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  1. I did laugh - tells me not to patronise and then asked if I read the question. So you think because we are willing to support current pricing etc that this means we don't have a FFP problem? From memory, in the last accounts we lost circa £20m which will have included income from ticket sales etc. That is not a sustainable position. Doesn't matter what the survey said, common sense tells you we need some other form of income in quickly (stadium name rights, increased level of sponsorship, more commercial income etc) or we are in a financial mess - no matter what we paid for tickets as fans. Logically we will be looking for Bosman frees this summer and probably offload a least one or two big earners, hopefully for some ££££ to get us out of the mire.
  2. You do realise the chairman has effectively gone for it big time financially over the last 2 seasons? Ticket sales income represents a smaller and smaller percentage of a football clubs income. FFP means we will have no choice but to cut our cloth - the budget is effectively maxed out. Lets stop playing some fantasy football game and wake up. We will need to lose or sell some big earners if we want others in on big money.
  3. Westwood in demand?

    Beat me to it
  4. Westwood in demand?

    Common sense tells us we will probably have to sell one or two players with FFP issues looming. Westwood might be one of them to help our financial position.
  5. Is something not right about Jos?

    Poor old Ramone seems to have gone AWOL. Hope he’s ok. Its never easy to see your point of view torn to shreads though.
  6. Danny Batth

    Its like with an ex - never go back. No thanks.
  7. Michael hefele

    Is he the big lumbering unit that is about as quick as me and turns like an oil tanker? If that’s him, no thanks.
  8. Is something not right about Jos?

    Way, way to sensible idea.
  9. Is something not right about Jos?

    Ramone owned by DJM. Top quality. Just confirms how tough its been for Jos.
  10. Form Table - last 29 games.

    You would expect the pigs will have been well and truly sussed out next season. Bring it on.
  11. A Tale Of Two Managers

    His record is the same as Carlos this season but with a significantly worse set of players. That is fact. You think Carlos record was abysmal this season I presume?
  12. A Tale Of Two Managers

    I’m supposing nothing. If he fails after a reasonable period then get rid. You are judging him in a situation where his coaching, fitness regime etc have been superceeded by our injury problems and a need to be pragmatic with a depleted playing squad to ensure we stayed up. Judging him now is just crazy.
  13. A Tale Of Two Managers

    We are all entitled to an opinion but your judgement is unfair for me. By any reasonable measure, his time here so far has been fire fighting the position he inherited. No fair minded person judges him on that basis. When he’s had a pre season, got players back from injury and played 3-4 months next season then you can form a reasoned opinion. Until then it’s just short sighted to judge him.
  14. A Tale Of Two Managers

    Posts like these beggar belief. He's had our first team missing for almost all his tenure. He inherited a totally shambles. FFS, give the guy a break and judge him when he's prepared the squad in pre season his way.
  15. A Tale Of Two Managers

    Great research and post. looking forward to Ramone tells us it’s all nonsense. Puts to bed for anyone with any intelligence that Jos should be given some respect and a chance to have next season before being judged.