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  1. mabor

    Westwood starts u23

    2 2 final score
  2. mabor

    Clean sheet.

    AC Milan has equalled a club record of 15 consecutive games without clean sheets and they're not doing badly atm so we're in good company. Mind you they have the best Italian goalkeeper between the sticks...Donnarumma... who surprise surprise is not being blamed for every goal they conceed... funny supporters these Italians..
  3. If possible, I would like to see replays during the match rather than searching for particular actions myself. I watched it on my phone and apart from the audio problem and picture frozen at the end of first half it was ok...
  4. Dear Lord Snooty, Will you be doing the tactical analysis for this match please? Thanks.
  5. Mirodo, can you consider adding England's qualifying matches for the forthcoming world cup? Thanks
  6. Thanks Mirodo. Really appreciate your work in doing this calendar and also found the euro 2016 fixtures really handy.
  7. http://cdn.livetvcdn.net/webplayer.php?t=ifr&c=418903&lang=en&eid=411589&lid=418903&ci=57&si=1
  8. Listening to it here..http://www.fulhamfc.com/first-team/2015_2016/fa-cup/round-three/sheffield-wednesday#matchstatistics
  9. We're the top scorers of the division...
  10. mabor

    Player phone app

    Thank you, Grimbarian.
  11. no mate www.futbol24.com
  12. don't know if there's another thread but we're 2-0 down after 21mins