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  1. Try radio Sheffield online ...clear as owt for me darra
  2. I've got it on Radio Sheffield
  3. Michael Prendergast Willie Henderson Lawrie Madden Jeff Johnson Colin Harvey
  4. Long legs short shorts ...he was majestic. RIP Swanny. A man with class and style.
  5. Safe as Milk: Captain Beefheart New Boots and Panties: Ian Dury and the Blockheads Can't Buy A Thrill: Steeley Dan Too Rye Ay: Dexys Midnight Runner Lexicon of Love: ABC Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not: Arctic Monkeys Rubber Soul: The Beatles Songs for Swingin' Lovers: Frank Sinatra Some in the thread that have already been mentioned so am trying to think outside of those ...
  6. ..new single is something else. Mork and Mindy. Also, although very different, listening to Future Islands a lot.
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