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  1. He's just checking his new barnet hasn't blown off in the breeze.
  2. Viv Anderson in a 2-1 win against West Ham, Feb 1992. Scored both from corners. I spent all match watching Chris Woods and getting dropped off the crush barriers when the second went in....'if the eyes have it'....
  3. If we get a points deduction? Or relegated? Or thrown out? Genuine question. I'll still go, I foolishly bought a 5 year season ticket but more importantly, all my family go. The actual pull of football now has long since departed, it's a great sport but a god awful business. I go for the odd moment and my family/mates I think I wouldn't mind a small points deduction, if it means we enjoy our football but don't have the premier league. I really feel for my blades mates, they love it and hate it at the same time. VAR has totally ruined any joy, mega bucks has ruined any competition....the less said about huddersfield pals the better. Two have given up totally. The best sport in the world is dying and it's horrible to watch. Sorry for the grumpiness, just sad to see were another casualty of the shallow, money grabbing road to riches
  4. Dawson did one thing wrong/ right...carried out his manager's instructions. He had good will in spades, local lad, keeper, fellow owl.... he could have had a rick every other week and not used that up for ages...as it was Jos did it for him with that ridiculous playing out. He's a great keeper and deserves better from the fan base, is he better than Westwood? Not for me, but I'm never disappointed when he starts.
  5. Ah, fair enough. I thought it was over nowt...last hendos.... lucky it wasn't a bloodbath tbf.
  6. Absolutely tremendous old school handbags on the kop today. I'm sure in my formative years under jewell/yorath/shreeves this was a regular occurrence. All this avoiding liquidation and having 2 players above non-league standard has done nothing for random 34 minute fisticuffs. These new 'traditions' of being vvvanked off by a foreign bird are garbage, hardly a spectator sport if you're 3 rows away. And I've not had my turn yet. Bravo lads, bravo. Anyone know what it was all about or purely nostalgia driven??
  7. Bunch of fat posh lads pushing each other... not for me. Prefer wedneday to get a consolattion goal in a 6 nil defeat than an egg chasing world cup win.
  8. Witter about the ref all we want, only one reason we've drawn/lost this.... we've sat back, not got at them and effectively gone Carlos season 2 in the second half.
  9. Bloody swear filter! It began with a C though!
  10. Shoe in for bell of the year. Utter utter utter conker.
  11. Aside from the ones already mentioned for some reason I always recall Brentford at home, guess it would be sometime around 2010. They had the jpt final the week after and rested a load of players. It was absolutely freezing and my abiding memory is 3 or 4 little kids running rings around us at the kop end... lost 2 or 3 -1. Terrible evening
  12. Rebuilding to the same spec?? Well that's about 249 quid as a starting point then..
  13. It's interesting how we've made this work, the ground is in the books for c23m... so it needs to have sold for what, 40m, to make enough profit to assist ffp. (hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong here) I'm guessing it must have been valued on an investment basis with us as tenant, Leeds used to pay 2m, that means we're going to have to pay upwards of that and with a pretty generous yield calculation to get anywhere near 40m. Sure they'll be a meltdown when everyone sees a wacking big rent through next years books!! Of course, I could be completely wrong!!
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