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  1. As much as I hate Robinson ... today he managed and Moore allowed things to stay exactly as they were. That's why we lost.
  2. The owd bill will be happy if you buy 'em a pint !
  3. Whoever grabbed the ball and the game by the scruff of its neck and created the chance looked impressive ...reminded me of a young David Hirst !
  4. Happy New Year !!! ...and can your dog have more airtime ... ?? Looks so calm and love his/her ears !!! UTO!!
  5. BC Camplight: Crookes Social Club. Sat 12th March. Coming up for the game against Cambridge United with a couple of other 'Old Farts' then off for a few beers and gig post-match. Could be messy
  6. Weirdly ...reminds me of Jarvis Cocker...and I have no idea why !!
  7. I think he has better reactions and gets his legs and body and bits in the way better than Kamberi. Good to have them both innit !
  8. Luongo ... but Sow gets a huge mention and hug. He never stopped and looks very comfortable.
  9. We looked like a team that weren't still recovering ...
  10. Plymouth look like they're about to come down with Covid. Like watching us against Sunderland. Excellent 3 points if we keep it up but I'm sure they aren't 100% there today.
  11. A manager works with what he's got not with a system he prefers. DM doesn't manage when we have key injuries, he sticks with his own beliefs. That's not managing, it's reneging on management responsibility.
  12. Well it's the first storm of any kind that I've heard of or seen that appears to make players 'blind' to anyone in red and white. Wet, miserable, leggy, unlucky, prone to mistakes ...BUT NEVER EFFIN' BLIND !!!
  13. Is it so difficult for 4 defenders to SEE a 6 footfucking 3 inch attacker covered in red and white !!!!?
  14. ...long term prospects but certainly an excellent step in the right direction. All you need to know here: Northern Gritstone Sky News:
  15. Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you Neil and Admin. 20 years ! 20 chuffin' years !!! Here's to the next 20
  16. What We Do In The Shadows: Very very funny.
  17. Remember when the only info you got for away games was the Green Un...and home games you didn't go to was the post match deconstruction in the pub/school? Sheesh ... surely far worse things to complain about !!?
  18. If he thinks we're Real Madrid then he's deffo..
  19. Ronan Curtis walked off the pitch with no card. That sums up how inconsistent the ref was.
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