything near it from him. No doubting his ability but any ruthless manager wanting a side that can cope with the physical requirements this league brings will want a younger, fitter, less injury prone player if serious about competing for automatic promotion in future years. Sentiment should play no part.
  5. You are right about Rhodes. But we picked up Winnall for next to nothing. He’d been banging goals in for fun in the championship even in a poor Barnsley side. And he was the right age to have a sell on value. We will probably get £2-3m for him now even though he has been injured or out of favour. I still think we have missed a trick with him. Is he the most talented ? No but he knows where the back of the net is.
  6. Yes, he basically hasn’t played for 2 years. Seriously, it’s time to move on. Only caveat - If he wants to play for nothing from June until end of October to prove his fitness and that he won’t break down then happy days - give him a pay as you play deal after that. We have wasted far too much money on crocks.
  7. He’s a talented player but f00ked. Would be financial madness to offer him anything. Lets move on and look for hungry, fit, younger players than can cope with the physical demands the modern game brings.
  8. He did 3 things when he came on. The awful pass to Matias. A decent strike in the box which was blocked. Went down very easily in the penalty area (surprise surprise). Cant see anyone taking him off our hands for much now. Can’t see us getting more than £2-3m unfortunately.
  9. The penny has finally dropped on here. The team is far more important than one player, no matter who it is or how talented. We can compete and get promoted without FF. Complete mis-management not to sell him when he had a significant value. Will the Club ever learn????
  10. Happy to stay under radar, don’t want any press attention. Get it quietly. 2 places up for grabs. can you image pigs 3rd and us 6th ?
  11. Dont be ridiculous - all views should be valid on a forum even if you don’t like them. I’ll always support the club, go to games, it’s in your blood. Doesnt mean I can’t have a different view to others on why FF gets this treatment. Sometimes you reap what you sow. And for the record, I hope he gets back to his form from 3 years ago, plays 40 games, smashes 25 goals next season and gets us promoted. He’s a talent when focussed and fit. Just not seen it for too long on any consistent basis unfortunately.
  12. No anger or disdain from me. Just an honest opinion that FF has a history of disciplinary problems. He is the one player in our squad that can turn a game but is also likely to dive to get a decision. He has a reputation because of it.We all know that and so do referees. They treat his reaction to certain challenges/situations differently because of it. If the guy is producing, great but the sad reality is he has produced nothing for 18 months plus. My original post in this thread was about his overall record not the specific circumstances at Rotherham. When a player has flaws but produces the goods, those flaws are forgivable. Unfortunately we have seen almost nothing other than in brief glimpses for nearly 2 years. I know it’s not a popular view on here but it’s time he repaid the club on the pitch for backing him with a new contract.
  13. His temperament is well known though and that means referees deal with him differently. He is known to push the boundaries. Today is an example of a referee dealing with him because of the reputation he has got. Today is just one incident, like I said trouble follows him around like a bad smell and always will.
  14. You werent abusive though. I know my view in FF won’t be popular but we can disagree without resorting to that. Neil should re-read his posts and agree he is bang out of order with his language. I think we’ll be having the same debate about FF in a year. He might have played 15-20 more games but highly likely to face more discipline problems and injuries IMO. Fans fall in love with players like FF but it’s a double edged sword and for the last 2 years other than in glimpses we have seen the worst of him unfortunately. There’s a reason Watford off loaded him for all his talent. He hasn’t played in the Premier League for a reason. Dont think there is anything wrong with holding my opinion that for all his talent, his temperament means he can be a liability as well as an asset.
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