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  1. Freshfish

    Christmas Megastore Video

    I think it’s excellent! And it’s a lot better than some London bloke getting cream on his sneck.
  2. Freshfish

    Shortlist of 5

    ....fooooook meeeeeeee...maaaaaaaake it stoooppppppppp!!!!
  3. Freshfish

    Disgraceful etc etc

    Steptoe named as new manager of SWFC: ’Its an ‘orrible’ job and I’ll be doin’ it on the cheap but ‘Full English’ will be provided ..nehhhhh... I’m only human after all.’
  4. Freshfish

    Alan Nixon

    ...he’s sawing some wood.
  5. With the look on the players faces in the ‘video clip’ of them coming out of the dressing room and with Jos seemingly almost ‘dead’ in the dugout ...maybe we are about to witness someone’s passing...although no doubt that’s misplaced again.
  6. Freshfish

    An attack minded manager.

    Frankie Fraser!!!?
  7. Freshfish

    Les Reed for DOF

    It’s not unusual to want someone like him...at anytime ...
  8. Freshfish


    In the role he’s being asked to play...not good enough, strong enough, tough enough or big enough. But then we’ve known we needed someone who does have all of the above attributes for 2 season.
  9. ...bit small if I’m honest.
  10. Freshfish

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Ahhh Lord Snooty ... the gods were watching. At least now we can concentrate on the league ....
  11. Freshfish

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Peterborough away...dumped out by ‘Jabba the Evans’.
  12. It’s not that we don’t try it ... we now only try it just outside the opposition box because we build up to slow there is nowt else to do. Teams know this ... press to break up the play then play it forwards quickly while our midfield are still either trying to find the ball or strolling back to offer support. Meanwhile 4 passes and the opposition threaten or score. We used to move it like that quickly through midfield but now we have no equivalent of Lee or Hooper dropping in to link and move the ball on we are stuck with the long ball and a midfield that don’t have a clue.