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  1. It's not var but might aswell be. Football isn't about money, win at all costs, everything is perfect.. It's hope, irrational nonsense... It's about emotion. I hate the pundits, the media and non football fans who get wound up and gobby about decisions instead of looking at their own team. Football's Bob. Still love it though.
  2. Didn't need to see a replay to know he should have saved it. We're playing ok other than that, shame.
  3. Bloody phone Bradfield.
  4. Why on earth was broadfield road shut? One copper turning people round on the roundabout....nothing happening at all but everyone put out and 40 minutes added to their journey for no reason. Jokers.
  5. Cheers lads. Bl00dy coppers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-46760669
  6. Some of the grief he gets on here is Crimino(l) We all have our own opinions, he just had a shiitake on how football should be played. Maitake is he's a loon though
  7. Glad we don't have days like this anymore, what a waste of everyones time when you only get £100k.
  8. No mate, i agree, wrong choice of words on my part. I guess my point was we look on this with nostalgia, just high jinks, but very similar behaviour by the kids now is frowned upon... maybe we should let up a bit when they act daft with throwing beer about etc, hence the double standard comment
  9. Not that you were hooligans! You were just owls. That was my point
  10. I do not want to start an argument in any way here but I'm 33 and gutted I've missed these grounds, I'm also a father and don't get to away games anymore ...but I feel sorry for kids now. There's posts on here about noses being broken etc from what we all deem 'normal' fans (which they are!) But young uns let a flare goes off and all hell breaks loose. I despise hooligans with a passion but, and I include myself in this, are we not buggers for double standards ?
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