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  1. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    Up there with Waddles screamer
  2. Increased capacity

    I think the issues are : The way Hillsborough is treated as a special case compared to other grounds. SYP have become so risk averse that it affects their judgement. The resulting overly cautious segregation and capacity limitations is costing the club money. Granted its only for maybe five games a season but losing for example, 3,000 from 5 games is 15,000 people x £40 = £600,000 lost. It's big money and it feels like we are being treated in a manner which other aren't.
  3. As it stands

    F@@@ that. Nothing better than seeing us in premier league and pigs in lower league struggling. That would be sweet.
  4. Jack Hunt

    Shame he can't cross a ball
  5. Joao - It's Time

    Give it a rest - we get the message. We signed Rhodes for big money because he has a track record. Him and Hooper/Fletcher are miles ahead of him and should have enough between them to get us into top 4. Joao has done nothing when he's had his chances in the past. Inconsistent is being polite.
  6. Joao - It's Time

    No it isn't - certainly not in first 11. We need proven performers. Hooper, Fletcher and Rhodes meet that criteria. At best, Joao might be a useful sub if we are chasing games late on. He certainly shouldn't be in the first team before those three.
  7. No pace

    I'd love to see an entertaining quick winger that is played to their strengths. Aint going to happen under CC. Can only dream about a Terry Curran or Willie Henderson style winger unfortunately.
  8. DC gets em in CC ships em out

    We have sold no one.

    Yep a midfield beast at 5'11.
  10. £14m would be great business. Said it earlier, take the money and buy Jota for £6m would be amazing value for the club.

    Yep. £6m being quoted. Sell FF for £12-14m and bring him in for £6m would be cracking business. Gives some breathing space for FFP too.
  12. Due to high demand!

    Yes I can see that's why it's a ponds forge. Hope it goes well for the club.
  13. Due to high demand!

    My experience of SIV is that they would struggle to run a p*** up in a brewery. It took me 4 attempts including 3 phones recently cancel a golf booking due to a bereavement. It was painful. Dont get me started on their ability to run and manage swimming lessons. God help the club if they are running a 1200 guest event.
  14. Due to high demand!

    He can have £50 from me on an interest free loan whenever he asks. Seriously, it feels bad criticising a guy that has put his money where his mouth is. Not many have the balls to do it. The corporate entertainment pricing does seem strange though.
  15. Due to high demand!

    The chairman has done a lot of things right but his policy on corporate entertaining is just away with the fairies.