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Community Answers

  1. Ronan Curtis walked off the pitch with no card. That sums up how inconsistent the ref was.
  2. Excellent point. Ronan Curtis can do one ... horrible man. Brilliant defending and closing the game down.
  3. Is he quick enough to get past Paterson and Palmer ? ...nowt much needed really.
  4. ...select the team and formation that deals with the injuries, players available and conditions and stop trying to prove that we can operate as a team using 3-5-2 Like, you know ...don't manage as if this is the 'way we play' as if we are some wonder-team !
  5. ffs ... it's sheite weather and windy. Just play a back four and five across the middle and stop trying to manage ffs!!!
  6. ...4 at the back and continually pressing us. Who would have expected anything different ... bag of sheite ... Run fast and look how skilful we are ... running up blind alleys without a fooooking clue
  7. Best interview for a while. If DM can accept that sometimes against some teams we really no need to go 4-4-2 and grind out results then we really are going in the right direction...
  8. Lyons did what he knew he had to do with skill and quality and without question. Skill levels may differ but if Dunkley sticks to doing that and develops, then at this level yes, there is a similarity. Hopefully he will and then we will have the steady reliability of a central defender that no attacker wants the play against... fingers crossed but he's already shown how brave, knowledgable and strong he can be.
  9. ...a day in December ... freezing cold weather ...
  10. Didn't like it up 'em and the ref was excellent in spotting the shenanigans.. 10/10 for ref !!!
  11. MOM ... despite Luongo and the goals.
  12. Best we've played all season. Players on the bench who can change games ... am keeping the lid on mind
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