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  1. The EFL don’t know their arse from their elbow. Joke organisation.
  2. Even though we may have complied with accounting norms and professional auditors signed off the accounts, the EFL will want to make an example of us. They are clueless but can’t do much about that. This season is a write off. Get ready for 12-15 point deduction. Monk will have to avoid relegation but he will get time to prepare for next season, off load more deadwood/high earners, hopefully bring in 3-4 of his own players and have a really go at it next season. You need patience in bucket loads as a Wednesday fan unfortunately.
  3. The key is selling players on your terms at a time to suit you. We don’t have that luxury currently. Fans won’t like it but we may have to sell a Bannan or Iorfa if we are going to get real about FFP.
  4. Pigs sold their best player, Brookes and got promoted. Norwich sold their best player, Maddison and got promoted. If we have any semblance of intelligence we absolutely have to sell our best players to be sustainable within FFP. We have already got smarter with transfers. Borner, Luongo and Harris are good examples from the summer. I’d happily sell any player for the right money rather than live in a fantasy world. I think Chansiri has realised this. We can sell players and prosper - it’s just needs the right recruitment and for once this summer was very successful.
  5. Successive managers not seen fit to play him regularly. Monk is no fool. He wants a winning unit. FF doesn’t really fit that model unfortunately and hasn’t produced in any meaningful way for years now. Whether that’s through injury, suspensions or attitude, it’s not a surprise he’s not in the first 11 on a regular basis. No manager in his right mind can build a team around players with those problems. And surprise, surprise he’s injured again. He won’t be here next season.
  6. I hope Chansiri learns lessons from recent years and sells him for big money in January. We have to be pragmatic given the cloud over the club with FFP issues.
  7. He was top quality. Loved watching him beat full backs with ease.
  8. You think he will sell at lower than the value of the club. So what’s the value of the club realistically in its current state? Maybe £40m-£60m tops. He’s pumped in well over £100m buying it and funding large losses. If you think he’s going to do a cut price deal, you clearly haven’t listened to him over the last few years IMO.
  9. Find someone with the appetite to pay for the club £80-100m, then fund it at say, £20m a year losses for the foreseeable future. I reckon they will need £200m minimum. Good luck with that. Said it before, be careful what you wish for.
  10. Can you imagine a manager being that honest these days? We were awful but as a kid I loved it.
  11. This stat demonstrates why the team dynamic is way more important than the inclusion of any of individual, no matter how talented. If we can learn anything from the pigs it’s that you don’t need superstar players to succeed in this league.
  12. He is of f00k all use to us when injured or suspended though. If he missed 5-10 games a season and performed for the other 30 we would all take it but that has not been the reality. FF is talented but temperamental. Cant build a promotion side around a player that isn’t playing can you?
  13. Winning football is winning football. I’ll happily take some direct stuff if opposition are weak against that tactic. The goal is getting promoted. It’s about time we mixed it up. We have been a soft touch for the vast majority of the last 20 years plus.
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