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  1. I can go to 125 without being in bother, so count me in at that. Hopefully you get some more, it's a lovely piece (not really, I want it, screw everyone else!)
  2. How much you thinking pal? I've no idea what these are worth...50 quid?
  3. Yeah, profit from the bookies I assume....
  4. Backed it for that reason, some good had to come out of that debacle! 177 sheets, lovely. Very surprised it didn't run sideways then fail to beat the first fence.
  5. I'll also throw in Zlatan and Forward Thinking by Sturrock, that's his first one. The latter called Luggy isn't up to much except a chapter or so on the play off final
  6. Got bucket loads, listed the ones I liked most below, hope this helps... Factual Romance of the Wednesday is superb if it's your bag, if a little hard going at times 100 years at Hillsborough is good Wednesday by Keith Farnsworth Blades and Owls by Farnsworth again Player related Dooley! Is superb, a great read Enjoyed Peter Swans, although don't expect to like him after you've read it. Well before my time so only had my dads say so as to how good he was, I just don't think he came across as a nice bloke (personal opinion, please don't pounce on me!) Regrets of a football maverick by Terry Curran is decent enough Flying over an Olive grove is brilliant Non Wednesday El Diego is excellent, he's such a loon... on the other end of the spectrum I really enjoyed Stanley matthews autobiography
  7. So after 4 years and 4 managers the players take no blame at all? It's the current manager who has been here 6 months fault? Not the core squad who have been here 4 years? The core squad who have repeatedly failed. Repeatedly let us down. Repeatedly bottled it. Repeatedly taken massive wages. Repeatedly downed tools? Not them? No? Ok.
  8. Fml. I've heard first hand reports and admit I didn't go but just watched quest, what the holy f56k!? Our defence can be poor and keepers wanting but that was something else! What the f00k was bannan doing with that dad run!? He took 45 steps and covered 6 yards whilst they walked through us, on two occasions! He should be shot for that 5th. The third they actually had 3 passes and scored.. from their own box...on the floor... Monk may be crap, which he is, but the sooner every one of these shysters pi55 off the better. Not one should be kept. Not f88kin one of them
  9. Agree totally. He's been here what, 6 months? The core of the squad and chansiri have been here roughly 4 years. We've gone backwards and are now skint via 4 managers.... how can he be the main cause of our issues?? He's not the answer but he is certainly not the problem
  10. No, it's not. I don't rate him and didn't want him, but he's just the cherry on the icing on this massively overpaid, overrated clueless cake(ball)
  11. Feel for everyone who went today, they're a proper shower of 5hite this squad. In all my years supporting mainly dross there was always a few players you liked, even if the quality wasn't always there. I genuinely can't stand any of this lot Hope you got your pint in every corner though pal!
  12. Clearly my first response got a mixed reaction! If he hadn't played here before he'll certainly want to again, never seen anyone given so much room. Appreciate good players make space but blimey, we looked awe struck. Terrible from our midfield. Someone should have lent Shez some boots
  13. He was never one of the best and never a top professional, Ronaldo is a top professional. He's our Ricky Hatton. Very good, not in the elite, possibly could have been. Difference of course is Hatton seemed a good lad, Rooney is just a t055er.
  14. Could not care less. Will never measure our great club against such a tool of a man I hope he never graces our hallowed (partially plastic) turf. Will edit this just to reitify he's a total bell, no class, everything that's wrong with football and an absolute weapon.
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