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  1. Funny how so many people grasped the wrong end of the stick, eh? Not your fault but everybody else's. I generally stay out of this stuff but your comment was in very poor taste without even a scintilla of humour.
  2. "Given away by Butterfield...." This is the shi1t sequel to Groundhog Day.
  3. BBC pundits tonight

    Clear that Lawrenson hasn't done a jot of research but he seems more negative about being there at all than against us, per se. I don't blame him, to be honest.
  4. Go West

    I remember a really poor miss from Colin at 0-0 in the infamous 0-5 third replay defeat to Everton...
  5. ghost F.A cup draw.

    Here's mine. It's the legit draw with FA Compliance officers overseeing it. They were dead helpful, what with getting some of the balls out of the airing cupboard and a couple from out of the freezer by the carte d'or... Sheffield Wed v Pigs Notts Co or Swansea v Leicester Brighton HA v Newport or Spurs Southampton v WBA Hull City v Wigan Millwall or Rochdale v Man Utd Coventry v Huddersfield or Birmingham Man City v Chelsea That Chelsea ball was icy cold.
  6. Bish bosh bash

    Bish bosh bash You've clearly smoked your entire stash
  7. A very good player; by God he would look immense in the current team. I remember the Man United game clearly as it was my last before going off on a year long trip around the World. It just shows how the World has changed; I was sitting in a bar three nights later in Singapore and they were showing Premier League matches. Tons of locals in watching it as if it was live. It was clear they did not know the final outcome. I cheered our goals like I had done three days earlier. The Singaporean manure fans took it all in good humour. Wim Jonk scoring as well. I am sure the Dutch pronounce J as W and O as A. Or they should have done.
  8. Indeed he does. Looks terrified he might get the ball. I find it odd that Rhodes is more the man up top. Joao seems better suited.
  9. Nixon- DC chasing German coach.

    I swear I've seen that nose and those eyes before.....
  10. He is not looking good at the moment...
  11. Micah

    because a professional journalist always bites at criticism and tells people to f. uck off! However, I dread we will now conclude a £3.5m deal for Micah.
  12. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    Now that's a night out. With gravy...
  13. FourFourTwo Magazine Reckon We'll Do It

    I am going to be optimistic. 4-4-2 generally get one of the top two correct. and Norwich will not finish top... ....lump on, I reckon.
  14. Next season kit

    As requested. They're hard at it in CC's garage...
  15. Harry Maguire

    Someone I know, who is well connected at Hull, suggested Everton was his most likely destination.