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  1. Crikey. Got a big one on the hook here. I’m off out for the night.
  2. You have consistently defended under performing players. You can’t trot out the “they aren’t getting paid” line any more. They are gutless.
  3. First time for everything. You’ve been their biggest defender on here for the last two years. There are no more excuses.
  4. I had a feeling you’d be looking for excuses for Moore and the players. You know he’s been backed this season and simply isn’t getting a tune out of his players. Looking for conspiracy theories is pointless. This is down to Moore.
  5. Maybe FF should concentrate his efforts on trying to turn his career around rather than harping on about the past. He’s not pulling up any trees since he left us. Become an irrelevance frankly. For a very talented footballer he has wasted his career. Needs to look in the mirror.
  6. Can we just get some momentum by winning 3/4 games on the trot by any means possible? Give me fluky 1-0 wins from an own goal, 97th minute tap in and dodgy penalty right now. Winning is a habit.
  7. This sums it up nicely. We are a cup final for a lot of these clubs. So they are up for it big time and we don’t have the physicality or mentality for a fight. We are soft f@@kers and need a manager who can remove the billy big b@lloX mentality.
  8. We can’t blame our form on players not being paid any more. The manager has been backed this summer. On paper our squad should comfortably be good enough to be top 6 - very comfortably. It’s now down to the manager to motivate/inspire/produce results. Time is a limited commodity in football. He really needs to start grinding out some wins by any method he can.
  9. I’ll take Paterson and Gregory right now. We need to grind out results. F@@k football right now. Winning/aggressive mentality much more important.
  10. Here’s an educated guess. You expect a highly paid professional to act in a professional manner, not make a basic error of judgement. You might just expect him to be aware of the space around him ffs ? This isn’t rocket science. He screwed up big time (whatever Moore’s style of football is).
  11. Ultimately the only thing that matters is results. Most managers will trot out the same type of comments every week.
  12. unfortunately, a thrilling 20 minutes doesn’t cut it in this league. it’s a league where just good football isn’t enough. we’ll have to grind out ugly 1-0 wins and match teams physically. the worry is are the players up for that ?
  13. That’s the problem isn’t it ? We defo have the players. Wing can be outstanding at this level. Adeniran was excellent for Wycombe last season. Corbeanu/shodipo rated as very good players. Iorfa is a Championship player. Bannan is a class act in this league, comfortably a Championship player. Paterson/Windass were wanted by Championship clubs in the summer. Hutchinson easily good enough for this level. Peacock-Farrell easily good enough for this level. Gregory better than 90% of forwards in this league. I could go on…. So the manager has been backed. There are no more excuses. The only thing Moore needs is a bit of time. But if he doesn’t start getting a tune out of the players above by Christmas, we have a serious problem. It really is all down to Moore to motivate and get the results.
  14. Exactly. Actions speak louder than words, especially with his track record.
  15. He had an amazing ability to hit row 15 on the kop every time he attempted to cross the ball. Thank god we’ve moved on.
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