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  1. Looks much better without a sponsor on. I’d guess DC has something up his sleeve for official sponsorship in due course.
  2. Thanks for being our most profitable sale in history you big fat cheeky monkey. Let’s hope DC spends the compo wisely on our new manager. Bruce is a prime example of why football has turned bad nowadays.
  3. Hope not. First XI needs freshening up with new players.
  4. Cash in on Reach and keep Mathias. or just cash in on Reach. We can strengthen then with the cash.
  5. Bruce - take flipping Nuhiu off, it’s like playing with 10 men!!!
  6. I can’t watch Nuhiu any longer giving his 20% effort.
  7. Rhodes and Winnall next season’s deadly duo ....
  8. Now can you all accept play offs are just a pipe dream !!
  9. The whole thing was was in slow motion, the gasps from the crowd, the ball crawling towards the back of the net, the jubilation when it hit the post. Glad I remembered correctly, was only 11!!!
  10. A different level. Totally class that man. One great memory if it serves me right was cup semi final second leg at home. We were 0-1 and he passed back to Woods, woods missed it (it was a little wild the pass) and it struck the post. Would have been 0-2 and level on aggregate. Am I right here or is my memory playing tricks ???
  11. Swap Boyd for Onomah and I would have been 100% happy with that. Surpised FF is ready but great news for us.
  12. Do you read OT regularly? A small part of the fan base yes but fizz me we are an impatient bunch! What I’m getting at is if results don’t go well say for next 10 games (even though I think they will), let’s not start jumping up and down on the backs of Bruce and DC!!! Things will get better over time, it just may take longer than we hope!
  13. And I would totally agree with that BUT now we have to be more patient than ever. I’d like to think Bruce is the start of repair job, one that will take 3 years to sort possibly. We’ve been crying out for this type of manager for years. We have it now. The club is a mess. It will take time but we will rise again!
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