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  1. He was rumoured to be on a contract that Jordan Rhodes would have been jealous of.
  2. Assuming the player pay issue gets sorted, it seems obvious to anyone with any level of intelligence that if Bannan is on anywhere near that money, he has to be sold ASAP. Gets some money into the club and an unaffordable salary off the books. These quotes figures do seem to assume there was no reduction on relegation.
  3. This is how to run a run/develop a football club. All about analytics and scientific thinking. Interesting that he tested the theories on a Danish club first and only used the successful elements. Our Chairman should have a look at how it’s done. People like Benham and Bloom are very smart, both succeeded after falling out with each other.
  4. I agree that cutting cloth is about sustainability and viability. Players should have been sold years ago to balance the books. Even Chansiri must know that now. If short term viability means selling Borner, Bannan and Windass, then having a lower wages budget then so be it. The only way to long term viability is to bite the bullet and that’s going to mean short term pain.
  5. If selling Borner is about cutting our cloth then that’s exactly what we should be doing. We needed Chansiri to do it 3-4 years ago but if we need the cash to help balance the books/wage bill then so be it. Pretty funny people moaning about him doing exactly what he should have done previously which would have meant we would still be in championship.
  6. When cheating is accepted as part of the game, you know something is badly wrong. Sick of hearing pundits saying “he had the right to go down because there was contact” - - it’s just embarrassing. Nothing to do with Wednesday for me, the game has just become a money making machine and the integrity of the game is a distant memory unfortunately.
  7. We would have been in league one if he had stayed the season he left. We were in total disarray and free fall. Whatever has happened since doesn’t change that.
  8. We only bought the likes of those players as DC was gambling on promotion and spending unsustainably - unless he sold assets like FF at the right time. We have to cut our cloth and I’m glad we are.
  9. The shortcomings of other players don’t excuse him going missing for large parts of the season and badly underperforming for us. He let down the club along with the rest of the players.
  10. He’s got the ability. We’ve all seen it. Just attitude/application/desire missing unfortunately. Will get a deal at a Championship club because of the ability but likely to disappoint by going missing for large parts of season IMO.
  11. He’s not signed for anyone yet, so the proven wrong comment is rather premature. I can see a mid/lower Championship team taking him. Not injured and one worldly a year are enough to take a chance on even though we know he’s gutless.
  12. I think we need to discuss his success or failure over 4 years - not a few games. Circa £16-17m down the toilet.
  13. Thank god they are gone. And the financial millstone around our necks that came with it. Player wages in League One will be lower than they were. Financial issues and Covid effects are being felt. It does give us a chance to re-set wage expectations and work within a sensible budget. Let’s pray Moore gets the recruitment right and builds a team spirit and mindset which has been missing for way too long.
  14. £9m fee plus £35k a week over 4 years. £16.28m spent on Rhodes. Let that sink in ffs. No other player, even Abdi or Jeffers has been worse value. It’s frightened how much we spent on him. No wonder we are in a mess both financially and on the pitch.
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