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  1. big_al1985


    Now that would be tasty. All young uns at 50 who watch snooker and An enemy of the People against the old boys who prefer a bit of Ken Dodd and panto. Love to see some ragin loon free-wheelin down moor in his wheelchair, ticklin stick out like a lance! (So to speak) These young uns have no idea
  2. big_al1985

    Player Ratings

    I literally deleted about 10 other words. Don't wanna seem harsh on the lad.
  3. big_al1985

    Player Ratings

    I'm normally the first to stick the boot into reach, can't stand his neshing, but he had a cracking game...fair play lad Unconvinced by fox, he tries but looks out his depth. Wtf was that in the first half when he let it run out?? Stuck to it though. A long way to go but a real step in the right direction, let's hope its not a flash in the pan. Oh and leon 'highlight of your career' clarke, f00k off you fat useless two hat, that shows what a waster you've been if scoring two goals against a team that paid your wages is the highlight of your 15 odd year career you chubby burger eating truffle nudging bell end pr5ck.
  4. I'm watching Souness, great player in the 70's, matters c0ck all on the pitch now.
  5. I work for a bank, i don't need to add in my head, i need to read people and a set of accounts... however I'm a better manager when i can tot things up mid meeting, I noticed a few weeks ago my maths was slow, so I did something about it and practiced. Does my manager know this... No. Did he ask me to... No I did it because I want to be the best I can be. I did it because I have professional pride. That's not even a fundamental to my job. David Beckhan is a great example of making the best of limited talents, my mrs often bought rubbish mags full of him running after training. Why? Because he wanted to be the best he could be. And if he didn't feel fit enough he sorted it. Did I want carlos out, of course. He's left us in a right mess, and it's tarnished what was a nice memory, he should be ashamed. However. Those players are a disgrace. To absolve all professional, personal pride and responsibility is totally unacceptable and a disgrace. They know they'll pick their wages up, so why bother. What an unsavoury bunch of w4nk3ers
  6. big_al1985

    Adam Reach

    Spineless t0ss3r, bottled that header, bottled it against hull. Not fit to be a professional, never mind wearing our shirt. Total pr8k
  7. To be fair the festive season could be a turning point for Reach, there's a big hot dinner coming up which I seriously doubt he could tackle at the minute....now if he can just manage that, and work his way up, who knows.....
  8. Similar to a few on here, one of a long line, my Dad was brought into the 'family' by his Grandad, I'd guess he probably saw the league wins of the early 20th century. A tough old miner who was working down the pit well into his 70's, his last day was when the pit closed, apparently there's a pic of him somewhere and the only white bit on him is where the tears have rolled down his cheeks. Anywho, it was no option but to be an owl.....taken to my first match in 1992 for my 7th Birthday. I'd begged to go earlier but I think my old man's (RIP Dad) inherent tightness, disgust at the industrial language and the Hillsborough disaster meant I had to wait. All this despite being able to name all the scores and every goalscorer from the Will to Win/Fight for Promotion (I reckon I still could get 70% correct now......ask me about a report I read this afternoon and I'm all on knowing who sent it me!).....so, finally, the first match. It was West Ham at home and all I wanted to do was watch Chris Woods (I know, I know), we went one nil down and then big Viv equalised, from a corner I think....Another corner, I can still remember the commentary from Fight for promotion (I'm thinking I was put in front of the TV too much at this stage)....'If ever the eyes have it', and bang, it's 2-1. At this point there is a massive slab of symbolism (I think that's the correct term) that had I been wise enough I should have acted on. Being a shy child, and indeed adult, I did not want to go to the front with all the other kids, so we found a nice quiet bit of the kop and I sat on the crush barrier with me old man holding onto me. As the second crashed home he celebrated like a good owl should, completely forgetting me as I totally lost balance, toppled 3 feet backwards (it felt like 10) and cracked my head against the steps, tumbling down a couple more steps for good measure and losing me scarf....I can see his face as I was in mid-air thinking 'B7gger, if he comes back with a cracked open skull I'm in some reight bother'.....fortunately I was fine......there's too many jokes I could use about it being a headache ever since etc Anyway, apologies for the self indulgent post, I just love threads like these, takes me back to the real reason we love football....not page after page about money and conspiracy theories. WAWAW
  9. big_al1985


    Belgian blue is not my friend. To summarise, i don't like adam reach and numerous others who are bottlers. I was excited about adthe ffs.... And roamin......
  10. big_al1985


    However, i really really don't like our players. The above were spineless, bottlers, cowards...we seem to make that the norm now. Reach, fletcher, butterfield, wallace, matias, lee, every full back, rhodes....flip off.
  11. big_al1985


    I very rarely come on here, i fully admit it is to vent and i hope there are similar minded folk....so here i go. I normally like wednesday players, and by that i mean I'm irrationally loyal and will back ashley Westwood to within an inch of his back pass, I can think of only a few players i really dislike.....de bilde, bothryd, sedgwick, potter... I'm sure there'
  12. big_al1985

    Player ratings

    Darren potter mkII. I bet he's amazing in training, will skin peopke, tackle, just look r8 good Put someone who wants to win the ball in real life near him....bottler. He literally has nothing about him. Great football technician. The worst football professional (on the pitch) I've ever seen.
  13. big_al1985

    Give your heads a wobble

    Nail on the head
  14. big_al1985

    You utter cowards

    Obvious cliche aside it is a funny game. Better players win matches, our better players do enough running against Brentford etc and get away with it....but... hard work goes a long way too,look at the fa cup. You need both, no successful team ever didn't work hard.
  15. big_al1985

    You utter cowards

    Erŕrr, they keep going until some other mug pays them? That hurt today, more than a lot of derbies have before. They are garbage, and we rolled over and had our tummy tickled.