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  1. I had a huge jigsaw of Charlie George for some reason. I always wanted my hair like Gary Bannister, but it always curled in on the left and out on the right.
  2. I don't hate stats, they make the game interesting for the Americans and children, but I just think (know!), most are completely pointless.
  3. And that, ladies and gentleman, is all you need to know about the relevance of stats in football.
  4. I always thought he'd last forever! Sad news.
  5. WTF do they all do?! And why are they on a TEAM photo? Players, manager, bucket man. That's it.
  6. Moore Out Chansiri Out Burn the ground down Oh, we're 2nd!
  7. I wonder why, with the impressive start to the season, the club haven't put season tickets back on sale. (Pro rata). Seems an ideal time to sell a good deal more. (Before the losing run!!)
  8. The only football stat that has ever interested me is the final result.
  9. Am I just getting old and grumpy or does anyone else have no interest in watching Manchester City hammer Norwich City 5-0. I'm sure City fans would love it. I recorded MotD and started watching it and just thought, 'this is dull and what is the point'.
  10. I'll re assess after around 38 games if that's OK.
  11. Dear Barry, Lovely man, great player, inspirational captain and leader. But please have a word with your boot supplier and get some different coloured boots. The 'pear drop' combo goes with nothing! Something that goes with the kit, or even your complexion would be better. Thank you, Rodger.
  12. I think that's how many Wigan fans went to Sunderland.
  13. How many points do you get for having 19000 season tickets?
  14. But it's not, how difficult can it be, it's how cheap can we do it to maximise profit. And by maximise profit, everyone knows it means, to rip people off.
  15. Are you going to Charlton by any chance?
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