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  1. Stupid booking in the 12th minute as well.
  2. If the accusations are true, what better football club to join?
  3. You're really ignoring my reply and accusing me of name dropping? That's low, even for you.
  4. I've said before that I have personal, family reasons to dislike her. Yesterday was my cousin's birthday. The same cousin who grew up with Jamie and has had no contact in years... the same cousin who hung himself in August. So how's about stop trying to be clever and witty and think about the people you're picking on from behind your keyboard.
  5. All we got was the letter. There's usually some sort of sign up on lampposts etc (there is at the moment, but about something else)
  6. Interestingly, I noticed signs on lampposts the other night but they were to let us know that it was going to be a 20mph zone (fine - there's a school and lots of pedestrians) but nothing about the closures.
  7. I'm a local resident who got the letter too. Obviously, I'll be at the games so it doesn't affect me directly - but closing my road "all day" before and after does. Do the council think I wake up on a Saturday morning and sit waiting until I can go to the match, then go home after? No - I work full time and have stuff to do on a Saturday morning like most people. My next door neighbour is a community nurse and works weekends - under these restrictions she can't do her job. The council are a total joke.
  8. https://www.rageroomevents.co.uk/ Anyone fancy this?
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