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  1. #DareToNuihui

    Bet that 5 year old couldn't have bundled a big grown man off the ball like Nuhiu did though .... eh ?
  2. For those who said we didn't need Fernando ... we need this man fully fit and firing. One of the top 3 players in his league on his day. #loveyoufernando
  3. Nothing absolutely nothing. This season is going to be buried to the very back of my mind, never to be remembered again.
  4. Not Barnsley as we never lose to them. Can't remember last time they beat us? Sunderland, Reading and Burton please.
  5. Dave and Who

    For real? I've been saying for 3 years we should get shut!!! Him and Joao frankly have stopped us going down pal, he's earnt a 1 year deal. Will cost us 4x less a wage than Rhodes who for no fault of his is the reason we are fighting against FFP. No brainer.
  6. Team for Preston

    Wildsmith Venancio Lees Van Aken Hunt Hutch Bannan Reach FF Joao Nuhiu
  7. Dave and Who

    All our strikers are good enough to take his place but they shouldn't be taking his place. Joao has been one of the shining lights of a shambolic season. Hooper and Joao for me with FF behind them. Never thought I'd say this but Nuhiu has earned a contract. Impossible but I'd get shut of Rhodes and Fletcher and bring in another striker I. Place of them.
  8. It won't because I think we will win at Leeds. God know's why but they are equally as poor as us at the moment according to the form book. Then again.... we do have that habit of breaking over team's bad spells don't we. I'm looking forward more to the home game against Preston and seeing some quality players again in our starting 11 rather than buttercup and Loovens etc etc.
  9. Dross Jos

    He's a flipping pathetic excuse as a manager. God I only hope he is here until the end of today. Should be sacked tomorrow.
  10. FFP is flipping stupid anyway. All it is here for is to stop the Premier League becoming a 20 club league instead of a 4/5 club league. It should be abolished and if clubs want to take a financial risk and go under, so be it. Tough poo.
  11. That is good. I'm wanting a lifelike owl swooping down with claws out. That one looks pretty awesome actually.
  12. Generally contract bonuses will be on some type of landmark though and these are usually rounded up in 25s etc. Just a theory re Westwood. I'd love to know what the hell is really going on. You'll not get any answers tomorrow at steering either.
  13. OK to throw some wood into this fire.... IF he is not being played because of a some kind of bonus then the only milestone that he is close to is league clean sheets. He needs 2 more from what I can see. Appearance wise there is no landmark due.