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  1. Reach Westwood rhodes bannan Lees must be £110k to 130k a week saved there. big chance for Pulis to bring in players on Bosmans. Get some points in the bag and start planning a summer recruit drive in early 2021
  2. Can’t be bothered to read 13 pages. Bottom line is numerous managers don’t rate him. It’s not a coincidence. I heard a stat yesterday, he’s not scored in his last 24 home appearances. The sooner his contract is up the better. Financially and return on investment wise he has been the worst signing in our history.
  3. We are still paying him a fortune with genuine ££££ too ffs.
  4. its a pointless comparison. Most of those players had to go for a combination of financial, history of injuries, underperformance, attitude reasons. The squad was desperate to be freshened up. We’ll see if the signings work out. I know it doesn’t look great but still early days. Keeping Fox and Fletcher ( 2 years and 1 year deals) would have made sense but we simply couldn’t afford them up against someone like Stoke with parachute payments. Might have kept Nuhiu or Winnall at a push. Other than that, good riddance to the rest, all ageing has be
  5. Right now, staying up should be the height of our ambitions for this season. It’s pretty simple. I don’t care how he plays. It’s critical to concentrate on staying up.
  6. I have seen some poo over the years including the seventies but I’ve never been more pissed off ever with a player than Potter against Palace. Strolled around like it was a friendly ffs. The sort of player who goes missing when you need to grind out a result. Awful player. And don’t get me started on his corners. Shambolic is too polite.
  7. I bet Stoke fans really hated getting promoted then punching about their weight for so long under Pulis.
  8. Could care about Kitson. I liked the bit where he confirmed they were organised, got results and never got out battled though. We’ve been missing all those things for a long long time. If Pulis upsets some players, then f@@king brilliant. It might not be pretty but it will give us the opportunity to compete physically and get results. Bring it on. PS every new manager deserves an opportunity to prove themselves rather than being written off before they’ve put a team on the pitch.
  9. Right now, I couldn’t care less about style or entertainment. I want two things. Winning games to stay up and not constantly being a soft touch who get easily turned over. If Pulis brings a team with an aggressive streak that win games then bring it on. Let’s worry about next season later and stop getting ahead of ourselves.
  10. We all care. Writing off a new manager before he’s even arrived is brain dead. Pulis or whoever it will be deserves a chance to prove himself.
  11. Shall we let the new manager actually be appointed before he’s written off ? Whether it’s Pulis or someone else, perhaps judge him on his actual record whilst our manager over more than a handful of games ? The number of posters writing Pulis off already and bleating like spoilt five year olds is a joke. WAWAW ?
  12. This is like the threads we had last year on FF and Hutchinson. Westwood is finished. We won’t miss him and we certainly won’t miss paying his salary. Looking back on a player who was very good for us 4-5 years ago is pointless.
  13. Manners and a bit of class and style cost nothing.
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