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  1. ...they don't like it do they ...dem Leeds ...
  2. Sunderland up for sale too...well I say for sale.... Chairman happy to give it away for free along with the £180 million dept
  3. Thought it was an excellent Press Conference. Difficult for Jos, second language and everything, but that can't be a reason questions aren't asked and he responded well and very professionally. And the club facilitating it without restrictions or censorship of questions is a breath of fresh air. Well done...everyone.
  4. Rate jos so far?

    Currently auditing a squad with a number of key players injured. He's looking at all options and keeping an open mind. Providing opportunities for U23's and creating a club ethos across the playing staff where performances will offer opportunities. He's bringing in the points and also making mistakes without panic. Comfortable. 9/10 for this stage of his management.
  5. big curly slipper around the corner...
  6. Beautiful..

    Because the exteriors are all done on the cheap apart for the North. Even then the rear of the North is looking tired. The interior view still makes me tingle and still looks unique and special. Just don't see the beauty in how it looks in the photo.
  7. Beautiful..

    ..in all fairness...it looks like a reight mess from above in that photo. Only the North Stand looks decent.
  8. Terrible Team Selection

    Miwwwaawww Tuesday also ..
  9. Terrible Team Selection

    ..now if we had another striker fit...say a member of the U23's that wasn't cup tied it might have been a different team selection... *..tin hat time..*
  10. Terrible Team Selection

    ...way too many maggots on that hook Mr Farrell...
  11. Terrible Team Selection

    It's not criticising the club, it's initiating debate about something that has begun to influence all teams when it comes to either league survival/promotion or a cup run.
  12. Terrible Team Selection

    It's an interesting question and one that is influencing the Championship more after the way it has influenced the Premier League... nothing wrong with asking it on the back of todays game.
  13. ...timing is everything. We need to ensure we don't get dragged into a relegation battle. Two games coming up ...injuries and cup tied players...it is what it is. Let's see how we perform. That's more important than the final result if it means we pick up 6 points next week.
  14. Feeling lucky today

    ..me too..