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  1. WayneTheOwl

    #SWFC 2 : 1 Millwall - Matchday Thread

    Apart from them not being necessary and wrong - no insuppose not!
  2. WayneTheOwl

    #SWFC 2 : 1 Millwall - Matchday Thread

    Nuhiu for fletcher only change needed. Cruising to a win now we will struggle to hang on.
  3. WayneTheOwl

    #SWFC 2 : 1 Millwall - Matchday Thread

    Why you make 2 attacking subs when your cruising I’ll never know. You strengthen midfield to protect the lead with 20 to go.
  4. We’ve got 1 point from 3 games which is a poor return with much better sides to play. We haven’t played any decent football and have been behind in all 3 games. Worried? Absolutely! Jos simply does not suit us, it is clear to see this. He won’t be going anywhere for a while, Chansiri will give him until Christmas I reckon.
  5. Easy one to start with - Westwood = position 1. Even a 2 year old can work that out!
  6. WayneTheOwl

    Swap managers anyone?

    But Leeds May have finally got it right. ??? Sometimes you can just see a manager doesn’t fit with a team and IMO this is a classic case with Jos. Yeh a lot of stuff is out of his control but the results are his responsibility. Give him the 2 Home games and see where we are. 7 from 15 points wouldn’t be too bad!!
  7. WayneTheOwl

    #SWFC Autumn 2018 Transfer rumours

    Probably took you hours to type that. You piggies have too much time on your hands.
  8. WayneTheOwl


    Scored 44 goals in 68 appearances in Japan since 2015.
  9. WayneTheOwl

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    What possible good news is there to come? Been in a bubble last 2 weeks away from it all!
  10. Hence why he was brought in. Chansiri wanted this type of puppet!
  11. If he’s not playing Westwood because of a wage clause etc then just say so. Stop making yourself look like an idiot thinking those 2 are better etc. It wouldn’t be a shock to us would it if he said we can’t afford to play him?
  12. All this does it show that Jos is flipping deluded. Westwood is light years ahead over those 2. Play youth when we don’t have someone like him about. Madness especially given the brittle defence in front of the keeper.
  13. It’s easy to prove FF did it when the rent a witnesses come along.... its easier to prove the section 47 assault on FF though !!
  14. WayneTheOwl

    Out of interest

    Exactly this although I think we are crying out for a rwb and cb.
  15. Sam Byram. He’ll be signing in next week or so.