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  1. LoOn

    Caption competition

    You put your left foot in left foot out.....in out... in out..... shake it all about
  2. LoOn

    RIP Oliver Rains

    Fly high young Owl
  3. He’s making it clear no player is bigger than the team and it will pay dividends
  4. LoOn

    Millwall Score prediction

    1-3 think the problems behind the scenes are greater than we think
  5. LoOn

    I follow it’s a scam

    mine was same last week because I tried to log in halfway through the game, fine now but I'm cancelling my monthly subscription as its garbage service. Plus if I wanted the video today I still have to pay £10 even though I already pay per month. There should be a discount off the £10.
  6. LoOn

    Match pass on iFollow

    I'm having same issues as above tried calling customer services no one at ifollow is available
  7. At the end of the upcoming season and unless something drastic changes I wont be renewing at 40 the outlay for a recreation has reached a bridge too far. I'll get to a few games as and when it fits in with other commitments going forward.
  8. LoOn


    Good for him. Do his confidence the world of good. Such a shame it didn’t work for him here.
  9. The worrying bit is this is to see the design of the new kit. Anyone else think that it might not be as close to release as we’d hope?
  10. LoOn

    R I P mum and fly high

    RIP to your mum tinks the death of our parents is never easy.
  11. With no ffp restrictions it would be interesting to see how wide the purse strings would go. With someone around dc with footballing common sense in relation to contracts etc it would be possible that we could be top half
  12. Sorry for your loss RIP Julie