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Community Answers

  1. ...unless that's a 'naff T-shirt' stag do ... sell the bloody lot of them!
  2. There was a time on here that the usual hatred between Owl/Celtic fans and Owl/Rangers fans was so full of vitriol that any thread that involved the usual stuff was pulled immediately...now it's just a bit more subtle.
  3. ...there would be loads sent off for miming being shot in the back by a sniper !!
  4. Give all officials a 'white spray can'. At throw-ins a line is marked. One foot either side and the only movement can be a walk/run up. If you deviate from that it's a straight yellow card.
  5. Liam Bennett. 18 year old RB at Cambridge United. Just signed a 2 year deal for CU, but he's got an old head on a very, very fast young body and looks an excellent prospect.
  6. ...just the little matter of getting past WW. And the older and wiser blue and white fish knows not to bubble it's mouth off. You'll get my support at Wembley simply because WW are just too good at being sooo sheite. Tough call though. ...and I'm married to a Geordie so think yourself lucky
  7. 'as such' and 'a right good go' were used as terms of endearment not mockery.
  8. Very happy with how the season ended. Last thing we need is panic buying to 'survive' in the Championship. Time to add to the squad and build for next season and not spunk money away like before. Well done and thank fooook we're not meeting WW. UTO!!
  9. ...just make sure the ref, line officials, 35,000 supporters and the viewing public don't spot we've got 12 men on the pitch !!!! COME OOOOONNNNN !!! ...bugger ... too slow... nah .. feck it ... we will be the 12 MAN !!!
  10. You came for points, and you got none. You fought the Moore and the Moore won. You fought the Moore and the Moore won
  11. You have my word ...and I have my socks
  12. I have a confession. I rather stupidly forgot to wear my 'lucky socks' on Friday, so the error and goal for Sunderland were down to me. Please forgive me. Lucky socks all ready to be worn throughout the day tomorrow....ergo...3-1 win and off to Wembley!
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