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  1. RichSheffWeds

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Scottish football is frankly a back water. Keep the faith though.
  2. Trying to compare coming back in a reserve game and playing 15 minutes to playing in a critical highly competitive Championship game is pathetic. It shows that you know nothing about football.
  3. One that has been missed is the centre half, Bischoff who was on loan the same time as Carson I think. He was superb for us as well as Carson.
  4. RichSheffWeds

    Who's the second toughest

    All the above. Was trying to think of others. Lawrie Madden used to put in some thundering challenges with no fear. Jeff King was like an aggressive little terrier. Not quite on the Mick Lyons level mind.
  5. RichSheffWeds

    Squad Value

    What you think for Boyd? I reckon on your scale about £400k. will be pleased.
  6. RichSheffWeds

    Squad Value

    Yeh, of course he didn’t misjudge the price. Borukov is clearly worth £4.5m in the transfer market. Our FFP problems are solved.
  7. RichSheffWeds

    Squad Value

    Is this a joke thread? Most ridiculous valuation of our squad ever. Must be a wind up surely????
  8. The club have much more pressing issues than arranging a testimonial ffs
  9. RichSheffWeds

    Total disgrace

    Last post was serious. He walks in to a club in free fall with 10-12 first team players injured. Stabilises us and stops the rot - we were in serious danger of relegation at one point. Starts winning games. Takes his time getting players fit, doesn’t rush anyone back. Been very limited in transfer activities which are out of his control. Gets 10 points from first 6 games this season. Brings in young players successfully. Its very hard to criticise the job he’s done in 7 months at the club. If he can take us to a top 10 finish this season he will have done an excellent job IMO.
  10. RichSheffWeds

    Total disgrace

    I’m judging Jos since February not on first 3 or 6 games. So far so good for me. We’ll see how Jos is really doing by the end of the season. That ok for you?
  11. RichSheffWeds

    Total disgrace

    Its more about adding some balance to the unreasonable knee jerk reaction posts that dominated this site after the first three games.
  12. RichSheffWeds

    Total disgrace

    Post of the day. Comedy gold.
  13. Just said on another thread I think people are underestimating how smart Jos is. Although he dropped FF (which has benefited the squad IMO), he will be managing the relationship with FF and he will be back firing on all cylinders very soon. Jos has also stamped his authority on the players - no one is immune - and that is critical if Jos is going to succeed.
  14. RichSheffWeds

    Total disgrace

    I have a feeling that Jos is a little smarter than you think. FF has been dropped but I imagine Jos is managing that relationship and FF will be back firing on all cylinders very soon.
  15. We have just won 3 out of 3 and that’s the best you can come up with? Dropping FF has been amazing man management - it’s a squad game these days and Jos has sent a message. Its been a master stroke so give the guy a little credit today. You can get back to moaning when we lose.