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  1. Read (singular), intentions (plural). Best comedy character on Owlstalk JTO ;)
  2. He's 22, doesnt have to have done anything yet. Obviously no idea if we are interested or not, but he is young, tall, quick and has played in the premier league and on loan for a good quality Championship team. Profile looks pretty good. Half the loanees to the championship from the prem each year havent done anything previously, doesnt nean they are not good enough.
  3. The only slot in the starting 11 that is seriously lacking is that of a ball winning midfielder and we can get Antonio back in his best position. We have a target man and a goal scorer, a centre mid who can dictate play, quick wingers, one full throttle foign forward, one more defensive to help cover for the attacking threat that Reda offers. Defense 'should' be capable and a top quality keeper. The team now has great balance for a classic 4-4-2, we just need to go out there and do it.
  4. Agree also. If its all going boobies, get back to basics. Play people in their prefered positions.
  5. Swansea seem to have done alright with Dyer and Routledge on the wings - pure pace wingers being used well by a team that plays keep ball. Not saying we need to play like Swansea, but we do need more quality in the middle or we will continue to invite pressure.
  6. Antonio isnt the problem. Sort out the centre mid and sign a second striker and all sorts of other problems should suddenly disappear. We invite pressure on ourselves and can't create through the middle.
  7. Ground maintenance is an operating cost, that means once a stadium is built and in use the maintenance of it cannot be capitalised and depreciated. On that basis I would guess that ground upkeep does affect FFP. An extreme example, but could eventually create pressure to behave like NFL teams; asking local government to help with facilities costs to keep the team in place.
  8. Premiership experience and a good age would suggest a fair whack. OK, if that isnt enough of a saving for you don't sign Maghoma either and keep Mayor as a back-up winger. Fact is we have spent our money without strengthening our weakest area. Now saying we have no money to improve it is a poor excuse. Hoping it is a smokescreen and we can pull something out of the hat.
  9. Don't re-sign Prutton and Coke, don't sign Zayatte (much as I think he will be a good player for us, he will cost a fair whack), use the money to sign two decent centre mids with Semedo, Mccabe and Palmer as back-up.
  10. Meat and potatoe pie: Delicious crusty base, hard to beat. Bit short of meat, which could be prime steak or could be horse, being brought in on the cheap from some Algerian butchery. Surprising lack of potatoes to tie it all together, sous-chef has nipped off to the place down the road to borrow some, which may or may not be cooked in time to serve separately. Very runny gravy, spreads quickly over the plate. No seasoning.
  11. Pre-match facilities in the park opposite the ground: Beer tents, family areas, some ex-players and a few members of the team not making the squad, maybe some music, etc Paint the ground inside and out, fix the signage, clean up the hill behind the kop. More attractive and large food and beer stalls, offering faster service, better product and cheaper prices. Not just Stones and Carlsberg. Locally sourced stuff is all the rage at the minute. Cheap kids tickets as standard
  12. tailface. I'm calling bacon. Give him a chance, he's 21 and just being introduced to the first team, playing out of position.
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