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  1. Stupid decisions cost us. Windlass attempts to take on half a team and then Palmer dives in. He stands up and they don’t score. This is why we are league 1 standard!
  2. I’m just grateful not to see pelepussy starting. Not sure why Rhodes has been dropped.
  3. The first instinct is to throw backwards, 90% of the time. Most of these players don’t want to play for the club, they aren’t bothered.
  4. The beauty of watching it on tv is you can switch it off and relax after 20 minutes which is becoming the norm. Not a chance will I be returning, got better things to do with my life.
  5. Ppussy is off next foul he makes. Needs subbing ASAP!
  6. Looking a bit stronger now as well as the bench. Was hoping not to see PPussy in the XI. Very defensive.
  7. Things have got that bad skybet are offering 100/1 on “Sheffield Wednesday to appoint a manager”.
  8. A master stroke by the mad man IMO. We were going nowhere under Pulis, U13s play better football than we were doing. The appointment was a shocking one in the first place. Whilst the squad is ******** poor, playing the right players, football and formation there is enough to keep us up. Appreciate new manager bounce didn’t come with results with Pulis but he had tough fixtures to start. Get one in quick and we might put together a few wins to relieve the pressure. Whatever happens next the new manager will be the most important announcement in our entire history because if we go d
  9. The final nail in the coffin then. Paul Cook not cheap enough I assume... fizz me this club... I hate it.
  10. That just sums us up. Absolutely appalling defending. That isn’t even conference level.
  11. Horrific. Happy ******** Christmas Wednesday fans. Time to start on the booze.
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