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  1. Probably cause their owner is also the owner of Bein sports who have champions league rights.
  2. Paterson. We needed a presence in midfield all season.. Bannan and Pelupessy too lightweight.. and though not the perfect midfielder he grafted well.
  3. Every team which changes managers wins their first game..Wednesday lose their first 3
  4. I don't like to slag any of our players, especially before a game.. but I am looking forward to next year and not see 2 of today's starting 11.
  5. Poor from Bannan who from an attacking position gave away the ball cheaply.
  6. Tell that to the match officials.I think they made the decision. And how about stopping whipping the club? After all, if the club is not doing well, this site won't as well?
  7. I voted for Pelupessy just for exceeding all expectations I had of him though I think that Westwood was MoM.. he saved the result especially right at the end. How can anyone vote Bannan and Hutchinson is beyond me. They were good (as all others) but their mistakes (Bannan's silly back pass) and the penalty conceded were atrocious.
  8. Typical Wednesday.. Gordon Bennett plays a blinder then gets dropped.. Paterson for me.
  9. What I like about Paterson is that he strikes me as a 'mean' player.. he nudges players, leaves trailing legs to accidentally hit opposing players etc..I think Windass is a bit like him.. I don't like our players being too nice and I think we have loads of them.
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