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Community Answers

  1. Cloud cuckoo land springs to mind. Your asking hard working people to bail out millionaires
  2. If rovrum lose 6-0 on Tuesday I will be positive if they take even a point I won’t have any optimism left that the 11 starting players will be able to find it in themselves to save this sham of a season. As I sit right now I honestly think we will go down rock bottom just so we don’t let the porcine neighbours do anything that we can’t.
  3. When certain posters of influence have an agenda it really does come across with the wrong message. It’s divisive and seems bitter. As a long time reader of these boards I don’t post often although this really grips my poo . We may not have chose Tone he may use old cliches and change his views often, but he’s all we’ve got right now. Let’s throw some weight behind positive support and hope that he brings some on the field stability. Question his methods etc when mistakes are made but stop looking for sticks to beat him before he’s even had the same amount of time as our previous incumbents. Yes it’s been a terrible start to his tenure but look what they’ve all been dealing with an owner who thinks it’s his play set to run as he sees fit. Poor facilities, terrible infrastructure and poor financial decisions. Chansiri for all I thank him for in the first season rolled the dice came up with 13 and has had no stable plan since. It’s almost like he’s making it up as he goes along. That said even the owner gets my support until a time when he completely pulls the plug. For what it’s worth I don’t think he’s that far off the point of no return.
  4. I agree it’s completely unbalanced but add to that dreadful tactics and playing people out of their natural positions compounds this and increases the chances of mistakes
  5. a footballing brain, unselfish and technical if he stays fit weve a reight player
  6. If a healthy squad of around 25 is needed then some fats going to have to be cut from that list if we are to really make the required change.
  7. Here’s to you Adthe Nuhiu Wednesday loves you more than Owlstalk shows
  8. In, needs time to completely clean house and get his squad in. My opinion is there’s too many egos and not enough leaders in the dressing room
  9. You know what stop flipping moaning you are not supporters of, I’m guaranteed this or that, we go to the games to be part of something in kin to what my Pals in service call brotherhood we win together we die together. It’s the enjoying the moment that counts. I’ve been to poo places been shot at and couldn’t care less knowing that somethings meant more. Grow the fizz Up.
  10. Where are all the posters who were condemning our chairmen for ruining our club. Most are quick to forget that his money has already saved it on numerous occasions. I know football is now expensive for the majority but what we pay wouldn’t run a div 3 club without other funding avenues let alone a mid to upper table championship club. Good on the chairman and his team for taking the stance he has
  11. Just been a piece on sky news with fans of NUFC interviewed they were not happy
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