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  1. All going the way many thought it would, not owning our own ground on top of it all is worrying too. oh and will this speed up my refund?
  2. He is sat on Half Moon St, is that a clue?
  3. I have been attempting to get through to extend my three year season ticket this afternoon for over two hours, for matchday tickets press 1 for any other enquiries please press 2 has been heard many many times. Eventually you loop round to an American voice informing you that your call cannot be completed at this time and you should check the number you have dialled. On the one occasion where i rebelled against the press 2 option and pressed 1 I was told sorry mate we cant do anything for you here you'll have to press 2. I dont think I am going to bother now. All in all an experience that reflects the current status of the club, half baked and frustrating.
  4. When do SKY release their first batch of games covering the first couple of months of the season? Looking at booking trains for Fulham and am aware they could pick that game and subsequently move it to Friday night, early or late kick off on the Saturday or end up with it being on the Sunday.
  5. Mines ready, might need some help blowing it up
  6. You have to admit they consistently never fail to let us down do they, today was funnier than the Tevez last day of the season debacle. It's like having your own troupe of clowns, if they sound the horn on the team bus on the way home from Wembley i wouldn't be surprised if the doors fell off
  7. Cheers, I normally listen out for the draw but on Saturday there were people making far too much noise
  8. Where would i find the half time draw numbers from Saturday?
  9. They are both shockingly bad, Morrison in particular. Johnson has no link between his head and his feet, it's like he has a big button marked RANDOM on his head you hit it and wait to see what happens!
  10. Horrendous League 1 kit, why on earth would anyone want a black kit! I know the current yellow strip has not exactly been our most fortunate of strips , but the new kit is crap, it reminds me of the foul grey and purple one we had, the away kit should be a variation on the same colours along the same lines as the home strip i.e. blue and yellow not have this years latest in vogue testicles. Well that's my rant over.
  11. What time does the ticket office open today (Friday)? Had a look on the website but it seems to be a dead end link.
  12. So, is the deadline close of play today or tomorrow?
  13. So they could then? Obviously, as it is only "As far as you know" deejay with me it's not the price it's being told to buy one now or suffer the consequence of paying more, whichever league we are in. Once had a double glazing salesman round and he gave me his best offer only if I signed there and then, I threw him out!
  14. And has the airline company altered the product you shall be receiving from the time of purchase i.e. you are now travelling by bus and are going to get very wet!
  15. Plonk absolutely 100% correct, couldn't have put it better myself, due to my blind loyalty to Wednesday I still might renew today. However to be fed these remarkable cost savings is pretty insulting. If we go down then we shall have to review the match day price as the alternative in the current dual climate of crap football and no money circulating is crowds of around 14,000 - 16,000
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