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  1. Freshfish

    Sheffield, city of students

    They didn’t vote against ‘Remembrance Sunday’. It was about a motion put forward by Cambridge University Conservative Association looking to specify British Veterans. Commemorations and services will still be happening. Everyone associated with the University will still make a personal choice about how they commemorate the day. And many will, as usual, wear poppies and go to services. Fair to say the decision to play politics with Remembrance Day was indulged by only one set of students. And it’s probably reasonable to assume they knew exactly what they were doing. PS: We should be targeting any potential supporter. And today’s students are tomorrow’s older supporters with families and friends whoever they are and wherever they are in the world.
  2. Freshfish

    Gary Hooper

    Crail then Elie would be my bet for his next two courses.
  3. Freshfish

    Gary Hooper

    ...mind, if this is what golf does to you I can understand the injuries now ... time to get rid...unless we have a ‘Walking Football’ team?
  4. Freshfish

    Gary Hooper

    Takes up until lunch time to thrash the agricultural tenants into shape and the rest of the day recovering!!!
  5. Freshfish

    Gary Hooper

    GH: Reight, doc, I’m bored rigid, training and rehab is going ok but what’s the best exercise I can get that helps with flexibility and isn’t a high impact sport. Doc: Golf’s your best option but somewhere flat -ish like a links course. Back 9 at Tankersley would be ok but a decent links even better. Start in Scotland and work your way down to the Northumberland coast. GH: Cheers Doc. JL: Damage your hand, wrist, kick a billboard and break your foot, damage your knee at a BBQ or twist your ankle in a rabbit hole and you’re off my Christmas Card list !!
  6. Bannan playing for Dundee?
  7. ...just going to repeat this ... a complete wankbag
  8. Ref is a grade A wankbag
  9. The cynic in me suggests the injury simple means an extra 8 mins for them and the injury doesn’t seem to be life threatening ...
  10. They should pipe Andy Blair talking into the Brizzel dressing room. They’d be asleep for the second half.
  11. Oh well fooooxked again ...usual injury plague again ...why always us
  12. Ref is a wee wee tail
  13. Dear diary moment wtf...oooooo
  14. Ref not giving the foul he did against Fletcher...another knobsack