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  1. Jury's Inn actually ... Way I see it, naked truth ..if anyone tries to predict anything now they'll fail and end up with justice pants ...
  2. Says 'Listen' ...asterix details will explain why no live video.
  3. It's just uncontrolled joy. No agents, media contracts getting in the way: Keeping that and developing the woman's game needs to go hand in hand ..
  4. ..it might be unpopular, it might be fishing ..but ..what a sad sad man. Fancy a big long snog with my tongue down your throat?
  5. That joy, that way of playing, both England and Germany and every other team and supporters..that is what football should be about! This is what modern football should be about!
  6. To let two goals in from the same situations and not change things could be regarded as unfortunate/acceptable ...but it was obvious what they changed in the second half. Managerial blame for me.
  7. I prefer see the balls in the nets ...
  8. …whats been left on that top lip!!!
  9. To have players reply don’t they need to have accepted being followed on this social media thing ? Grown men ‘wanting to follow’ players … now that’s creepy and a bit sad innit …hang on …PM’s too …ooooo i say !!!
  10. MaCartney was immense. At 80..:and singing and performing like that ...taking the whole audience along with him by his ability and quality not through sympathy. I was expecting to turn off disappointed after 20 mins ... then watched the whole set. No backing tracks just a superb band, awesome guests and a brilliant set list. Exceptional and superb. Well done Macca.
  11. ...the shirt to wear for any festival !
  12. Excellent player but his heart wasn’t in it for the last couple of months and was always concerned when up against more physical players. Will he missed but hopefully replaced with more appropriate L1 player and …bigger
  13. He better cut out that silly celebration ...
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