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  1. This stat demonstrates why the team dynamic is way more important than the inclusion of any of individual, no matter how talented. If we can learn anything from the pigs it’s that you don’t need superstar players to succeed in this league.
  2. He is of f00k all use to us when injured or suspended though. If he missed 5-10 games a season and performed for the other 30 we would all take it but that has not been the reality. FF is talented but temperamental. Cant build a promotion side around a player that isn’t playing can you?
  3. Winning football is winning football. I’ll happily take some direct stuff if opposition are weak against that tactic. The goal is getting promoted. It’s about time we mixed it up. We have been a soft touch for the vast majority of the last 20 years plus.
  4. After Iorfa’s performance today, Lees on one leg would be preferable.
  5. With the right man management and right tactics this squad can be top 6 this season. The last 4/5 months of last season showed it’s possible. Need an experienced manager to do it.
  6. But Bannan could have gone too when he kicked their player. QPR were much better than us.
  7. Only Fletcher comes out of today with any credit.
  8. Out muscled. Out thought. Out played.
  9. We got outplayed by both their centre halves and centre forwards today. Iorfa and Borner got battered. Iorfa in particular was truly awful.
  10. And QPR had a nailed on penalty not given when Palmer pulled back their player at back post.
  11. Because he’s successful? He plays a system that is highly effective and has produced relative success for unfashionable clubs time and time again? Because he is ruthless? Just a thought?
  12. Lets spend £5m and pay a player more wages than we can afford eh? DC tried that before and we got ourselves in a right financial mess. We can’t have it all ways. DC has learnt his lesson, it seems some fans still think we can get away with spending freely even though it’s still tight with FFP rules for us.
  13. Knock the away end down and redevelop with option 2.
  14. Sheffield City Council not fit for purpose. Shambles over dealing with us. Tree fiasco and arrest of OAP’s. Cabinet based control by a few key Labour Councillors (see latest campaigns to end this). Misinformation on Chinese investment that didn’t materialise - did you hear the interview on Radio Sheffield on that? Total joke. Embarrassment of an organisation.
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