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  1. WayneTheOwl

    That 'Penalty'

    If that was a pen so was the one on Penney a little after !!!
  2. WayneTheOwl

    5-4-1 for United?

    To get anything out of this game we need to score 2, simple as that. Possibly even 3. That ain't happening. Time to suck it up come 9-30 pm, take the poo that is coming our way, sit back, think for a few minutes, get on Owlstalk and thank Jos for the result. Then wake up Saturday and prey Chansiri has done the right thing by us all.
  3. I’m snuggling up with the hedgehogs in the woods and depending on the result depends if I stay with them for the winter hibernation period.
  4. WayneTheOwl

    So near, so far...

    Because we are 4 points off relegation shipping 10 goals in 3 games, have no idea what we are doing on the pitch, have zero confidence throughout the squad and more importantly have no idea how to stop it. Also since then he has turned round and said half a dozen or so players that are fit aren’t good enough for the squad. Then he has 10 defensive players in the matchday squad and still we concede 4. I could go on and on. In a nutshell he’s a pudding.
  5. WayneTheOwl

    So near, so far...

    Yes there sure is but it needs to start with the sacking of dross TODAY!
  6. WayneTheOwl

    A Brucy bonus

    Only man for job IMO. He’s gone a bit stale last few years but who else is there?
  7. WayneTheOwl

    Team For Friday

    Jos can’t see beyond his elbow that’s why Because I can’t cope with the poo we are going to get around 9-30pm Friday night.
  8. Westwood Lees Hector Thorniley Reach Bannan Jones Hutchinson FF (even if half fit) Joao Fletcher Just hope the new manager can see it.
  9. WayneTheOwl

    Megson back in

    ANYONE is better than dross!
  10. WayneTheOwl

    Look on the bright side.

    Really? Half of squad out of contract next season. Bannan, FF and Reach won’t play League 1 football that is a cert!
  11. WayneTheOwl


    That is wishful thinking !!!
  12. WayneTheOwl


    Go just like I am doing now. flipping useless flaps.
  13. WayneTheOwl

    The goalkeeping situation

    Yeh and 30 other keepers for us before him including Tidman. Everyone of them able to command a box better than him. Dawson’s strength is shot stopping but unfortunately that’s not going well either. Don’t get me started on his distribution !!! Overall Wildsmith is a better keeper. I’m not blaming him for what is happening - the rest of the team aren’t exactly pulling up any trees but if Jos the dros is going to change an entire back line then surely that has to include the goalkeeper!!!
  14. WayneTheOwl

    The goalkeeping situation

    Dawson is nowhere near as good as Wildsmith. Any goalkeeper that fails to command a 6 yard box may as well give up. His decision making and judgement for crosses etc is just about the worst I have seen from any Wednesday goalkeeper since 1988. He has a lot to learn. Frustrating that he’s keeping our Wildsmith and Westwood (the latter is only financial related as no sane manager would ever put Dawson ahead of Westwood).
  15. WayneTheOwl

    The goalkeeping situation

    Wildsmith has been the better keeper of the two since they both emerged. Why Dawson has not been dropped to give him a chance I have no idea. Given the fact that everyone else Dawson has been dropped at some point and he hasn’t just sums up he management skills of Jos!