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  1. WayneTheOwl

    Team vs Lincoln

    Hope that 4th official doesn't come on, be like Groundhog Day (you'll have to go back to first page to see line ups to get it sorry).
  2. WayneTheOwl

    Hands up if it's coming home

    3 months ago I predicted England would beat Brazil 2-1 in the final with Vardy getting the winner in extra time. Im sticking with it!
  3. The keeper kits look really poo IMO.
  4. WayneTheOwl

    #SWFC Head Physio gone

    Anyone associated with the medical team last season should be gone IMO. Get rid of the lot.
  5. WayneTheOwl

    Rhodes to Norwich

    You just know what will happen if/when he goes there don't you!!!
  6. Sky hoping for a giant killing then!!
  7. As long as it's stripes and out by 30th July I'm not worried. I'm gonna be a nearly 40 year old man wearing it with pride on my holiday!
  8. I miss not seeing the Barnsley games on there. Always like playing them.
  9. Very kind IMO those fixtures. Anyway away game is tricky but in terms of those 2. Not bad. 3 very winnable home games.
  10. WayneTheOwl


    Correct it can't happen. Hope it's a home game not bothered who. Need to get off to a flyer.
  11. WayneTheOwl

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Sterling has been and always will be a massively overrated overpriced player. The guy has no football brain whatsoever. Rashford every day for me.
  12. WayneTheOwl

    Just a thought with FFP...

    IF the situation is that bad then Chansiri may as well spend as much as he wants this season and hope we go up the it becomes irrelevant doesn't it? Personally I don't think it is as bad as many are making out, I don't know why but I just don't. We don't need to spend big to compete top 8 next season but if we want top 2 then either he's going to have to make some canny loan signings if finance is that bad, or just spunk a shitload of money at it. Bad management by all at the club has got us into this situation now it needs some clever management to get us out of it.
  13. WayneTheOwl

    Sheffield Wednesday Beach Towel

    All you need to do is remember where you lost it and you should find it. Simple really when you lose things, don't know why people forget this.
  14. WayneTheOwl

    Mark Bright Goals

    A very good all round game, his hold up play was second to none. Fantastic first touch laying it off for others around him as well. poo liner for his goals no doubt about that but he was a superb striker. Just ask Ian Wright who his best partner was. They were a "right" combo at Palace.
  15. WayneTheOwl

    Mark Bright Goals

    The last striker to play for us who owned the 6 yard box and will always be a legend IMO for that winning goal in the semi. Quality player.