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  1. If another employer offered to at least double your salary it would be very hard to resist. He has no history at our club so as an employee why would he have loyalty to us?
  2. Any potential sale value over the summer just gone further down the toilet.
  3. £1-2m and his wages off the books would be a result.
  4. Weird post. Perhaps you would point out where anyone is slagging Bannan?
  5. I hate to say it but with £100m plus a year from EPL TV money and parachute money if they go down, even the scrubbers at the stain can afford him now.
  6. Supposed to be signing for Stoke. The numbers I was told for his salary there were eye wateringly high if they were true.
  7. What the pigs, Norwich, Cardiff, Huddersfield, Burnley have all proved is that it’s not just about money. Its really about the right recruitment of the players with the right attitude and mindset to be part of a team. Both Norwich and the pigs sold a star player at the start of the season and still prospered. Given we cannot compete financially with parachute payments etc, we need to learn those lessons, sell a couple of big name players and re-invest in team players where personal ego’s are less important than the group as a whole. Get the right motivated players in a system they understand with no big time Charlie’s and you have the ingredients for success.
  8. I agree he doesn’t look quick but he’s a poacher. Billy Blunt is about as quick as me but the pig seems to get in the right place at the right time. Someone will sign him and if they play to his strengths will get a bargain.
  9. Knowing our luck, Wilder will sign him for the pigs, turn him into a world beater and he’ll rip the EPL a new one.
  10. The only time he got a sustained run of games in Championship was at Barnsley. In 22 Championship games there he scored 11 goals. 1 in 2 for a lower Championship team is good going by anyone’s standards.
  11. Winnall isn’t quick but he knows where the back of the net is. Look at his goals to games ratio. It’s outstanding. Unfortunately United have proved that players who aren’t the most talented can be mounded by the right manager, in the right system to produce the goods. I think he’ll go but i’d keep him.
  12. You need to be a professional footballer to listen, read and understand issues? On that basis we might as well close this forum and just let only pro’s and ex-pro’s post. Nice logic.
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