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  1. Meanwhile, '50% of renewals' have been processed. So at least something works in the ticket office.
  2. We used to do ours in Millhouses Park. After training we'd then have a game of padder (mini tennis) before retiring to the Robin Hood for 4 pints of Tetley's and a large Yorkshire pudding. Worked for us.
  3. Watching ITV coverage just makes you realise that the BBC isn't actually that bad.
  4. Versus Sheffield United 10/10 every time. Rest of the time 8/10.
  5. The only light at the end of the tunnel will be when I see a picture of Chansiri shaking hands with the new owner.
  6. Awful. I had to turn it off. Hope he is OK...
  7. Southgate bores me to death. Both his football and the bloke.
  8. I'm with @asteener1867 on this one. No idea what @@owlstalk keeps wittering on about. When the Chairman is also the owner of the club and nothing happens (or doesn't happen) without his say so, of course criticism of him is criticism of the club. Unfortunately, he IS the club and everything he says, does or doesn't do reflects on the club. That is why everyone is laughing at us and thinks we are a complete basket case.
  9. Could you give examples of criticising the club, and then give separate examples of criticising the owner please. Just to show the stark difference.
  10. Exactly. Why would a company, large or small, want to be associated with the club in its current shambolic state?
  11. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
  12. Go on then, so who appointed him? You nearly said it!
  13. And who appointed the 'untested Championship manager'?
  14. What has any of that got to do with the how Chansiri has ruined the club?
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