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  1. Fletcher and Buckley on 2nd half please Joao and Wallace off sorted.
  2. He's flippingshite way past his best. That's it that's the truth get rid
  3. Anyone know who the three players are who have been offered deals by Alan Irvine to come to Sheff Wed? It was on the radio this morning
  4. yeh i think the OS needs to be more fan led/ fan friendly and not have half the screen taken up by adverts like it is now!
  5. Did no one listen to chairman last night? diddnt sound like any loan signings were immenent
  6. last point, will the swfc website be independently hosted again in the future i.e not designed by same company that does everyone else's sites?
  7. Thanks for reply, can you see a time in the future when the two maybe combined?
  8. Just wondering, has this been set up to replace the official site as we are tied in to a contract with the current website provider so once the current contract ends our new official site will be more along the lines of ourwednesday? with everything Lee says about football clubs exploring the internet and using new media, the 'facebook' set up of ourwednesday would seem to suggest this
  9. does anyone know if there are any plans to make a new online store as the current one is possibly the worst online shop i have ever seen cheers!
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