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  1. Fairclough was pictured in (or holding) a Wednesday Shirt in the South Stand before f u c k I n g off to Leeds.
  2. Patrick Blondeau. Does Chris Fairclough count? Not hate, but I was bewildered by the love for Jermaine Johnson.
  3. Hull City away 2005. Leicester City when we win 3-1 with Leon Clarke lobbing their keeper late on.
  4. I think I remember the game as Bannister was making his comeback after injury. I sat on South Stand uncovered with my dad and brother. I would have been 10. My first game, as my username shows, was 1st October 1983 earlier that season; a 4-2 win at home v Blackburn Rovers. By the Brighton game I'd been to about 8 or 9 games - I remember being absolutely freezing at that game and very jealous of an old couple sat to my left with blanket over knees and a flask. What I loved about the South Stand uncovered (which is where we sat for the first game against Blackburn) was that you walked down a 'tunnel' with white washed walls either side of you (you can see it on the video) before going up steps in the vomitorium into the stand. Not getting the view of the pitch until the very last second was so exciting. I only went on The Kop once that first season v Newcastle when we got there to find South Stand uncovered sold out. We won 4-2 in front of about 46 000. Now that was a game! Happy memories.
  5. This Night Has Opened My Eyes...
  6. I thought this way about Peter Eustace. I was 14. I was wrong.
  7. I get the feeling Coleman and Pulis have lobbied really hard for the job; both with DC and the media. I reckon both are misguided egotists who think we'd be lucky to have them. Don't want either, as if you want dire Pulisball then Karanka is more successful at snore bore soccer and Coleman, well, just, God, no! It is an uninspiring field but I reckon Rowett could be very effective. Stoke apart, he's done well elsewhere, seems to make players better and knows the demands of the division. Also seems to have done best when there's been relatively little to spend; he got a dog of a Birmingham team near the sharp end before the Zola debacle. IF he can get us performing similarly then we could be in business; we've got better players than that Brum team.
  8. Watching on Sky red button. Great chance for Joao. Feel sea sick; The fifteen year old work experience kid is clearly the cameraman.
  9. You don't know the meaning of the word erstwhile; it means formerly. Thus, it is impossible formerly continue in the real world... Get your vocab right and have enough respect to call Atdhe by his name, Atdhe. It's not the 'conscience' police calling you out, it's the 'don't be an ignorant fizz' police.
  10. I'd like Piazon to sign on the basis that we could us The Clash's 'Spanish bombs' as his song. Cannot be arsed to figure out all the lyrics but the, 'oh my corrazon' line can be, 'oh, Lucas Piazon.' and before you all say... ...you're welcome!
  11. I watched the subs at ht very carefully And FF was definitely not involved. Indeed, the only one not involved. At the time I thought it odd and assumed it was a sign he was on his way, but we surely wouldn't have risked him if he was leaving and we needed the deal to go through. Showed his class when he came on although he was spectacularly greedy when he hit the side netting.
  12. Funny how so many people grasped the wrong end of the stick, eh? Not your fault but everybody else's. I generally stay out of this stuff but your comment was in very poor taste without even a scintilla of humour.
  13. "Given away by Butterfield...." This is the shi1t sequel to Groundhog Day.
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