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  1. Lazy ... wasn’t he ..slow ...wasn’t he ... same ‘tricks’ ... ...then he dumped them on their collective arses time after time and made it look ********’ effortless. The quality of a true genius in any business.
  2. Has the qualities of Hooper but faster and younger and hopefully less prone to injuries.
  3. Too slow ... defenders know it. Runs a lot but does very little. Needs to go. We can’t afford to have players who just make up the numbers.
  4. Get on board with the Double Deckers !!
  5. Loving the ‘Thai’ version ...
  6. Sadly, that way of operating has been happening for decades...quite possibly since BFR was managing and certainly happened with Di Canio and many others. Zero understanding of how to manage and maximise our assets.
  7. ‘Defensive Tactics’ Oh nooooo it’s the fast break from defence thing !!! What do we dooooo ? Panic. Oh no it’s the direct, long high ball into our final third !!!! What do we dooooo ? Panic:
  8. Nods and winks and accountants and lawyers ... they couldn’t give a flying fizz about the game.
  9. If heads don’t come out of the sand soon, the continued impact of COVID on the game and income, will make concerns over season ticket prices look like worries over how much pocket money you give your kids.
  10. The EFL have provided the circumstances and enabled this to happen. Not just with us. As I said before we’re not guiltless but the system has looked to turn a blind eye on ‘bigger clubs’ because frankly the EFL is foocked without them.
  11. And there we have it in a nutshell ... brought on by the EFL’s own incompetence and arrogance.
  12. Time line of events I’m sure is fine ... does Kivo now work for ‘Metro’ ?
  13. Oh dear ... has Kivo got a decent lawyer ? I also remember when a certain site owner would have removed a post like that and asked for ‘some sensible debate’, due to the threat it put the site under.
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