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  1. Everyone on Facebook was saying Fessi! I thought Madine was obvious!
  2. It takes some work but they're all so lovely and pass on our details to their mates. It's been an honour!
  3. Thursday: Glenn Loovens: 8pm: Facebook. Sunday: Lloyd Owusu: 10am: Facebook.
  4. Was fortunate to be on that call with him. He spoke absolute sense. I'm not a happy clapper by any means, I've just tried to keep my nose out of politics for fear of losing interest in the football, but this really shook me. Coming from someone who knows football inside out, it was really interesting to hear.
  5. You can only imagine the high pitched noise that came out of my mouth when Alexandersson confirmed!
  6. A short excerpt from last night's chat. You can listen to the full interview on Spotify, Podcasts and all the usual channels. https://www.thewednesdayweek.co.uk/episodes/lockdown-live-with-rob-jones/
  7. This Thursday at 8pm live on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/twwcast You can watch previous live interviews here including John Harkes, Craig Rocastle, Jon Newsome and more:
  8. Hi all I've been mega busy today so didn't get chance to post this - hopefully you'll enjoy watching it back. Some great stories about the team back in the day! https://www.facebook.com/TWWCast/videos/429222401627973/?__cft__[0]=AZUHq5eEyRQWD_UzCmBskYEk9BU-8Vfmuk0ERzzkBX-_YxR5huRv_xY4NEOkkurRn2DolrdoaTpq5qIZ5CAJr62b2fjPotQXd20BpWuuoLEo0QSWnBp8p2NTe-aeSK0hgw-jynYyR5pG0IoUCtNl7i_E6V5GcUKhC5M0q7F5RG-m7ymVHKzxZilU3an1MtGV_qM&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
  9. We have a representitive on it. Ash: “Earlier this month, SWFC announced it was launching a Supporter Engagement Strategy. The club aims to create a panel primarily formed from established SWFC supporter groups with whom it is in contact… and guess what! I’m the representative from the Podcast. “This is a big honour for us to be involved in and we want to take our platform with the Club seriously. The Club has asked us to come up with a range of questions to bring forward and this is where we need your input. We want to represent you, as listeners, and ensure that our voice is
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