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  1. And this “wrong uns” arent to blame. You perhaps need to think about that. If players with ability like Westwood, Hutchinson and FF have rarely featured because of disciplinary/injury reasons then the Club has lost the services of 2-3 senior talented pro’s. Taking out 3 players like that WOULD affect any clubs performance.
  2. A reasonable judgement would be the position we are in since Monk took over whilst factoring no preseason, none of his own coaches etc. Mid table and bang average is where we are.
  3. There is another way to look at this. We are finally learning to live within our means. We’ve offered him whatever we can afford within a sensible budget. He thinks he can get a better deal. Best for all parties if he clears off. We find a player that wants to play for the club within our structure. It would be a continuing joke if we keep spending well above our means. Same goes for Fletcher.
  4. There has been disharmony for 2-3 years. It’s clear there is a lack of togetherness with senior pro’s not liking a manager who wants to stamp his authority. Then you have the Club captain calling out our star talent for bad attitude/not training properly. It’s not rocket science ffs.
  5. We are bang average under Monk so far - in mid table for period he’s been here. Or are we being selective ?
  6. Fine margins. If we take chances it would have been different outcome. Monk has got significant reasons why it’s impossible to judge him : Comes in when Bruce f’ed off with no preseason. Squad in need of major overhaul. FFP has issues means spending will be lower. None of his backroom staff. Significant behind the scenes issues with attitude of playing staff. Apart from all that, it’s all Monks fault !!!!!!
  7. We need mentally strong players that will run through brick walls for the club and manager. Enough said I think.
  8. That’s a really balanced and logical way of looking at things. If someone likes him, should they take out his worst month and make the opposite argument ? Difficult to take your logic seriously.
  9. But to be fair, he was outstanding in his last season and left us in a great position. Thanks Carlos. Legend. (Trying to learn from your sarcasm posts which inspired me)
  10. I did think STFU at that point. We took a chance on a crock when he was finished with injury. And he got paid extremely well especially as he only managed to play around half the games he could have.
  11. 9 point deduction with appeal if any chance of relegation. If safe, we’ll take it on the chin and move on to next season with clean slate.
  12. I really can’t wait for all the old guard to leave the club. Need fresh, younger players and a new start. Get Monk his back room staff, a preseason and some new players and you never know what might happen.
  13. There’s a well established list of issues created by FF himself that could be described as taking the urine : refusing to play being called out publicly by the club captain for being unfit/not training petulant disciplinary record The racism allegation inconsistent performances when picked You can put up with a lot of things if someone is willing to put in 110% and is scoring 15 plus goals a season. When they aren’t performing it becomes an expensive tiresome luxury we could ill afford.
  14. “We have had our moneys worth.” Yep really earned circa £30k a week for last 3 years didn’t he? That’s over £4.5m. Have a word with yourself. Value for money couldn’t be further from the truth ffs.
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