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  1. To be fair the whole Hillsborough could be sold is a red herring, that's the deal with secured lending.. You don't pay they can take away. Regarding lending, it's never been cheaper...why liquidate assets that are income producing if you can borrow for peanuts. Hopefully nothing to see her.... hopefully!!
  2. He's definitely not an asset stripper and by the sound of his treatment of staff during covid he's an honorable and decent man, but the fact remains we don't own the ground. Any sane businessman who has a loss making trading business and a large valuable asset in a separate company, who didnt want to keep chucking good money after bad, would cut the flow off and try to recoup some via the asset. Admittedly the club is the best and only tenant but other options with such a site exist, and if he doesn't get on with new owners etc.... his heart is in the right place but it's still a worry
  3. To generate a nice 4m a year income like one of the leeds owners. I don't know the rent, probably peppercorn, but I bet it's very very easy for it to be increased.....money nearly back in a decade and still own the asset
  4. Not necessarily at all, the 'club's is worth nothing unless in the prem with some cash generation. And the maximising price is half the point, he can hold us to ransom and demand more money than the ground is worth, unless someone is stupid enough to bail us out we're screwed, it's a noose round our neck.... why not cut your losses and sell the ground for development and just down the club...or, sell the club and charge a massive rent, if people want to save the club they'll pay it. It's the worst thing to happen to us for a long long time
  5. So a bloke whos sunk 60odd million into an entity and owns it's only real asset is not going to hold that to ransom? Or just keep it and flog it. The sale of the ground is a disaster, an utter disaster
  6. I am. My daughter started d4cking about with the phone, I lost concentration and in my fury (at him not her) I pressed the wrong button. Please knock one off his 'in' tally. Although as per the other thread, it ain't easy to find a buyer for a loss making company with a large committed fixed cost base and no fixed assets. We're homeless, half the stuff on my Wednesday wall is Hillsborough, not players, but the theatre where my dad hugged me, I cried, I hugged my dad back, my kids, the place I love only second to my house. When that went we lost a huge chunk of our soul
  7. Not supping ale like it was water might have been a start
  8. I mean really? There's no doubt Hirst could have been up there with Shearer, in fact for 2 years he probably was....but to say he's better is silly. Ronaldinho's star shone as bright, if not brighter, than Ronaldo or Messi for one or two seasons, does that make him better? He was my hero as a 6 year old but to compare his record to Vardy's is ridiculous. Could he have been better...of course, a lot lot better...is he... not even close
  9. I thought it was Fletcher tbh mate so I stand corrected...although Urby had played 250 times for Ajax/Milan/Dutch national team so point still stands (I got well lucky with that one!!!)
  10. The best player we've had for donkeys years, but the day he had a paddy because a proven premier league player and international was paid more than him was the day his side of any story became worthless. Good riddance to the lot of em, shame we can't shift more.
  11. I can go to 125 without being in bother, so count me in at that. Hopefully you get some more, it's a lovely piece (not really, I want it, screw everyone else!)
  12. How much you thinking pal? I've no idea what these are worth...50 quid?
  13. Yeah, profit from the bookies I assume....
  14. Backed it for that reason, some good had to come out of that debacle! 177 sheets, lovely. Very surprised it didn't run sideways then fail to beat the first fence.
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