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  1. IVe just come back from Australia for Xmas and decided to do this one as tickets still available, booked online and rang the ticket office to confirm collection at boro. My first away game in 4 years so hoping now that dross has gone we can start winning. Hope that you and your lad enjoy the game WAWAW
  2. millomowl

    Talking in a Waddle wonderland

    'Mr Waddle....you happy now?' 'Yes Boss!' 'One week only'
  3. millomowl

    Where is winnall?

    Another £16k down the pisspot every week!
  4. millomowl

    The year 2018

    I was going to say Rita, Sue and Bob too! But that’s far too frivolous and exciting for what’s been produced this year so more along of a more dismal production...... Dejphon, Jos and Doyen too!
  5. millomowl

    8 million allegedly

    I'd honestly be surprised if this amount is'nt actually more. Reasons would be that how many of our overpaid mercenaries would have relegation release causes in their contracts? So they would have to be replaced. Secondly would be the existing ST agreements for those who've paid upfront to cover next season along with the POTG structure. This is already way out of line with what it should be I know for sure if I was living back in the UK I wouldnt be paying 35 ish quid on a Tuesday night against Bolton - unless this is slashed dramatically to be inline with the Division then you can wave good bye to that revenue source. Don't get me started on the commercial arm of ops either. The quicker we can get to the 50+ points barrier and hope that those 3 teams who occupy below the line are crapper than us so WHEN DC wakes up to himself and relieves Dross of duties. We all know that it (our wonderful club) is his baby and he'll do what he wishes but he needs to actually acknowledge the situation and put his hand up and go 'Yes i need assistance' - If he doesnt then this current situation we're in is only going to get worse. Correct me if I'm wrong but did his lad find us on Football Manager and that's how he ended up buying us of MM?
  6. millomowl

    Ian Holloway

    If he can do any better than whats on offer and come up with the odd line like on this clip Then give him a crack!
  7. It'll be 6.45am here so up with a brew at home. Now hopefully around 8.50am I'm still in a good mood before I go and play cricket or else the alternative will be a long unenjoyable day.
  8. millomowl

    Usain Bolt Could he do a Job

    Central Coast Mariners offered him $150k AUD as a base contract so 83k ish GBP. There was alot of media coverage here in Australia about him being on trial with them and they even televised a trial game against a local team, there was a crowd of 10k and he come on for 20 minutes wearing gloves. There was also another trial game which he scored and not sure if he even played the full 90 mins. Yes he's quick and not the worst but from what I saw somewhere around the standard of Kim Olsen.
  9. millomowl

    The DC Era

    For me the realisation of what we are in for with DC going forward now that we have passed the 3 year promise is in all honesty scary. Speaking with a contact who has first hand experience of one of his professional network who has dealt with him on a direct basis was interesting information to digest as a fan. - Advising that EVERY decision within the club has to run through DC irrespective of size and delays have arisen due to him not being on site so ultimately certain aspects come at a financial loss. - Micromanagement is very strong as mentioned above (it's his baby - he'll do what we he wants ) plus his business acumen coming to the fore and threatening to pull out of some potential deals over the matter of pennies. Yes this is a good thing to get the best deal for the club but....when will we as fans get to see some prosperous changes and get us moving forward. If you look where we were at under SG this time 4 years ago there's nothing in it on the playing side plus lots of money spent for 2 play off's appearances. Personally I would love for him - DC to actually swallow his pride and take on some good footballing advice not those Doyen mob either and also have the realisation that Sheffield is not London and stop charging top whack for walk ups. Make an effort to get the people who like myself when I'm back in the UK are keen to get to Hillsborough (its a right of passage for me and my dad making the trip from Cumbria) who can only do the odd game. The pricing structure to me is crap with 7 tiers of pricing - how often are you going to get a Cat G game at £20? Once a year? Why not revert to 2 or maybe 3 max tiers of pricing and look at having a 'retro' pricing where for example one or two games a season we mirror the pricing we had 20-25 years ago - (cue the money loss replies). In the cold light of day DC has put a good amount of money in for the acquisition of the club, pitch, screen and players so I seriously doubt that he's going to move and we can only hope he has a mindset change to ultimately get us heading productively forward. UTO WAWAW
  10. For me on this one there is a number of issues that need addressing internally. We have a horrible history of having players who join us who've been mentioned in this post and then have injuries. So my question here is what / how many physio's / rehab staff do the club have in assisting players to get back upto match fitness? Are the correct structures in place to deliver? So concentrating on FF when his knee went and he played on until the play off's and we did'nt prosper - but instead of having the procedure's booked in already with the selective surgeon at the end of the 16/17 season he started last season then broke down. Then he went for the operation and missed the majority of last season - who was making this decision at the time? CC or the Medical team? Keiron Lee sounds potentially ill advised if the first operation did not go well and basically has to start again with the process and also his rehab. On a personal aspect I had a hip operation last September ( Femouroactabular Impingement - FAI ) in English I had my bone shaved to increase my movement. The surgeon had advised that this was like this since I was 15 i'm 40 now and If i was playing football recovery time would be 9 months to be playing again, thankfully now I'm back upto full fitness (if you can call it that!) My physio has been fantastic in assisting getting me back to normal. Now personal stuff aside as I'm not a professional sportsman but for Keiron Lee how has he been managed by the club for his journey? Not very good by the sounds of things which is very frustrating for us as fans as he is a major part in the team but also for him as an individual. The other players - Abdi, Hutchinson, Hooper, Boyd, Winnall - others that I can't think of but are never in the frame and is costing us a stupid amount of money thrown down the drain as we sign players to join the retirement home...The scottish lads in the late 90's, Hinchcliffe, Jonk, De Bilde the list is long. This culture has to change along with ensuring that the rehab / physio side is also becomes addressed so that these recurrences can be reduced so we can have our best 11 on the field at all times. Going forward I seriously hope that Jos has the balls to have a massive exodus next summer so we can basically start from scratch to ultimately get where we want to be! Anyway rant over! WAWAW
  11. Remember this like yesterday and had a fantastic view of where I was at in the North that day. Cant believe its been 25 years but anyway thanks God for the memories and putting this young Manc on his arse! There's only one......
  12. millomowl

    Jon Shaw

    My memories of him....Rushden & Diamonds away. Sure he hit the post late on..That's it
  13. millomowl

    RIP Oliver Rains

    RIP Young man xx
  14. October 1984 Aged 6 v Leicester won 5-0 and Imre got a hat trick. Sat in the South stand with my dad and remember spilling a can of pop over me when we scored! The fascination was fixed from that day on. WAWAW
  15. Yes - South West Cumbria...Reason my Dad told me I was a Wednesdayite and took me to my first game when I was 6 against Leicester in 1984. He chose Wednesday as he shares the same name as a player in the early 60's read in the paper that he had a good game one day and as a teenager that was enough for my Dad. We had relatives in Rotherham so was handy if wanted to make a weekend of it. Otherwise it would be a 6 hr round trip for a home game then picking up selective away games. I wouldnt change a thing supporting our amazing unique club through thick and thin. You don't chose Wednesday, they choose you WAWAW