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  1. Still plenty for sale in Hillsborough Park. Good to see our CEO on top of things.
  2. New shirt for Mr Forestieri please
  3. Freshfish

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    I can't help but wonder if the club really do know what they are doing commercially. The new price was stupid. This 'Silver' membership is better and means I'll be buying again. BUT...why not encourage membership further as a way to develop better contact with fans and create a bigger data-base for commercial activities by also bringing in a 'Bronze' Membership that is free? Very limited benefit, maybe 5 x £5 club vouchers to spend anywhere in the ground and also enables tickets to be bought as a priority, together with 'points' from attending a number of games, for if there is a Wembley/Play Off/Cup Run? Platinum. Gold. Silver. Bronze. Then you can become a 'Member' at what level you can afford or want. Massive data base to then promote the club and its commercial and corporate activities directly to fans wherever they are in the world.
  4. Freshfish


    Joao Nuhiu Hooper Reach FF Bannan Palmer Pudil Hutch Lees
  5. Hit on the break...again ...with a team that gets into our faces and then waits for our mistakes...still...it's only been going on for 5 seasons...
  6. Freshfish

    Match pass on iFollow

    ...wrong Rob..and even then 'that' Rob is an Owl..
  7. Freshfish

    Match pass on iFollow

    all we need now.. issssssssssssss....LIVE CHAT....NEIL!!!!?
  8. Freshfish

    Match pass on iFollow

    Oh my god...who the fizz is this? John yes...but where's Rob? This bloke is ...christ all mighty ...
  9. No he didn't. He was on United's books and him and Nick Mallinder were the best players at Ecco in those two years..think Mallinder went to Rovrum but he was a big lad at an early age who didn't develop. Stainrod was a much better all-round player...still a 'Blade' though. I was there...the away end at Oldham would never have been allowed to be open if it had been given a safety check. There was concrete and rubble all over the bloody place.
  10. I can barely understand FF's accent at the best of times!
  11. ...it's just 'hair' ... .
  12. Freshfish

    Dear oh Dear

    I wouldn't mind some magical fairies playing for us ...would give us a reight 'edge'
  13. ...all 'hair' ... still not sure what the problem is with hair ...gay or otherwise ...