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  1. DJ would be like any other manager at this level with f'k all backing. Lets just ho[pe that most Wednesdayites see through this. Milan needs to f'k off.
  2. Get a f'kin grip you poo poo cnuts. We arent good enough.
  3. Keep clapping you bunch of f'kin cnuts. We are poo . Deal with it.
  4. Im not like that mate, i will defend myself but i would never make fun of where you live.
  5. Good luck with that mate. You too Thommo. x
  6. Ive got you, you are following me around now. I dont mind, i brought it on myself. I can see this through, what are you doing right now? Who are you with etc?
  7. Our fanbase in general have just got used to being poo . The MASSIVE thing is just another example. Some idiots believe it too ha ha. Just read some of the posts. 4 games in, 3 defeats and a draw and we should be happy with that because we now have scouts and a youth team. Be happy that we have One striker available for 2moro and we have a League One midfield. Its ok. Majority of posters on here have given up.
  8. QPR were all over us. They looked like scoring everytime they went forward. The 2 goals they did score were so easy. Kirkland kept us in it, we should have been dead and buried. Rotherham were the better side, i wouldnt have minded if we put the development squad out. Burnley scored from nowhere, 2 decent crosses and we are 2-0 down. Burnley do have a much better side than us. Leeds played like the away side, we tried to break them down. Truth is we went flat and had nothing to give us a lift. Millwall will be scrapping 2moro, i hope we want it more than the Rotherham game.
  9. This summer there was no plan. 'We will start looking when O'Grady is sold' WTF. The managers targets should have been identified at the end of last season, when we knew what League we were in. The lack of ambition ive spoken about comes from this. Lets shift players on first then we will look, too f'kin late.
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