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  1. Jos post-match interview

    To be honest I’m more worried about his pre match pressers. Listen back whenever asked about the opposition it’s basically the same, strong side can get from defence to attack quickly etc. This is something people clearly hammered Carlos with. I’d rather him come out and say forget about the opposition let’s talk about what we can or can’t do.
  2. No Strikers

    We’re getting dragged in though Neil. It’s starting to look very possible.
  3. Stobbs

    Scapegoating is starting
  4. Cup half full or half empty. I’m half full, think he did great things for us shame it went wrong this season. I for for one will always wish him well and will applaud him after the game. As as for the mess he left us in if anyone truly believes it’s all on him they are either naive or blinkered. You win as a team you lose as a team. Chairman through to boot boys.
  5. Perhaps all the missing players have huge appearance fees in their contracts. FFP threat is more real than we know so the chairman is ensuring they don’t play. Only kidding but having seen some of the conspiracy theories going around I thought I’d join in.
  6. Caption competition

    Mum said I’d be this big if I ate my veg. No one would moan about me jumping then.
  7. RIP Peter Belk

    Rip Peter
  8. Form a battle square!!!!!!!!!

    I wish him the best of luck but I'm not convinced he can turn this tanker around
  9. For me there is something in the comments about the fans although it should never be used as an excuse by Carlos. First season we reached the final on a wave of optimism wed had it rough for a long time and there was sudden belief we were going places. Every match was like a party the players drank their fill off our enthusiasm and went for it. Unfortunately their own belief and confidence let them and us down when it mattered. Then last season we all believed again even though we had a fair few poor games we carried them through with overwhelming support and belief. Again when it mattered they let us down. Yes the tactics for the semis where too cautious but the 11 men out there could have taken it upon their selves to do what was necessary. This season the belief has gone the entire experience is down. The crowd struggles to get up for it as no one believes we stand a chance. Hence the clamour for change. Home games are flat and feel awkward not once has it felt like we were enthused. Yes you can blame the limp lifeless displays but we shouldn't need the team to lift us we should lift them. We need to get back to just enjoying the experience enjoy not being in a dog fight and be the supporters we know we are. Last home game really stood out for me as a time for change. It took adte nuhiu to get us off our seats and the noise to start. Yes the players are responsible for entertainment. Yes Carlos should deliver attacking football and stop worrying about nullfying the opposition. But yes we should start being the crowd that lifts the team again. So on that point the last game did it for me as without change I dont think the change will come. Tin hat on
  10. Paul Chittenden RIP

    RIP Paul fly high fellow Owl
  11. 10 points

    Now 2 off playoffs 11 off the bottom amazing how quick things can change in this league
  12. 10 points

    A few more wins to galvanise the fan base confidence will come flooding back and then who knows what could happen
  13. 10 points

    We can all see the problems but sometimes we all need to focus on the positives.our are expectations are not yet being met but it could be a lot worse in truth.