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  1. I would really hope we have players lined up already. If we really have no restrictions and that’s a big if Mr Chansiri as already stated we are in a mess next season if we don’t go up. Maybe he will just go for bust i belive if we get 2-3 very good loan players in key areas . We would be there or there abouts. Dont forget Huddersfield’s best players when they went up we’re all loan players. And if we do fail we have lots of high earners off the wage bill at the end of the season we need to go for it this season imo Fourtune favours the brave.
  2. As mr Chansiri as stated. The time isn’t right. The time will be right when and if we hit the PL. don’t forget to get investment there as to be a viable return in the way media exposure for the shareholders any investment now would just be a drop in the ocean or a small fish in big pond
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    Hi guys noticed a few of you are struggling , with it saying not available in this location. you will need to create a new ifollow account, using your old one linked here will not allow you to go any futher works perfectly with ExpressVPN and IPvanish
  4. cow poo he aint going anywhere
  5. To be fair owlinmad usually ain’t far off with is info. Definitely not another penguin
  6. exactly and we are not there yet and wont be till we reach the PL
  7. Yes i understand that , but whats that got to do with TUF getting involved , even if it was shirt sponsorship , i am sure they would just use the name "TUF" on the shirts,
  8. either way, as i said once we get to the PL , we would be a perfect marketing/advertising for there world wide brands
  9. Personally i think its been a steep learning curve for the chairman, but i do believe he is getting there
  10. Its TUF and there aint no links as yet , but should we get to PL i think you will they will, world wide audience for the TUF branding
  11. I do believe that this is the plan, but not until we reach the PL,i also suspect should we not get promoted this season, i think Mr Chansiri will be tempted to twist and just go for it
  12. It’s also not a transfer site either. If you bother to look into there terms you will see that only”some of there data is from clubs “ rest is made up so 99.9% BS .1% from clubs lok
  13. No firesale as reported or Rhodes going for next to no loan fee. Yea we in deep FFP issues. Or could it be. We feel we got enough. Let Jos assess what he neees and if we do need to buy. We won’t get quoted extortionate fees for players and keeps fans expections in check because we are skint sounds convenient to me