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  1. Tenner says those moaning complain when the kids get out a calculator behind the counter...
  2. Thanks - I should say he's now cancer free and touring America after a little jaunt to Disneyworld at 67! :-)
  3. Alas no. And, like I said, times are hard. I'd say 25-30, 6"1 ish, brown hair, bluuuuuue eyes, green coat... with an older chap who was bald. I love him.
  4. Realise this is a bit late, but if you were the bloke stood next to me at Derby away - I love you.
  5. Darling.... that's one word for it! @Bladespod on Twitter. Nice guys tbf!
  6. Oh no. Please like me. I beg of you. No.
  7. Hello, Just a note to say Football Heaven on Friday is a derby day special. We did this for the previous derby game and it went really well. I'll be on the panel with James Marriott (from every other blooming podcast) and two Blades fans. Give us a ring :-) x
  8. Did he mention Bannan? Noticed on Instagram he's had flu all week
  9. The All Wednesday fanzine which is on sale at Hillsborough before the game against Swansea will hopefully entertain readers, but it also has another purpose which is to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Care and specifically John Burkhill’s campaign to raise £1m for MacMillan. Hannah Lumb, Regional Fundraising Manager for Macmillan told us that “John has dedicated his life to raising money for Macmillan as he wants to be able to help as many people living with and beyond cancer as he can. He has set his goal to raise his ‘Magic Million for Macmillan’ which for one man (and his pram) is a huge task, however, we are confident he will get there. He has raised an incredible amount to this already, but to reach his Magic Million for Macmillan he really needs the help and support of the people of Sheffield to get behind him and help him raise money, to go towards his target. John is absolutely incredible, and we couldn’t do what we do without people like John. We don’t get any government funding and 99% of our income comes from amazing people like John, allowing us to help people with cancer find their best way through, and live life as fully as they can.” John Burkhill added “I can’t thank them enough for what they are doing for me. All the Sheffield Wednesday fans have always been brilliant to me, to help me raise my Magic Million for Macmillan. They aren’t just fans when I see them every week, they become friends. I’ve made many friends over the years of being at the ground collecting and I’m so happy proud to be a Wednesday fan.” So please do buy a fanzine if you can afford it. We have 1000 to sell and we hope to raise more than £1000 towards John’s campaign. The fanzine will be on sale outside the ground before the games against Swansea on 23rd February, Brentford on 26th February and Heeley FC on 2nd March, subject to availability. At Hillsborough you will find us selling on Penistone Rd near the bridge behind the South Stand, Leppings Lane - how many sellers you will see will be determined by how many volunteers we can secure. If you would like to volunteer to help us sell please do let us know via e-mail at mail@warofthemonstertrucks.com on Twitter on @SheffWedWOTMT Mail orders are now being taken. To secure your copy by this route drop us an e-mail at mail@warofthemonstertrucks.com asap confirming how many copies are required and the postal address. Postage and packing will be £1.50 for UK orders so it's a total of £3.50 per mail order copy. For overseas orders register any interest via e-mail and we will confirm the postage and packing costs by return asap. http://www.warofthemonstertrucks.com/reader_web.php?id=421&page= Pick up a copy tomorrow, please. There's an article from yours truly.
  10. https://www.thewednesdayweek.co.uk/tww198-dare-challenge-coinmaster/
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