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  1. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    Players are underperforming this season and they know they will get picked week in, week out. That does nothing to motivate them to improve. If they were winning games and we were picking the same players week in, week out, you would be right - but we are not.
  2. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    More like common sense staring us in the face
  3. Lee johnson

    Yep he is right.
  4. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    It’s also down to the manager to motivate those players. Man management is a key skill that is clearly sadly lacking right now.
  5. We have an established manager and coaching staff that appear to be well regarded by the Chairman. We have a group of players who are on very good money and dispite the large squad, 8 or 9 of the first team are picked almost automatically no matter what the result. They play the same system week in week out. Its all very comfortable isn’t it? I was thinking about the management styles at Cardiff and the pigs. I bet there is no comfortable easy set up with Warnock or Wilder. They will be making sure every player is highly motivated and not taking anything for granted. Their squads aren’t a patch on ours - the difference is a manager and coaching team that can motivate and get the most out of their squad - no one, not even the most loyal Carlos fan can say that about us at the moment.
  6. WHEN ?

    Good teams make their own luck
  7. It’s the same old, same old. How about set up to actually attack teams at home, rather than trying to pinch a 1-0 win. Every team knows how we play and that Carlos will not change or adapt the style.
  8. Not had a penalty in 17 games

    If we are honest that wasn’t a penalty.
  9. F.A.O John Terry

    Classy http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2380732/John-Terrys-mother-Sue-collapses-drunkenly-cab-boozy-girls-night-daughter-law-Toni.html
  10. They are doing that well that if we both finish in the play offs at the end of the season it would be a right result..... for us. Who would have thought that pre-season ffs.
  11. :-(

    Make your mind up
  12. Don't worry we are going up. Nailed on.
  13. You are 13th in Premier League. About as good as West Brom could realistically expect given the size of your club. Mid table is a right result for a club that was grateful to just stay up not that long ago. Dont fall into the classic football fan trap of expecting anything any better than that. Too many fans don't realise what they have until its gone.