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  1. Will be cacking themselves over the Man City game. Lets hope they use common sense and we can have a big sell out crowd, great atmosphere without them spoiling it with unreasonable restrictions.
  2. I said at start of the season I’ve love him to come good, score 15-20 goals and get us promoted. We’d all love that but the last 5 months have been no better than previous recent seasons and it’s a distant dream that he’s going to start performing regularly now. If he does then he’ll deserve a lot of credit but I’m not holding my breath.
  3. We are not a charitable institution. He has been paid vast sums of money. Any successful clubs needs consistent performances. We haven’t had that from FF (and it’s not just down to injuries) for 3 years. 6 months is understandable but it’s been 3 years ffs. Wake up and small the coffee.
  4. Yep I’m not on owlstalk 24/7 and I think you made 2-3 comments that didn’t look sarcastic. I must have misunderstood your sarcasm.
  5. Loyalty is usually an admirable quality but in this case blind loyalty is just ignoring the facts staring you in the face. Bannan was talking openly about FF’s bad attitude in training this November. Ignoring the refusal to play at Norwich, spitting his dummy out until he got a new contract, the Winnall incident, other disciplinary issues and injuries - the unwillingness to show the commitment in training is just unforgivable. Managers and other senior players usually don’t call out players publicly so it has to be a serious issue. FF has not repaid the Clubs loyalty to him on or off the pitch for 3 years. Monk knows hard work and togetherness are key factors in getting out of this league. The comments about commitment don’t fit that model. Monk won’t tolerate it thank God.
  6. I missed Bannan’s comments in November. It is coming to something when other players are publicly calling out your commitment. He is stealing a living from the club if that’s his attitude. Add to that the injuries and discipline issues and you have a financial disaster for the football club. What’s even more upsetting was the club giving him a contract after the Norwich debacle. One of the stupidest decisions ever. I said then, no club can tolerate players taking the Michael - it was obvious for the good of the squad and to send a message about discipline that he should have been sold. We would have picked up £7-10m. Instead we’ve had a passenger for over 2 years who is worthless in the transfer market. Monk knows the score - we need grafters not fancy dans that only perform once in a blue moon. Overall, a total shambles for the club and a very talented player wasting his career.
  7. The only way to get their attention is to make it crystal clear they won’t get your vote at next elections. Its a shambolic council. Not fit for purpose.
  8. I’m sure he is. He will want a decent contract somewhere in the summer.
  9. what you fail to grasp is that we still have potential ongoing FFP issues even if we successfully defend the stadium sale. The stadium sale hopefully gets us out of a short term hole but ongoing losses will still be a real problem so reinvesting Joao money on a Grabban wasn’t and isn’t realistic. And underperformance from the remaining strikers doesn’t mean they can’t do it - they have all (bar Nuhiu) performed in the past. Maybe Chansiri expects a coach to get more out of the other 5 forwards on our books? You can’t blame underperforming players, forwards in particular on the Chairman. He is having to get used to cutting his cloth within FFP rules now and we better get used to it. The days of splashing cash on big fees are over unless we fluke promotion.
  10. You do realise we have FFP issues? We still have Fletcher, Rhodes, Winnall, Nuhiu and Forestieri. More strike power on paper than most clubs if those players are motivated.
  11. Everton smashed us at Hillsborough in mid eighties. Think it was a night match. It was 4 or 5 nil from memory. Player, so many but Owen at full speed was unplayable running at defenders.
  12. I’d be planning for next season. 10-12 point deduction likely later this season. Sell Iorfa for £15m in January (about time we got smart about milking an opportunity) Plan our strategy for bringing players in the summer. Clear out some high earning deadwood at end of this season. If Monk can bring in 4 of his own players and the recruitment is as smart as Harris, Borner, Luongo etc, we can have a real go at promotion next season.
  13. The EFL don’t know their arse from their elbow. Joke organisation.
  14. Even though we may have complied with accounting norms and professional auditors signed off the accounts, the EFL will want to make an example of us. They are clueless but can’t do much about that. This season is a write off. Get ready for 12-15 point deduction. Monk will have to avoid relegation but he will get time to prepare for next season, off load more deadwood/high earners, hopefully bring in 3-4 of his own players and have a really go at it next season. You need patience in bucket loads as a Wednesday fan unfortunately.
  15. The key is selling players on your terms at a time to suit you. We don’t have that luxury currently. Fans won’t like it but we may have to sell a Bannan or Iorfa if we are going to get real about FFP.
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