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  1. Player ratings

    Darren potter mkII. I bet he's amazing in training, will skin peopke, tackle, just look r8 good Put someone who wants to win the ball in real life near him....bottler. He literally has nothing about him. Great football technician. The worst football professional (on the pitch) I've ever seen.
  2. Give your heads a wobble

    Nail on the head
  3. You utter cowards

    Obvious cliche aside it is a funny game. Better players win matches, our better players do enough running against Brentford etc and get away with it....but... hard work goes a long way too,look at the fa cup. You need both, no successful team ever didn't work hard.
  4. You utter cowards

    Erŕrr, they keep going until some other mug pays them? That hurt today, more than a lot of derbies have before. They are garbage, and we rolled over and had our tummy tickled.
  5. You utter cowards

    We don't need to go pal, its going to be the same. They'll be up for it, we won't.
  6. You utter cowards

    Hehe. I'm a touch angry!! I don't mind losing to a better team. Losing to a team who want it more,care more and are paid a quarter as much royally f00ks me off. Especially when it's so obvious 3 weeks in advance
  7. Not fit to manage or play for the club

    I think impose yourself on the game, care, try, tackle, run would mitigate most of these circumstances....who starts that?
  8. You utter cowards

    I've ranted before about this so i apologise, but our players are pathetic. This has been coming, and weeks off, we do not earn the right to play, we're soft, we don't like running, we never enforce our style of play against the opponents, we let them do what they want. We play a perpetual cycle of pre season friendlies. Utter garbage. Cowards,bottlers, n0bs, you disgraced yourselves today. Don't worry though lads, you'll get 6th and 30k a week.
  9. Spineless

    Ahhh, the classic 'I know I can't get hurt as the player is sideways/has his back to me/running away but a slide makes me look like I'm trying really hard and not neshing it' tackle. We do that a lot
  10. Spineless

    This is the first time I've felt the need to post about footballing matters, but my days, if I see another one of our players nesh a tackle I'll f3ckin scream!! All those wittering about 'would you prefer to see James o'connor than Bannan' ...then the obvious answer is no, but I might be pushed if I see Baz cry into his iron bru one more time as soon as there's a 50/50. Or 80/20 in his favour. It's been a problem for a while but Hutch and Fessi's workrate covered for it, tonight though was something else. Reach is, and i don't say this lightly, worse than Potter for being a total non event of a player. Gutless. The team remind me of Arsenal. Technically gifted, nice, well schooled footballers who on their day are immense. But total spineless cowards who shirk, nesh and run from anything that requires balls. Absolute bunch of *******. That's why i was angry tonight. I will always forgive rubbish players, but gutless ones, no. I dunno who recruited them so this is not a dig at anyone but the ones on the pitch, the ones who get away with at every club the country over. You were a disgrace tonight. Not Carlos. Not the fans. Not DC. You. Grow a pair or f6ck off.