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  1. He is not looking good at the moment...
  2. Micah

    because a professional journalist always bites at criticism and tells people to f. uck off! However, I dread we will now conclude a £3.5m deal for Micah.
  3. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    Now that's a night out. With gravy...
  4. FourFourTwo Magazine Reckon We'll Do It

    I am going to be optimistic. 4-4-2 generally get one of the top two correct. and Norwich will not finish top... ....lump on, I reckon.
  5. Next season kit

    As requested. They're hard at it in CC's garage...
  6. Harry Maguire

    Someone I know, who is well connected at Hull, suggested Everton was his most likely destination.
  7. I've been looking back at the last decade regarding what points tally and goals total is generally needed for automatic promotion. There are some outlying oddities such as Hull getting the runners up spot in 2013 with only 79 points, likewise Stoke in 2008. I've looked at what the runners up finished with rather than just being one point better off than third as I presumed that a lower total for the runner up might well have seen an improvement in the total of third, fourth etc. The upshot of it is the following: Automatically promoted teams will gain at least 88 points more often than not (14 out of 20.) You generally need at least 26 wins (13 out of 20 and only once less than 23.) No more than 10 losses at the maximum (only 4 out of 20 did so and three of those lost 11.) At least 70 goals scored and 80+ is preferable (15 out of 20.) No more than 45 goals conceded (actually 8 out of 20 have, but only 3 of the last 12.) A leading scorer in the top 10 (16 out of 20) So, looking at the season just gone we need to at least: Win at least two more games, more likely three. Lose three fewer games. Score at least a bare minimum of ten more goals but, more likely, twenty! We are okay on goals conceded at 45. We need one settled, fit striker who scores 20+ League goals. Only 3 out of 20 sides promoted automatically in the past 10 seasons had a final results profile anything like ours from last season. They are: Hull City in 2013 - 79 points (w24/d7/l15/ f61/a52) Birmingham City in 2009 - 83 points (w23/d14/l9/ f54/a37) Stoke City in 2008 - 79 points (w21/d16/l9/ f69/a55) There you have it...
  8. next seasons odds

    As somebody who lives and works amongst Hull fans, the majority are more concerned about leaving the Championship the wrong way next season. And they are usually far too optimistic about their chances.
  9. The Ugly Side of Wednesday

    Here's a Young Moyes away from the pitch...
  10. Sam winnall

    I thought the Dingles said that Winnall doesn't do anything. Doesn't link up play, doesn't run the channels, doesn't press the ball but will score goals if you make lots of chances for him. Shows how deluded they are; he is a proper footballer.
  11. Are you aware that there is now a strong suspicion that the video above was staged...
  12. little competition folks,

    Magnificent, although you appear to have Michael Palin on there. In his diaries he says he supports both Sheffield teams but accepts this is anathema in the city so is forced to stick with who he supported when a boy in Sheffield, which was the Pigs.
  13. Sag double standards ?

    I suspect SAG deals with very specific case instances when making decisions and both the Leeds waster and the stand off with Palace fans will count against us. However, I am surprised at this decision; it might well be that the Stain's upper and lower tiers are separate but neither the turnstiles nor the immediate approach to the ground are. I've only seen Wednesday there once when we drew 2-2 (Bolder x 2) and the walk up and queue to get in were as unpleasant an away experience as I have ever had; stones, dog sheet, cans thrown over the single line Police cordon at us.
  14. Player fatigue

    I agree. Whilst I am a supporter of CC, my only gripe is that two seasons in a row he has played the 'fatigued players' card. No doubt they are but every team suffers and in my opinion, by vocalising this so much, CC unwittingly communicates to the players that it is okay to put in a 'tired' performance. By contrast, not that I would trade CC for him, by the way, Lambert talked after the game about his players' excellent pressing and tempo. we have the players to keep up the tempo and pressing, even with three games in a week but it feels like CC hasn't had ours at it this weekend whilst Grayson and Lambert have.
  15. Doesn't sound great but my perspective is 0-0 away at PNE at HT isn't too bad. The Rams still being held at home to Wigan; if I was a Derby fan that would bother me...