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  1. I suspect my view isn’t going to be popular but I never understood the fuss or love for Johnson. He was mostly poor. Run, Forrest, run. Somebody earlier in this thread had him as our last legend! It may just be their age and being unlucky to have only seen us over the past twenty years but, having had the luxury of seeing us since 1983 I can safely say he would not get near my top 100 Wednesday players in my time as a supporter. Probably not even top 200.
  2. You categorically stated Swift, Clucas and Woods as better and cheaper, not could be cheaper. Woods has played 53 of the last 96 Championship games in the past two seasons. Your argument has feet of clay.
  3. All I can say is that I heard it from somebody who you would think would know for sure.
  4. It could be that relegation equals certain liquidation. Horrible possibility. Really feel for Wigan fans right now.
  5. The second part of your sentence is the definition of developing a player...
  6. The Elev8 ones are decent quality but not a patch on the Sondico ones. The Black with Bright Orange away shirt looks great and so well made. I was a Sondico sceptic but I would definitely have them back (I know this will not happen, BTW.)
  7. if Wigan stay up, Paul Cook should get the Sheffield Wednesday manager’s position....
  8. As above, the EFL would be agreeing to arbitration, not an appeal. The reason why they may do it is because CAS is pretty cheap and gives a final outcome, whereas being threatened with legal action through the UK courts can be lengthy, messy and very expensive.
  9. No. The Court of Arbitration for Sport is not an appeals court. It is an arbitration Court. They act as arbiters in a dispute if the two disputing parties agree to accept their arbitration. If EFL refused to agree to arbitration, DC may be able to take legal action against the EFL but he couldn’t ‘take it to CAS.’
  10. Stayed there once with dinner (somebody else was paying.) Money does buy class in this case. Exquisite. We been cleared yet?
  11. Going to CAS is not as straightforward as it might seem. CAS will only hear and rule on an appeal arbitration once all domestic means of ‘solving’ a dispute are exhausted and then the EFL would need to agree, as would we, to go to arbitration and abide by CAS’ final ruling. You cannot realistically appeal a CAS ruling. They apply the governing body’s rules in arbitration or rely upon UK national law if it is applicable. You can appeal to the Swiss Court of Appeal but in our case there is nothing in Swiss law that would be enforceable. CAS can give an urgent STAY ruling if, for example, we were relegated, then CAS could order that to be put on hold (if the EFL had agreed to the arbitration in the first place) but any appeal arbitration has a deadline of three months to verdict. To clear this up: We receive a points deduction that leaves us relegated. We appeal to EFL - we lose. We want it to go to CAS - this requires EFL to agree to accept CAS arbitration, which they might do if they face lengthy and costly legal action through the UK courts. CAS order an immediate stay on our relegation - at this point proceeding with next season’s fixture list etc would be nigh on impossible. CAS could take up to three months to rule. Or EFL lose/have lost at independent panel. We stay up. Or EFL impose penalty. Gets member clubs to back them. We go down. We take EFL to court. Could take months/over a year and costs everybody millions.
  12. So... ...Could it be that we have been found not guilty, BUT ordered to stay quiet so as not to prejudice the Derby case currently being held (is it?) You wold think if we are not guilty then so would Derby be, but perhaps the contentious issue with them is the valuation placed on the stadium (although Derby fans seem confident the EFL flagged this up at the time and they reduced it.) Don't want to get my hopes up but if our verdict was really two weeks ago and it had gone against us it surely would have leaked out with news of an appeal. Gotta go. I've knocked some drinking straws down the gap between freezer and fridge. I can just get my hand in to clutch at them.
  13. Yep. And them letters are gonna be thick cos you can only get about three words on a page when you write in crayon.
  14. I also think, although he won his England cap at Arsenal, we definitely had the best of Marwood.
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