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  1. TWW Vic


    Bit extreme
  2. TWW Vic


    Don't worry, I forget about him a lot
  3. TWW Vic


    Much appreciated - cheers!
  4. TWW Vic

    FA Investigation:

    No excuse. I don't care if he came and dropped his shorts and took a poo whilst laughing at the fans - what on earth justifies chucking a piece of metal at someone's head?
  5. TWW Vic

    Bannans Arms being sponsored

    Excellent work from KM and the commercial team.
  6. He's pursuing other interests
  7. #TWW195: Aggy and Clemmo do the 90s http://thewednesdayweek.co.uk More Bruce talk, derby moved to Monday, Luton reaction, Hull preview, transfer goss Vic, Fudge and James chat away. https://www.thewednesdayweek.co.uk/tww195-aggy-clemmo-90s/
  8. TWW Vic

    Almen Abdi

    Very much so.
  9. TWW Vic

    Fans forum match day thread

    Must admit, I half expected him to walk in tonight, tell us all to testicles and say he was selling up. Why drag it out 4 hours?!
  10. TWW Vic

    Almen Abdi

    I know... I was there
  11. TWW Vic

    Almen Abdi

    I was gutted when someone pointed out that Rhodes hadn't actually named us we were in for more then!