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  1. Not a chance. wonder when this was written. like many others I feel our squad is stronger than it was this time last year. positive vibes. In DM we trust
  2. Yes when he quotes the Roger rum man it’s Usually happening. There was one occasion he was wrong but I can’t bring it to mind what it was
  3. It’s on Michael Vaughan’s Twitter Roger the Rum man tells me the Cowley brothers will be in charge at Hillsborough by the end of the week ... #WAWAW
  4. Ain’t there a Rule that you can only loan 2 over the age of 23 from same team. Or have a dreamt that
  5. Skint ? Lets see what happens with Sheffield 2,3,4 and 5 . i am sure it will all become clear.
  6. chansiri a man of honour. I am ok with that. Bronckhorst is a good shout
  7. Yea Yea the current market can be manipulated at very little cost. Agree. He will want someone who can get us promoted ASAP. plus I think he may well throw whatever money we have got from the snake to fund it.
  8. I wouldn’t pay any attention to odds currently. Was a surge in last 24 hours for bullen. It’s not his time yet. Mr chansiri is in a rush for promotion. It will be some one who excites us.
  9. I would say it’s possibly already lifted. Let’s see what next couple of days brings
  10. We are free to get a new manager / head coach , legal acton wont delay this, i am sure we well on the way to getting a new guy in, i am sure Mr Chansir apreciates time is of the essence
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