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  1. You know what stop flipping moaning you are not supporters of, I’m guaranteed this or that, we go to the games to be part of something in kin to what my Pals in service call brotherhood we win together we die together. It’s the enjoying the moment that counts. I’ve been to poo places been shot at and couldn’t care less knowing that somethings meant more. Grow the fizz Up.
  2. Where are all the posters who were condemning our chairmen for ruining our club. Most are quick to forget that his money has already saved it on numerous occasions. I know football is now expensive for the majority but what we pay wouldn’t run a div 3 club without other funding avenues let alone a mid to upper table championship club. Good on the chairman and his team for taking the stance he has
  3. Just been a piece on sky news with fans of NUFC interviewed they were not happy
  4. Anybody know why they are on at weird times and then not replaying later anymore? I used to just watch them on Facebook from my notification when I got chance. Now I try and it just says it’s ended
  5. Christ give them a break even Mark Lawrence’s just said we couldn’t have asked anything more of any of them
  6. I think his attack on that young lad was the final nail for Jos. You can’t put youth in the firing line when there are pressures upon them they shouldn’t be facing in the first place
  7. Darra I think it was probably a bit of both. I believe as stated earlier that the players had lost faith and asked for a change. Chansiri told Jos he would sit out tomorrow and let the players prove their own bluster. This insulted Jos and he chose to walk away rather than suffer any indignity. Personally I would have preferred him to succeed but I think these players needed cuddles and care rather than an iron fist approach to development. If he’d have gotten a few more months out of the team before the cracks started to show I think he would have made it to seasons end and then completely overhauled the squad. He would have then brought in hard working disciplined team players and probably built a successful squad the likes he has assembled in his previous posts.
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