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  1. Guy Whittingham: 23. Waterlooville for 2 years.
  2. Seems to understand what going to be expected of him and can only hope if it works he doesn't forget. Really like his obvious desire and twinkle to get back into real match days. Welcome to the MASSIVE ...and well done Mooro Gaffer
  3. Mine was a 'trip' in Chap park, and scored with a grass high diving header !! Say nothing !!!
  4. Why am I paying for Radio Sheffield commentary with 'roundthefuckinggroundsagain' poo!?'
  5. Can they actually see anything or are they wearing blindfolds !!?
  6. This isn't commentary it's a bag of waaank ...
  7. Slightly more concerned about Liam Palmer having a hand amputated and still training ... LEGEND !!! ...or HANDEND!!!
  8. Given what came before, on most occasions, and what came after, his style and the way we played up until Hull, I seem to recall watching quality football with a midfield that never stopped controlling the games. As was said earlier we needed a big holding/box to box, midfield player when we came up against the clubs that came down from the Premier League and we needed one more striker and one more quality centre half. ..but someone handed over the reigns of new signings to advisors ...the rest, including the players that disappeared without trace, is history. CC was never the problem and I thank him for the quality of football produced that first season. Haters got to hate but maybe they should focus on the people who it now seems are mo longer around because in L1 we are no longer seen as the easy touch cash cow.
  9. I think relegation has meant the disappearance of those wanting to 'use' the club to make money on ill-informed or even slightly, shall we say, dubious signings. DM has stamped his mark and I think DC knows now not to have his fingers burnt again. And in all honesty the clear-out and rebuild has needed to happen for seasons but the desire was always to find the 'right' manager to try to get us promotion not the right manager to rebuild and create strong foundations when it's been obvious we've been built on sand since losing against Hull at Wembley. Iorfa contract is a huge indication they the whole set up has altered.
  10. The fan base from our 70's spell in the third division was the beginning of the famous away following and the constant sell-outs at away games. That atmosphere then came back to S6. If this season can replicate that then the club and fan connection can return and it will again make firm foundations to build on. Too soon to tell though ... maybe we need a long spell of not winning away
  11. Someone call in and ask him what 'slaloming' is ...
  12. Oh Ronnie Mooore...Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie miserable twohaaat ..
  13. Another bogey gone I hope ... and about bloody time. Fed up hearing Ronnie Moore banging on ..
  14. How do players 'slalom' ? Seems it's Rob's new 'descriptive' word for players running
  15. Already booked for next year!!! ...did you see two old blokes walking around in Pulp/Wednesday/Disco 2000 shirts! ....that's the other bloke I was with
  16. Saw here at Latitude ... the whole performance was superb !!
  17. ...I'll forgive him everything with regards erm-ing and umm-ing because of 'tough biscuit'... foookin' genius ! Already a legend in my eyes ..
  18. The Unbeaten Tough Biscuits !! ...sadly that also comes out at UTB ... damn it
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