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  1. Woke me up that did!! Noisy buggers.
  2. No. That's to go through which ever way. Not just 90 mins. England 4/5
  3. Germany @Evens to go through tomorrow. Lump on!!
  4. It's ok all this excitement and extra time business but I haven't had chance to watch Neighbours yet!
  5. I think this referee has been outstanding. Argentinian too!
  6. Gareth, we don't need 4 holding midfielders. Thank you, Rodger.
  7. That Swiss no. 18 looks about 45!
  8. Why aren't England games ever this entertaining? Ever!
  9. Bloody watch making cheese eating neutrals!!!!! Come you Frenchies!!!!
  10. Really not keen on our Sam, are you?!
  11. Have some of that! Who cares!?
  12. This should be a good last 10 mins. STFU Emma!!!!
  13. That's the trouble when co commentators are on these new pay-by-the-word contracts.
  14. Now I'm no dinosaur or sexist, but Emma Hayes can fuckright off.
  15. If I blew hard enough sat here, I bet Eden Hazard would fall over.
  16. Bloody hope not!! Other than that...
  17. Imagine that kids! Actually looking forward to going to Hillsborough and being excited and entertained! Hard to imagine now, but it did happen - honest! Early 80s to mid 90s.
  18. Ah, but wait until the TrueFans come on telling everyone it's Wednesday they support not Chansiri and that they'll be walking the length and breadth of the country (bare foot and sometimes on broken glass) following The Owls, with or without away tickets!! Yeah!!
  19. When you see it laid out it's bloody depressing!
  20. Thanks DC for arranging such a mouth watering season to come.
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