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  1. Last night on 'Late Kick Off' on BBC1, John Hendrie, (Scottish person), corrected Guy Mowbray, (English person), with his pronounciation and pointed out it was Ir-vinn and not Ir-vine.
  2. So are you saying we are using it incorrectly or that with most clubs using it, it proves it makes no difference whatsoever, is just the latest fad and a total waste of money? It would be interesting if it could be taken away from the clubs that currently use it and see what difference it makes to a teams seasons performance. I would guess zilch.
  3. Im not a bully, Ive never booed him and some of my mates think hes great - I just think he's total poo !
  4. Best thing, being at a ground with proper floodlight pylons!!!
  5. James O'Connor, unbelievable improvement this season.
  6. 1. New manager sydrome. 2. Effort. Still need three new defenders to replace Spurr, Purse and Buxton.
  7. Best Player: John Sheridan Favourite Player: Rodger Wylde
  8. Excelent Mr DJ! Now when is my request being fulfilled???
  9. Does that really warrant player of the month or was it 45 mins when he didnt keep falling over for a change??
  10. This has become the highlight of my day now! Not bad Mr DJ. I bet Mr Kiddy isnt too pleased about his practice though!!
  11. As my Nan used to say, 'It seems like big kids with a big toy they dont want anyone else to play with' (Not Mr Strafford).
  12. And the year before was 18,217, not 17,886.
  13. I make our average home League attendance 8th Aug to Dec 26th 2009 inc. was 22,373 not 20,969.
  14. 1st Jan 1985 v Liverpool 48,246 9th Nov 1985 v Man Utd 48,105 Thats it.
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