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  1. I'm about 5 pages behind but my goodness, I very much doubt that will be beaten! Absolute genius
  2. They're r8 n0bs Huddersfield fans can't stand em and they kept em up, people in the town who might be a bit more, shall we say, diplomatic, really don't have a good word to say. We need to steer clear, and I wanted them before monk tbh Poison
  3. I wanted them before they went to huddersfield and thought they did a good job there, however, I've just moved to the area it's really surprising.... They are really not liked. Even though most people acknowledge they did a decent job they're generally known in the town as being massive n0bheads.it surprised me but there's real vitriol from what I'd call 'normal' fans for people who did a good job..
  4. I mean, this is just superb isn't it, sod our position a second. Hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahah
  5. Windass is the only one who scores you bleeding cap wearing rat faced old todger!! F4ck off!!!
  6. Not sure why people think he's going to change tactics, he's a track record of not doing. Clown
  7. If anyone is going to get us out of this mess and leave us in a far better state than he found us in its TP. I hope he's here for a few seasons and gets the time to build a proper structure through the club and a team taking us back to where we want to be. Football isn't pretty but like under Wilkinson he got us into that winning mentality and established back in the top flight and right now I'll settle for that. The biggest worry for us right now is how secure we are under DCs ownership and whether he can sort out the financial uncertainties that surround us atmo, if not he should be looking to sell or find a legitimate investor. 

  8. I don't think he ever will to be honest, I'd want him to change his entire approach to football and his personality.... so not much! I just do not like how he goes about the game or his attitude to football. I know we're in the mire and pragmatism is required, but give him a massive budget and free reign and he'll still play terrible, defensive, long ball football. He leaves squads only he can get a tune out of, has no attacking ambition and is just generally the anti thesis of what I class as football, it should be joyous, pleasurable, entertaining.... even if that's not realistic
  9. Mate, I wanted him gone before he was appointed, it's an awful decision to give him the reigns. I respect everyone who is giving him a go, but I just can't, and I've never felt like this about any manager
  10. I like your confidence but I have absolutely none that it will come good. Absolutely terrible football and he will leave a squad no one can do anything with. This is the man who lost to villa in the play offs without scoring over two legs, he had downing, traore, assombalonga, gestede and bamford and they're just the ones I recall. He never went with more than one up front despite needing a goal. He's a relic, stubborn, defensive and having listened to him and read quite a few interviews over the years a right tw4y in the Allardyce, brazil, redknapp mould. Want him go
  11. Everyone went absolutely ballistic with Jos and his negative tactics, I reckon if T-Rex Tony did it he'd be offered every excuse under the sun Needs to be gone sharpish
  12. I started a pulis out thread as soon as he was appointed. Can I start another yet? Anyone who defends the clown deserves all they get. We've a poor squad but chuff me, why not try, just attempt, to pass the ball and keep it. Attempt an attack, get bodies forward, he bold. He's a disaster, even if he brings his own players in they'll be 6 foot 5 donkeys.
  13. Love to. It's absolute utter dog 5hite. And despite him being our manager he's still a massive porridge gun.
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