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  1. Nods and winks and accountants and lawyers ... they couldn’t give a flying fizz about the game.
  2. If heads don’t come out of the sand soon, the continued impact of COVID on the game and income, will make concerns over season ticket prices look like worries over how much pocket money you give your kids.
  3. The EFL have provided the circumstances and enabled this to happen. Not just with us. As I said before we’re not guiltless but the system has looked to turn a blind eye on ‘bigger clubs’ because frankly the EFL is foocked without them.
  4. And there we have it in a nutshell ... brought on by the EFL’s own incompetence and arrogance.
  5. Time line of events I’m sure is fine ... does Kivo now work for ‘Metro’ ?
  6. Oh dear ... has Kivo got a decent lawyer ? I also remember when a certain site owner would have removed a post like that and asked for ‘some sensible debate’, due to the threat it put the site under.
  7. True but I would have bet my last penny on that happening under the current circumstances. The whole shitshow would have come tumbling down otherwise.
  8. 😀 ... Timmy Mallet or Stan Hardman ! Tough choice. Either way the glasses need to be able to open eyes and clear the eyesight so the funding of football clubs and the money made by those who run it are regarded as more important than a 12 points deduction.
  9. Did I say we were guiltless ? I think there is a bigger issue and problem. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs really big spectacles
  10. Sounds like a complete ‘best we can do’ load of ballcocks by the EFL. Season screwed because of COVID, clubs in serious financial problems across the whole EFL, a shambles of leadership and legal procedures by the EFL but they need to look as though they’ve done something. I’ll never stop being a Wednesdayite so I couldn’t give a fizz about which league we are in but given the financial sheite with clubs like Villa and Derby and Wolves it’s yet another complete contradiction and proves once again how, if anything, football is run by totally arrogant, self absorbed and opinionated wankbags who have no understanding of what they should be doing to support football. But it makes them look .... even more stupid and mardy.
  11. Cut collar off ... fashion into SWFC Virus Masks! Job done !!!
  12. If we all wear the new away kit we can sneak in and pretend to be cutouts !!!
  14. Wooooo..ooooooooh camouflage ...things are never quite the way they seeeeeem! plus ...opponents won’t be able to see us ...minus...we won’t be able to see ‘us’ ...massive minus, our players won’t be able to see each other !!!
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