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  1. I remember this game really well. Mate of ours stayed in The Ball to watch it on Sky as it was so cold out. Start of the second half the Band got going and, for once, the Koop crowd got behind them and it just went on and on, getting louder with North and South (some of ‘em) joining in. I was convinced Forest were going to nick a tight game but, when I watched it back later, we dominated the entire game. Funny how being in Hillsborough bends your reality of watching Wednesday. Trustfull was a really unfulfilled talent and Pembridge wa
  2. Hodge was superb. I didn’t think the Ogrizovic goal was that bad for him. I was right behind it at the top of the Kop. It just carried on the wind, took off on the bounce and hit the left hand post and went in. The error he made that stands out was against Arsenal in The League Cup QF at home when he somehow let a Nigel Winterburn shot (I think) through his grasp for the only goal of the game. I now feel bad about dwelling on a Hodge error because he was the best keeper in my time as a Wednesdayite - only Pressman comes close.
  3. Mr Bainbridge - science teacher. Mr Evans took some part as well. There’s a picture of my dad taking a team talk with Mel and Charlie in Mel’s autobiography. I might have met you, too. I was taken to a few school matches and remember sitting on the floor of the minibus with all these ‘big lads’ sitting on the bench seats either side. I would have been about 4 years old, so 1977-78 school year/season.
  4. Also, Smith, Sterland, Williamson all brought through from the juniors and Shutt brought back eventually. All home grown talent. We could do with a similar conversion rate now.
  5. Williamson’s injury was a real shame. Him, Sterland and Shutt were in same school team at Waltheof. My old man took them for games/training. Said Williamson was the best footballer in the team by far but Sterland you could play anywhere and he just imposed himself on games.
  6. My first season going; it was amazing for a 10 year old. First game was a 4-2 Win at home v Blackburn Rovers on October 1st 1983 - hence my user name. Shelton missed a pen with about 10 minutes left at 2-2 and we still won pretty easily. Team was ferociously fit and never gave up. The Newcastle home game (4-2 win) against Keegan, Terry Mac, Waddle was first time on The Kop as South Stand was uncovered and it was something else. For those who want an idea of how that team played go on YouTube and find highlights of our first game back
  7. I’ve heard she’s keen. DM her. She’s on here under the name, ‘Penguin’ apparently...
  8. The issue with his wage is that if it doubled on promotion then he was on around 25k per week beforehand. The problem lies in the fact that 25k per week is a pre-Covid 19 championship salary. There’s no way we, or any club should entertain paying just about anybody that for a deal negotiated in the present climate. Ergo, does Zohore want to play or not? Either WBA pick up probably 75% of his wedge for a loan or he goes on a permanent and cuts his cloth accordingly.
  9. If Odubajo had been the defender it would have been given. Certainly was given against him last season; at Derby for one.
  10. I agree. Where it comes to cheese, one should brie respectful. In today’s highly charged, controversial world of dairy based comestibles it is advisable to tread caerphilly.
  11. Warhurst and Walker could both shift. There have been honourable mentions for Branston, Horne and Sedgewick but the slowest has to be... ...Ronnie Wallwork. Turned slower than milk and outran by a morbidly obese tortoise. He was Pinteresque (for you culture vultures.)
  12. Fulham put out a pretty strong line up this week; seem to be taking it quite seriously. Think our team will be very similar to those who played at Rochdale.
  13. Bang on. Surprised it took until page 3 of the thread.
  14. I might quibble at the designs (the ‘BHA’ shirt followed by Blue Arsenal) but the quality of the Sondico kits was excellent. The Elev8 ones are good quality and generally good designs too. Puma, Lotto and Diadora were all crap. That said, I love my Bukta repros and my favourite all time Wednesday shirt is Umbro home 1984-86.
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