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  1. It's not about enjoying it apparently, it's about watching absolute dog poo and getting 3 points. Big D isn't bothered.
  2. I'd just be happy if he actually had a go at teams rather than worry about what the opposition might do as much. If you're going to lose, at least lose attacking.
  3. Ok, I forgot to say 'Consistently', the best player since the Premier days. You could count Kieran Lee's poor games on the fingers of one hand and not use three fingers. Forestieri?! Like you say, for one season, and that was if he fancied it and everything was going his way. Mardy tw@t.
  4. The best player we've had since the Premier days. Welcome back Kieran. xx
  5. Head of Sports Science. Does that mean if he is Head of it that there are even more people in this essential dept?
  6. If the word, philosophy was mentioned at the interview I boot them out straight away.
  7. A copy of the OP needs sending to the EFL Refereeing Dept.
  8. I've never understood why any team would only play one up front - especially at home. Just seems so needlessly negative.
  9. If anyone should fancy the home section, it has been brought to my attention that tickets are now on sale online. £26 seating, £18 standing.
  10. @parajackI was referring to Moore being a draw for players to come to the club. Nothing to do with his tactics or playing style.
  11. Anyway, if King Kev turns us down again, send for Ian Holloway. At least it would be entertaining.
  12. I think it's nothing to do with Darren Moore, Berahino the exception, but all about wages.
  13. But just think what a mess we'd be in without his 19 (nineteen) backroom staff. Good job they're all here helping out at this tough time.
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