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  1. Well!? We were seriously terrible. More life in a dead donkey. Bannan carrying midfield, Pellupessy being Pellupessy and Reach wearing two right foot boots while Harris had the other two left foot boots. We will get hammered at 'boro.
  2. 1-0 and we are poo. Not going to stay at 1-0 but please god don't let it be down to the last match. Just pull the foooookin trigger and put us out of our misery.
  3. I think the majority of football fans will be in the 'couldn't give a flying fizz' brigade. It's got short term disaster written all over it and why anyone is shocked about it being for the money when the clubs are owned and run by venture capitalists is beyond me. Sod 'em. Just make sure if they come back bleating there are sufficient and serious enough penalties in place to make the twohats suffer. Bye bye bye bye ...bye bye bye bye ...
  4. Pellupessy - Bannan ...tired of seeing it from too many managers. And yet now even with us playing against 10 men it's even more apparent how foooking useless it is as a central midfield.
  5. Pellupessy - Bannan ...from that moment on the result was never a surprise. No disrespect to either player but it's never worked and never will. And yet for 4 seasons successive managers continue with it. Our recruitment has been continually sheite so, weirdly the two midfield players who've been consistently fit are also the most lightweight and ill equipped. Past caring now and that's the biggest problem, because it won't just be me.
  6. We don't have anyone and results show that the combination of Pellupessy and Bannan as a central pair results in a loss. Over 4 seasons. It's really that simple.
  7. And annoys and niggles the opposition and gets right in their faces ... yep ... exactly that .. and comes up with a goal or two.
  8. ...Pellupessy central midfield and Bannan as a pair ... no surprise. Patterson on the bench when he should be in midfield.
  9. Number 1 is Jon Beswetherick Number 2 is Jon Beswetherick Number 3 is Jon Beswetherick Number 4 is Jon Beswetherick Number 5 is Jon Beswetherick Number 6 is Jon Beswetherick Number 7 is Jon Beswetherick Number 8 is Jon Beswetherick Number 9 is Peter Feeley Number 10 is Kim Olsen Number 11 is Francis Jeffers
  10. We saw how he switched it around against Barnsley. That for me is as important as how we played against Cardiff. What will be the next test is when teams now play cynically against Bannan and play him or bully/hack him out of the game. We don't have enough games to drop many points and I'm still pretty sure we will go down, but how he deals with Bannan being closed down will be interesting ..it means other players will need to step up and hold that midfield.
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