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  1. Pressman Nilsson Worthington Pearson Walker Carbone Palmer Sheridan Waddle Hirst Di Canio Subs: Hodge Sterland Anderson Warhurst Harkes Varadi Marwood Manager: Big Ron Other squad members: (if allowed) Chapman, Alexandersson, Hyde, Bart Williams, Bright, Williams, Lyons. First game was in October 84 against Leicester won 5-0 Imre got a hattrick - Aged 6. Addicted. WAWAW
  2. millomowl

    Sheffield Wednesday monopoly

    Land on SAG/SYP - reduce capacity by 5,000.
  3. For me this has to be Viv, rediculous amount of experience when joining us and great memories of him chipping in with vital goals. Great player!
  4. Remember this game well, another strategical dentist appointment to get out of school in Cumbria and in the Beehive with my dad, uncle and his mates. Remember there was a few Germans in there singing and the atmosphere was good before the game, in the ground was amazing. Their fans with all the flags spread out, fireworks. Sheri’s free kick was pinpoint and Wilson’s celebration sticks in the memory. We then cheekily stole their chant and it’s still used now. Glad I can say I’ve seen us in Europe with that and the spora game. Dont suppose Wrexham away and the final in 2005 count as Europe away games! UTO
  5. millomowl

    Sheffield Wednesday Megastore

    I’m still waiting for the shop to reply to my email from last October in regards to last seasons shirts, forwarded again this week for shipment costs and VAT off for a shipment to Australia. Im not expecting much movement anytime soon from them on the current form.
  6. millomowl

    9:01 am 23rd October 2017

    It's slowly moving, the 2nd & 3rd gear from last year has moved into the change kit section. No new home shirts yet just shorts & two sizes being XL & 2XL not available.
  7. millomowl

    Matias / Boyd

    Maybe they’ve gone to collect the kits....we might see them in 2019 then!
  8. Good Morning All, So I've just come across this following release here in Australia earlier today. This is a short video of the supplier On The Go - their owner / founder Mick Spencer's story. https://www.kochiesbusinessbuilders.com.au/onthego/ Watch the video and at around the 2.00- 2.08 mark there is a close up of the home shirt - now this has one of their tags on it. Now in theory they must of ( hopefully ) fulfilled their order for Wednesday as it's showing in their offices. I just wonder how long until this finally becomes available from our wonderful shop. WAWAW
  9. millomowl

    Wednesday or England

    Wednesday all the time for me. I’ve done England games in Portugal and Germany in 2004 & 2006 and that was enough for me. Being based in Australia I’ll be at the last ashes test for the lot and will have a Wednesday top on each day. Seriously couldn’t get into watching or even going to watch England now. I was back home last summer whilst the euros was on and watching with mates confirmed that our national footballers don’t really care about respresenting their country. The spirit of the 1990 World Cup will never be replicated unfortunately. Sign of the times. WAWAW
  10. It would of been interesting to see the breakdown in numbers of the original offer before it all went to crap earlier in the year before OTG came in. At the end of the day OTG got wind of us at a Brumbies game here in Canberra via a contact who put him onto Joe Palmer so as a business owner Mick Spencer naturally reached out to potentially provide a solution. He got the gig but now things are over running for delivery - we will see exactly how long it takes! I've found this on the OTG site in relation to price: https://www.onthegosports.com.au/sites/default/files/otg-cut-customiz-price-list.pdf It's on page 4 - QTY only goes 100+ units so I would hope that Wednesday's buy price is much lower. This may give us some indication of what we might expect to be paying. These prices are in Australian Dollar.
  11. For me it's confidence, that penalty miss at Leeds ( I think it was in March from memory ) then refusing to take one in the PO Shoot out confirmed it for me. Blatantly obvious that at that time he was'nt strong enough to back himself to take one. Now what happens behind closed doors ( training ground, team meetings etc, plus his Dad working at Wednesday possibly maybe a factor here ) we will never know. Personally I wouldn't of shelled out the £8-10m on him with what he brought to the table from January to May this year. As mentioned above he needs minutes on pitch to give a return which is known he can deliver - if he knows that he is lacking in confidence, the question is what has been done to get this moving for him to ultimately do what he's paid alot of money to do...score goals. Has he addressed a sports psychologist to have some open and frank discussions to get him going again or just bottling up and hope that things click. Hopefully sooner rather than later we get to see the best of him. Also were to heavy in that department for me big dave has served his purpose, Joao showed us what he can do and every man and his dog wants to see the boy wonder mk 2 let loose to develop.
  12. That link was on the daily mail a couple of weeks back
  13. Evening / morning all, just picking up this thread mid morning here in Canberra. So I’ve dealt with Mick Spencer in the past on a professional basis locally. All good on that front, that wasn’t for any of his goods so don’t know anything about the quality of what they produce. I was also talking to a mate who’s in the same industry here who supplies education mainly about the Wednesday situation, he reckons that Spencer has gambled massively on taking this on within his agreed timescales ( which are now overdue) Enclosed below is what I put to him on LinkedIn a fortnight ago. His reply is in there aswell so putting the ball back into the swfc commercial area to get an ETA on pricing / delivery. Personally I think it’s terrible from the club that as of now 4th October shirts are only being manufactured. Lets see what happens from here in.... WAWAW
  14. Morning All, ive just come across this picture via our Australian kit suppliers on one of their staff posting this picture. It seems as though we have some movement in relation to production. Look closely at the logo on the picture and it looks familiar to me. Now let’s see how long until we can get our hands on it....oh then there’s the cost! Anyway thought I’d share with my greater family! WAWAW
  15. millomowl

    Can you name all three players?

    Fairclough, reeves and god. I remember that game well, it was on a Sunday TV game November 1988. My dad brought us down from Cumbria on the Friday to stop with relatives in Rotherham for the fa cup 1st round game between Rotherham and Barrow then Hillsboro on the Sunday. Proper dad and lad weekend!