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  1. Not my rumour. So don’t quote me Dawson going to Barnsley and already had a medical. Guess it would make sense. Hope if true it’s only a loan though
  2. Jake Bidwell has agreed to sign, expect him to be one of the three to be confirmed on the 1st
  3. Stuart Findlay http://bit.ly/2Vy13Io https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4266912/sheffield-wednesday-kilmarnock-stuart-findlay/
  4. Regarding Austin. Think the link Is SB is a admirer. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/01/28/steve-bruce-admitted-he-wished-hed-signed-charlie-austin-now-hes/
  5. Would be happy with this too. Will probably be announced tomorrow along with the German lad
  6. Darlow is a fantastic keeper. Think he only 28. Would take him in a heart beat
  7. He is a excellent keeper. If we do lose Westwood. Darlow would be a great replacement
  8. The reason for the 1st Feb start could well be linked to his pay off from villa
  9. Interestingly did Mr Chansiri say the club was for sale at £200 million. Very cunning. As he now as a value for the stadium based on the value of the entire club Not saying it’s a correct valuation. But it’s one he can point too going forwards what I am fascinated to know is if the ground is sold to a family member. Would this also take away the everyday running costs of the stadium to the club ? because if it does. It’s a win win. It's been stated many times Hillsborough costs a fourtune to maintain and just removing those expenses alone would help us tremendously. Mr Chansiri as said many times trust him. This is whet we we need to do. I think all this is part of a much bigger plan. One that wasn’t surposed to happen until we hit the PL. but I think FFP has made him play is hand early. Lets do this
  10. It’s done. Let’s see who he brings in now. Interesting times ahead
  11. Although saying that. I got the feeling at the forum that mr Chansiri wasn’t so keen either ha ha
  12. Interesting I expect to see Jordan Rhodes back next season playing where he would be. Bruce is a big fan by all accounts
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