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  1. Ok, well if its out of bounds.......... Dont forget the floodlight switch room though!
  2. Well if youre too scared to do it, just give your camera to whoever changes the bulbs and the flags!!! Who does that by the way??
  3. Very good Mr DJ. I see you are thinking, 'quirky' in your art work today. I never knew it was there either. Hope you aren't avoiding the North Stand roof pics? And its no good waiting for a sunny day as the sun will be right in your eyes/lens!
  4. Exactly!!!!! IMO Spurr and Buxton should be on their way to somewhere like Ecclesfield Red Rose! (Are they still going?)
  5. Now I know youre lying - No one answers the phones!!
  6. Stadium Operations?!!! Stop trying to make out there are different departments down there when really, everyone knows its YOU that runs everything!!
  7. Yes it does sound sad, but in an inquisitive way though. But, I would l love to see a pic of the room where the switches are for the floodlights please.
  8. Mr DJ, when youre wandering around, camera in hand, try thinking, angles, obscure, mystery, stimulating, thought provoking, that kind of thing. I often try sneaking in through the gate at the back of the North Stand near the shop and just go in and look at the Grand Old Girl at peace with herself. Its never long before some goose stepping offical shouts and throws you out though. I should know better at my age but it wont go away!
  9. No, but I think it would make a good pic. Have you no artistic flair about you? If its too high for you I'll do it. And I dont want any, 'health and safety' nonsense either! And while youre up there put some decent flags up! My desk, tomorrow morning. Thank you.
  10. Id like to see one taken from the roof of the North Stand, through one of the floodlight clusters towards the gable on the South Stand. Simple!
  11. Lets get the sign back! Dont pay the croc Jeffers for a week and its paid for!! In fact, just get rid of him altogether and we can have all sorts of aesthetic goodies in his place! And I thought I wasted money!!
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