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  1. Ain’t there a Rule that you can only loan 2 over the age of 23 from same team. Or have a dreamt that
  2. Skint ? Lets see what happens with Sheffield 2,3,4 and 5 . i am sure it will all become clear.
  3. chansiri a man of honour. I am ok with that. Bronckhorst is a good shout
  4. Yea Yea the current market can be manipulated at very little cost. Agree. He will want someone who can get us promoted ASAP. plus I think he may well throw whatever money we have got from the snake to fund it.
  5. I wouldn’t pay any attention to odds currently. Was a surge in last 24 hours for bullen. It’s not his time yet. Mr chansiri is in a rush for promotion. It will be some one who excites us.
  6. I would say it’s possibly already lifted. Let’s see what next couple of days brings
  7. We are free to get a new manager / head coach , legal acton wont delay this, i am sure we well on the way to getting a new guy in, i am sure Mr Chansir apreciates time is of the essence
  8. Tell you there might be something in this. And before you ask. I ain’t got a clue. Just call it a gut feeling
  9. oh i dont know Mr chansiri as 4-7 m burning a hole in his pocket right now , lets see
  10. he on his way to us , watch this space
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