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  1. RichSheffWeds


    It was his fault he didn’t take a penalty in a vital play off semi final though. Lets sign a star striker and watch him bottle the type of situation where star strikers earn their big money. Marvellous.
  2. RichSheffWeds

    Jos trimming the squad

    Its good news for me. We have had a bloated squad for too long. Lets focus on a tight unit of players. 24/25 is plenty.
  3. RichSheffWeds

    Elev8 done it again

    Chill out dude. Its a shirt and a pair of shorts ffs. Not life or death.
  4. Better for all concerned if he moves on. Clearly hasn’t worked out for him here. Appears to be a lovely lad but looked like he was carrying a weight of expectation (and a bag of spuds) on his shoulders. You know something is badly wrong when your star striker, signed to make the difference and helps us get promoted, won’t take a penalty in a play off semi final. That was pretty shambolic.
  5. RichSheffWeds

    Bannan out of contract next summer

    Offer him a new deal. If he doesn't sign in next month then sell him. We cant let him walk for free in a year. Really simple.
  6. RichSheffWeds

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    He really isn’t one of our better players and the alternative could have been him leaving for nothing in less than a year. We have to sell players in these situations to ensure financially stability. Letting players walk on a free is madness. £1.6m or £1.75m (whatever the figure is) is decent business in the circumstances.
  7. RichSheffWeds

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Not really. Average player in last year of his contract.
  8. RichSheffWeds

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Jesus wept. You really living on a different planet. Perhaps i’m being whoosed.
  9. RichSheffWeds

    Hirst Snr

    I think the obsession with the Hirst situation is unhealthy. We should concentrate on the Club and its future not worry about David Hirst or his son. Lets move on ffs.
  10. Spurs seem to do a very good job of signing younger players and they have much loftier ambitions than us. If Chansiri is smart he would run the club this way. He cant keep throwing money at the project with FFP in the picture. His other problem is other ambitious clubs and parachute payments. As fans we need a sound position that can sustain us and that should sometimes mean selling players on.
  11. It’s about the long term sustainability of the club. Sign younger, hungrier players that can be sold on for a profit is basic common sense if we want a sustainable financial position.
  12. No. Time for Jos to pick this players not look backwards.
  13. RichSheffWeds

    Brum in for Bannan?

    We have to get real. Bannan is in the last year of his contract. Offer him another deal or sell him. We’ve been mugs for far too long. We can’t let assets leave for free and just waste cash. Hope he stays but if he won’t sign take as much as we can get and move on. There’s always other players. Always will be.
  14. RichSheffWeds

    #SWFC Players - Contract Expiry dates

    We should offer new contracts to the ones we want to retain and if they don’t sign them then put them up for sale now. We can’t afford to allow assets to leave on frees. Might feel uncomfortable but it’s the right move for our financial health.
  15. RichSheffWeds


    Yep truly awful. Given scoring goals is a rather important objective in football, this is his record : Senior career 208 games and scored 83 goals. To be honest, I couldn't care if he's an ignorant, wife beating, one legged, half blind midget, if he can score goals at that rate then he is potentially a valuable asset if used and played to his strengths.