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  1. After losing him recently it would mean the world to Paul if you do have it and he could have it to show future generations. x
  2. Hey. My Dad's friend is trying to track down a programme from his father Jim McAnearney's debut for Sheffield Wednesday on 24/02/1954 away at Liverpool. Can anybody help? Thanks!
  3. don't talk sense! You'll ruin the sh1tstorm.
  4. Exactly this. How others can't see this sh1thousery from DC I don't know.
  5. Tenner says those moaning complain when the kids get out a calculator behind the counter...
  6. Thanks - I should say he's now cancer free and touring America after a little jaunt to Disneyworld at 67! :-)
  7. Alas no. And, like I said, times are hard. I'd say 25-30, 6"1 ish, brown hair, bluuuuuue eyes, green coat... with an older chap who was bald. I love him.
  8. Realise this is a bit late, but if you were the bloke stood next to me at Derby away - I love you.
  9. Darling.... that's one word for it! @Bladespod on Twitter. Nice guys tbf!
  10. Oh no. Please like me. I beg of you. No.
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