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  1. Still got ID's left if anyone wants. PM me
  2. I have 4 id's with 0 points if anyone needs them
  3. I have been going to Bulgaria for the past 10 years on holiday and have made some good Bulgarian friends. I have been speaking to one of these friends on FB last week, he was asking if I had heard the rumour about Bus coming to Wednesday. He informed me that he has seen him play many times for Sofia and in his opinion is a very poor player who misses many clear cut chances whilst playing in a poor league. I only hope he is wrong or trying to wind me up.
  4. Try Albertus Bar on the strip. That was the official Owls bar when we were on tour in Albufeira, they have sky sports too
  5. Don't think you've quite grasped the joke there mate
  6. Yeah he was a great prospect, struggled with his weight a bit though
  7. Mate of mine has just let me know that he may not be able to go tomorrow so I may have a spare ticket for the game. He will let me know for definite in the morning. If anyone might be interested in the ticket PM me your contact details, thanx .UTO
  8. Larry May by a country mile with Colin West in second. Larry may was absolute poo , standing joke with the lads on the kop at half time was " I'm just off to the Larryhouse for a Larry " Those were the days
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