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  1. This is Monk’s please sack me line up. Dawson, Pelepussy, Cruz? Come on fornicate me. Absolutely pathetic.
  2. 22 points lost when winning. 2nd highest in league. Says it all.
  3. I’ll do it. Started managing my girls team 18 months ago they couldn’t pass a ball and were scared to make a tackle ... pretty much the same as we see now at S6. We’ve won 28 out of 31 games since May. I wouldn’t play my striker/number 10 at left wing back either. Plenty of time left to get that shower of poo in the play offs.
  4. wasn’t a 50-50 it was an 80-20 in bannans favour ffs !!! Scandalous.
  5. If that was a top premier league keeper saving it, it would be talked about for a while. Stunning save.
  6. Don’t know what’s the biggest joke... the fact that the appeal was denied or the fact that we actually appealed and still left him out for first 6 games! Would have been back now. Very poor....
  7. The player we have been missing for 5/6 years. Quality.
  8. Not just talking about one game though. He has played this role time and time again and isn’t suited to it at all. I’ve never been a big fan of his I’ll admit but centre midfield just is a waste of a player.
  9. Reach was a passenger again. He’s got his uses but should be made to battle with Murphy and Harris for the wing spots only. Shouldn’t be anywhere near that centre midfield.
  10. Really good quality and not far off the originals. My little lass was buzzing when I gave her 5 new kits for pre season training!
  11. Looks much better without a sponsor on. I’d guess DC has something up his sleeve for official sponsorship in due course.
  12. Thanks for being our most profitable sale in history you big fat cheeky monkey. Let’s hope DC spends the compo wisely on our new manager. Bruce is a prime example of why football has turned bad nowadays.
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