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  1. Two rubbish teams in a very very rubbish league. They'll be up there, and I think we will now as we've cancelled each other out.... i know we got promoted in 2012 but you lot have shocking memories, league 1 is utter utter garbage.
  2. That released list makes great reading but I feel that Tom Lees has had some death by association here, I'm sad to see him go. He's not been at his finest recently but over the course of 5 years or so he's been a very good player for us, has given his all, always acted professionally and generally represnted the club very well. Good luck Tom, you'll always be welcome at Hillsborough.
  3. Anyone who can't see the improvement in intent to try and play football is a moron. The fact he has nothing at all, I mean nothing, to work with is hardly his fault. The reason this conversation exists is one person's responsibility, although the fact fans bang on about the manager at every opportunity just shows how thick they are and why chansiri can just sack someone and deflect the blame. Easiest and best trick in the book. Sack Moore. Recruit badly. 15th in league one. Who's fault is it....'I can't believe those subs, he didn't play him, what a joke, get him out!!!' Recruit badly in league Two ' ffs!! These Managers! What's wrong with them!'.. Fans. People. Idiots.
  4. I really like bannan, but I do get some of the criticism.... for me he makes us a one man team and he isn't good enough to carry a full team. Not many are. There are only a few examples where players manage it and they are top end, messi, suarez, kane etc. Everything goes through him we look lost without hi.lm. He needs better players to feed off and 'bigger players so he doesn't feel the need to do it all (although he clearly has an ego to fuel). I dunno, I think we might need to go backwards by letting him go to go forwards as a team and a squad...I.e we're all a bit poo but trying as opposed to blimey isn't barry good....
  5. Come on dingle Mick.... unfortunately I'm in touch with my Rotherham mate, Cardiff are massively going through the motions, he's reporting they're not bothered at all..
  6. Absolute coward of a man, bottle job both mentally in taking responsibility and physically. His attitude mirrors a lot of the other players and the reason we're in this mess. Give me an address and I'll drop him there myself now. R8 kn9bhead. Hope this helps!!
  7. I'm about 5 pages behind but my goodness, I very much doubt that will be beaten! Absolute genius
  8. They're r8 n0bs Huddersfield fans can't stand em and they kept em up, people in the town who might be a bit more, shall we say, diplomatic, really don't have a good word to say. We need to steer clear, and I wanted them before monk tbh Poison
  9. I wanted them before they went to huddersfield and thought they did a good job there, however, I've just moved to the area it's really surprising.... They are really not liked. Even though most people acknowledge they did a decent job they're generally known in the town as being massive n0bheads.it surprised me but there's real vitriol from what I'd call 'normal' fans for people who did a good job..
  10. I mean, this is just superb isn't it, sod our position a second. Hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahah
  11. Windass is the only one who scores you bleeding cap wearing rat faced old todger!! F4ck off!!!
  12. Not sure why people think he's going to change tactics, he's a track record of not doing. Clown
  13. I don't think he ever will to be honest, I'd want him to change his entire approach to football and his personality.... so not much! I just do not like how he goes about the game or his attitude to football. I know we're in the mire and pragmatism is required, but give him a massive budget and free reign and he'll still play terrible, defensive, long ball football. He leaves squads only he can get a tune out of, has no attacking ambition and is just generally the anti thesis of what I class as football, it should be joyous, pleasurable, entertaining.... even if that's not realistic it should be an ambition. I love messi because he brings joy, like playing football as a kid...pulis would be the nob p.e teacher who goes crackers when the under 6s lose. Plus I think he's a weapon. And given those important matters I then get petty and can't stand that sodding cap. I firmly believe he's a poor manager who has had his day, his day when he had it was awful to watch and he will leave us in a much worse place with long term
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