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  1. Knock the away end down and redevelop with option 2.
  2. Sheffield City Council not fit for purpose. Shambles over dealing with us. Tree fiasco and arrest of OAP’s. Cabinet based control by a few key Labour Councillors (see latest campaigns to end this). Misinformation on Chinese investment that didn’t materialise - did you hear the interview on Radio Sheffield on that? Total joke. Embarrassment of an organisation.
  3. Maybe FF is being left out because the overall team structure and formation is much more important than one individual player? Time after time in this league we have seen limited teams which play to a system get promoted. Are we going to get a FF thread every day or are fans going to realise there are more important issues than accommodating FF?
  4. Knocking down the away end and building a two tiered away end that can be flexible enough to accommodate differing numbers of away end in the upper tier near the South Stand seems sensible to me. You could also build an access bridge below Riverside Cafe across the river that could take away fans straight into the upper tier. Gets rid of all the bullsh1T about fans mixing outside the current exit.
  5. About to board a plane. If someone wants to use the wording above and start an e petition then let’s get moving.
  6. This guy on paper is highly influential. If there was a petition signed by 20-30,000 people calling for his immediate removal as South Yorkshire police commissioner it would stir up a lot of attention to the process used by SYP in influencing SAG. Something like : “I call for the immediate removal of Alan Billings as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner following action by South Yorkshire Police to prepare a report on fans leaving Leppings Lane area of Sheffield Wednesday football ground. The Club knew nothing about this report and was offered no input. It has resulted in future capacity restrictions and limiting of fan movements when leaving the stadium. Whilst policing of Leppings Lane is a sensitive issue, fans have LEFT this area of the ground for decades with minimal issues. I call upon the restrictions to be lifted immediately and reviewed again when all parties have been able to present independent evidence. If Mr Billings does not take action in this regard he should be removed immediately from his role.” We can influence this process through democratic means like petitions. Sometimes action like this is the only way to help shine a light on unreasonable decisions like the restrictions the club currently face. Worth considering?
  7. They will find another issue, then another if this nonsense is resolved. Shambolic joke of an organisation.
  8. Good move. We need the cash and to tackle FFP. Not looking forward to the bed wetters telling us what a bad decision it was each time he scores though.
  9. I would think the reason for instalments is obvious. It will be down to cash flow in the business. Rather like you or me buying a car on a deal over 3 years. Some people can find upfront money, most don’t have say, £15k in immediate cash.
  10. We are at last going to live in the real world rather than one where we gamble and collect players like toys. I’m sure the chairman knows he’s made some big mistakes but it’s cost him dearly financially. He must be £120m plus in the hole currently. We are lucky that he’ll keep funding the club, way too deep in now to turn back I guess. I’m glad we are looking at selling players. It’s the only way for the club to be self sustaining in the future. It’s no good for the Chairman or fans to have an unsustainable business losing £20-30m a year. Sell Rhodes, sell Joao, bring £10m in for them. Recruit a left back and pacy forward/winger on frees or loans from Premier League clubs and we’ll be fine. Perhaps we’ll stand on our own two feet rather than needing constant hand outs and being under FFP pressures.
  11. I’d sell any of them for the right money.
  12. No one doubts his ability and injury has played a part (as I said) but so have suspensions etc. We have not seen the best from him for over 2 years, even when he played 37 games the season before last. All these factors are why he’s at a Championship Club, when on pure ability he’s better than a lot of Premier League players.
  13. FF hasn’t performed for 2 years. He did have contract issues and got an improved deal (we should have sold him then and re-invested, said that on the day after Norwich). He has had injuries. He has had disciplinary issues (clearly). His transfer value has plummeted. These are facts. Which ones do you disagree with?
  14. I just care about Wednesday being successful. Players are a means to an end. Unfortunately FF is becoming a worthless asset financially. Even if we blame the FA, it’s the reality of where we are with the player. He hasn’t really performed for over 2 years, he’s had injury problems, disciplinary issues, contract issues, etc. I hope and pray that at some point the Club gets a pay back from FF on the pitch this season because it’s long over due. He owes the club big time as it’s seen almost nothing back since he signed his improved contract.
  15. I think we need to show a bit of class. It was the right thing for the chairman to do in Bruce’s personal situation. Murphy and Gulit were wrong. Bruce leaving the way he did doesn’t change that.
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