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  1. Referees Biased?

    Not biased just flipping shuffle. Outrageous decisions across prem and championship this weekend. They really flipping ruin he game. Time for the 3 appeal thing that cricket has to come into play. FA are to soft on these refs and need to clamp down on regulars bad decisions.
  2. It won’t get better until..

    It's been bobbar for 12 months now. Carlos should have gone at Xmas last year. He 100% should have gone after the Huddersfield debacle. I'm a season ticket holder and honestly I've missed 3 games now because I just couldn't be flipping bothered to watch the bobbar that is being served up. Fortunately I missed the 3 worst games of the season including Bristol City. I used to love waking up on a Saturday for a day out at S6, now I just think, does the garden need pruning. Seriously I've had enough. I am nearly at the point where I'm going to stop going until Carlos has gone. Unfortunately I fear I may not attend again this season because Mr Chansiri doesn't appear to have the balls to get shut of him. For an astute business man he is very naive and sometimes you need to admit your mistakes and rectify them whilst there is still a chance. There are 2 excellent managers unemployed at the moment, chuck some money at the flippers (wage wise) rather than spend it on gash players that are either injury prone or haven't been bummed by Carlos.
  3. Next seasons 3rd Kit!!

    That really looks superb. I don't buy tops nowadays as I've been told by many owlstlkers that I'm too old at 38 but I'd buy that and I am buying this years 3rd kit when it comes out next year!!!
  4. Shows how bobbar it is when it has Boro with a higher chance of finishing 1st or 2nd with the same odds for mid top 6 and relegation as derby, yet have them below em. What a load of bobbar that system is!!!
  5. Olive Grove Years Tonight

    The last bit of that is great - extra comfort for admirers who wish to take lady friends.
  6. To be fair we've always had decent keepers. Pressman in my era for sure. Woods was good but had a mistake in him. Westwood has been solid. Trying to think of one we had on loan, was superb, from Liverpool - can't remember his bleeding name !!!
  7. Joao

    That's better than what fletcher will end up with
  8. Is SWFC's recruitment that bad?

    Transfer fee wise, not far the best bit of business in the last 23 years let alone 3 years. It seems we are better at picking up quality free's than we are spending money though!!!
  9. Is SWFC's recruitment that bad?

    Sure we paid a fee for fernando as well. All be it a bargain one IMO. just over 2 years go.
  10. Villa First Half Causing Me Issues

    Am I the only one who keeps thinking we are going to screw this one up. Come on Wednesday keep it up please.
  11. Megson really wasn't all that

    Megson IMO shouldn't ever return to being number 1 here. I think many people call for his return because of the passion he showed as a manager. You are right, the football was terrible and if it wasn't for Dave Jones, we could still be rotting in that league just like United did. I think he would make a decent number 2 here to be honest with you, under somebody like Pulis, Big Sam etc etc.
  12. It's not our traditional blue and white shirt, traditional is stripes, what we have now is just a disguise.
  13. Is Joao a must against Villa and JT.

    There could be a case for giving Hooper a rest and if it wasn't the international break after Villa I think Carlos might have done. Stick with same - try and keep it 0-0 then bring Joao on last 25 to get a couple. Easy.
  14. In hindsight...

    I have seen this before but really what does it mean? A chance could be anything couldn't it. The fact that Hunt has the same and has a lot more responsibility is quite alarming isn't it? A simple cross where 2 opposition players challenge for the ball in the box constitutes to be a chance. Anything can be hidden behind numerous stats. Wallace is lazy, doesn't score enough and doesn't provide enough assists for my liking. I like him but I simply don't think he is good enough to be guaranteed a starting 11 place week in week out and the only reason he does is because of a lack of options.