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  1. WayneTheOwl

    Chelsea fixtures

    If they rest 75 of their 200 man squad we might have a smal chance !!!
  2. WayneTheOwl


    Man walks into a bar.....says ouch.
  3. Just shows what a honourable man he is and that family is still important to many who take it just for granted, especially those in the football world!
  4. WayneTheOwl


    Deliberate handball, yellow card all day long. Basic for a ref that. Elbow smashed into Fletchers face. Gives a free kick but no card. Abysmal.
  5. WayneTheOwl

    Bruce motivation and commitment

    Didnt he say around seat 20? Probably putting one of his mates into the firing line first before making a judgement on whether he should join in or not !!!!
  6. WayneTheOwl

    Bruce motivation and commitment

    How long has it taken us to get a manager sorted following previous sackings? The deal is done, it was before Jos was sacked. Chansiri does something right for once and respects the wishes of our new manager and still can’t get it right with some.
  7. WayneTheOwl

    Bruce motivation and commitment

    Defo a blade !!! When all rational thought is lost, let’s resort to the only thing we know how.
  8. WayneTheOwl


    I jokingly said we’d get 4 points from Boro and WBA away..... I’d certainly be happy with the 3 we have so far. Amazing how in the space of 10 days I’ve gone from “I’ve had enough” to “can’t wait for 2019”.
  9. WayneTheOwl

    Bruce motivation and commitment

    OP is the kind of poster that would find somet to moan about it we signed Messi. A classless moron who fortunately doesn’t represent the majority of our fan base. Actually surprised the post hasn’t been taken down by admin.
  10. WayneTheOwl

    Hutch's salute....

    You sound like my wife.
  11. WayneTheOwl

    Hutch's salute....

    I did start at 8-45! It's not bad going, I'll double that by time I'm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzssssssss
  12. WayneTheOwl

    Hutch's salute....

    Neither did I and I don't like sherry but am now on my 5th pint to make up for it
  13. WayneTheOwl

    Hutch's salute....

    I honestly can't believe there is a single fan that finds this inappropriate etc, let alone a dozen or so. Either they didn't get what they want for Xmas or need a drop of sherry or two! If I had battled my way out of early retirement, numerous injuries etc only to be cast aside by a clueless buffoon like Jos, I'd react with a little more than a gesture such as that! I certainly would be over the moon said idiot had left the club knowing I could play football again for a team I clearly love!
  14. WayneTheOwl

    Westwood - 2 Games 2 Clean Sheets

    A point or 2 closer to them play offs. Just saying ....... hahahahaha