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  1. The last three short paragraphs suggests he thinks Monk is getting the bullet if we have another disastrous result.
  2. ...who’s decision has it been to play Bannan and Pelupessy as a two man central midfield Mr Manager Monk ?
  3. Foxy Busak! ...almost forgotten about him! Once had a chance meeting with him on the Strand in London. Had a quick chat and I’ll aways remember his joy about talking of his time at S6...his attitude was he always played for your pleasure.
  4. That’s not the entertainment that’s the squad in training ...
  5. He’s used that combination before the injuries and we’ve been hammered every time. Managers are paid to manage ...we’ve had central defenders used in midfield and we’ve used 5 across the middle or five at the back when injuries have forced changes. It’s about doing the best when circumstances dictate. Monk just seems to be blind to the bloody obvious! If anyone seriously suggests Bannan and Pelupessy in a midfield two is the best we can do then I despair.
  6. The most obvious ‘thing’ for me is that it’s JP. Bottom line though is the manager took the job offered. If he’s that exasperated by what he was promised and didn’t get, then leave and until you do ...stop putting Bannan and Pelupessy together in midfield, play a five at the back, get enough points for safety and then resign without a gagging clause and be honest. He comes out with some dignity, we stay up and then maybe change will be forced to happen.
  7. Yes. Because he’s the ‘manager’. When, every week, he tells us the players are doing the good things in training then presumably he’s delivering the set up and sessions and tactics and formations that then transfer into the pitch. He’s the man that decides the formations in respect of the opposition, home or away and players available and frankly his choices have constantly been either weird, wrong and occasionally worked. He manages the squad, decides the starting 11, formation and works on the set pieces and how the team actually work as a team. 100% he’s to blame.
  8. Bannan - Pelupessy ...it’s like have two players made out of wet, recycled bog-roll trying to ‘boss’ midfield. We know it, every other manager in the division knows it but it seems our own manager is either ignoring it or is that blind, because every week they ‘do good things in training’ that he refuses to see it.
  9. So if it isn’t the problem of a couple of ‘naughty boys’ creating disruption in the squad, then doesn’t that point to the way the manager has set up the team and formations and who he picks to go out onto the pitch ?
  10. It’s like reading ‘Twitterbollocks’ on here sometimes. Folk who know nowt venting about something they know nowt about and speculating that someone’s a part of the problem.
  11. Hi...Beelzebub here. I don’t come cheap but if your soul is available I can see what I can do...sadly I can’t guarantee anything because you’re FOOKIN’ SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY AND IT’S AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK ...ffs
  12. Did I say ‘cave in’? You don’t make major changes midway through the season when it’s fairly obvious the outcome will be damaging.
  13. ...binning Bannan in a two with Pellupesy would have been a better option. Not sure how anyone on here could defend that.
  14. ...to the detriment of the team to the point where we are in free fall. Top managing. Do it at the end of the season. Oh ...oops ...too fookin’ late.
  15. I don’t give a foook about personality clashes. A manager picks his strongest team and deals with the issues behind closed doors. But if a manager appears to make the most obvious mistakes when it comes to how to either deal with a stronger opposition or pressure a weaker opposition then any professional player with the experience they have will, I suspect, not be able to keep their gobs shut. But you don’t ‘deal’ with players half way through a season at the detriment to the ref of the team and club. Suggesting two naughty boys have created so much trouble that we’ve plummeted from 3rd to where we are now, and performances are as limp as lettuce, with a midfield that couldn’t dominate a sloth, is ridiculous. Managers manage...and results show and determine how well they are doing it.
  16. Maybe they questioned the managers team selections because they knew he didn’t have a fookin’ clue ...so he managed them ...like a man with not a flipping’ clue ...
  17. I was there that night ...she had more muscle In one leg than our current midfield pairing put together .... and it was a mass of arms and legs ...I still shudder ..
  18. He’s too small and slow. Other teams know that and deal with him. Not totally defending him but it’s not all down to him.
  19. Maybe two senior players, with a huge amount of experience and decent footballing brains, feel that, as part of their love of the club and their understanding of the game, it’s actually helpful to suggest to the manager that playing Bannan and Pellupessy in central midfield together isn’t going to work.
  20. ...was it a hollow sound? Pies these days. All crust and no meat.
  21. Maybe the deal is he has to play them ... now where have we seen that before.
  22. Dear Gary...here’s a way out ...don’t play Bannan and Pellupessy together in central midfield. For the time being shove a couple of stronger, physical muscle men in there and shore up defence and midfield. It’s ok ..no thanks required. It’s my pleasure. Then you can give decent interviews without looking like a man wondering where the door out of the Ponty End is ... dun’t exist anymore Gary. Much like your understanding of how to create a decent team.
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