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  1. He is a excellent keeper. If we do lose Westwood. Darlow would be a great replacement
  2. owlse

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Followed by Young Att on insta
  3. The reason for the 1st Feb start could well be linked to his pay off from villa
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    Ground Sold !

    Interestingly did Mr Chansiri say the club was for sale at £200 million. Very cunning. As he now as a value for the stadium based on the value of the entire club Not saying it’s a correct valuation. But it’s one he can point too going forwards what I am fascinated to know is if the ground is sold to a family member. Would this also take away the everyday running costs of the stadium to the club ? because if it does. It’s a win win. It's been stated many times Hillsborough costs a fourtune to maintain and just removing those expenses alone would help us tremendously. Mr Chansiri as said many times trust him. This is whet we we need to do. I think all this is part of a much bigger plan. One that wasn’t surposed to happen until we hit the PL. but I think FFP has made him play is hand early. Lets do this
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    It’s done. Let’s see who he brings in now. Interesting times ahead
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    Done deal
  8. Although saying that. I got the feeling at the forum that mr Chansiri wasn’t so keen either ha ha
  9. Interesting I expect to see Jordan Rhodes back next season playing where he would be. Bruce is a big fan by all accounts
  10. From the sun. Guessing this is Alan Nixon’s news. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/12/30/report-sheffield-wednesday-bound-steve-bruce-plotting-three-sign/page/1/
  11. I guess it’s makes sense it would probably be His money anyway. Theres something definitely going on. Could be something like this or we are just going to ignore ffp. I smell a shitstorm a brewing
  12. If that’s the case the January window will be interesting
  13. Well Chelsea have him as been out on loan. To be confirmed https://www.chelseafc.com/en/teams/on-loan-players
  14. owlse

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    Bull poo . Why some people have to make up this bo11ox. Is totally beyond me
  15. I would really hope we have players lined up already. If we really have no restrictions and that’s a big if Mr Chansiri as already stated we are in a mess next season if we don’t go up. Maybe he will just go for bust i belive if we get 2-3 very good loan players in key areas . We would be there or there abouts. Dont forget Huddersfield’s best players when they went up we’re all loan players. And if we do fail we have lots of high earners off the wage bill at the end of the season we need to go for it this season imo Fourtune favours the brave.