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  1. The club signed him and the club managed him. Now he’s gone. Any vitriol aimed at him, unless it’s with real knowledge and understanding, seems misplaced at best.
  2. ...can imagine the discussions at Norwich when the contract was negotiated. “...pay them more when we get promoted ...this season ...hahahahaha ...just sign it. Sheffield numpties!..”
  3. Had a couple of injury scares with Westwood whilst he’s been back as No1. Resting him and making sure he’s properly fit for next season would be good management from SB.
  4. ...attack, ack, ack, ack, ack, ack, ack..er. ...new away colours!
  5. No midfield ...doesn’t matter about anywhere else on the pitch.
  6. Back to old habits now...looks poo and that pass was fookin’ appalling!
  7. Well...we look like old men and they look fresh still. A problem we’ve had for three seasons.
  8. Boyd’s brain gone to sleep ...need to change things now.
  9. Need to come out with the same level of concentration and effort because they will chuck everything at us for the first 15 mins.
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