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  1. Chadderton is an area in Oldham and the ground has an end called the Chadderton End.
  2. If its 90 miles north/south, south/north then no excuse, if its 90 miles east/west, west/east then try harder.
  3. Cream chinos Light blue Oxford shirt Navy blue V neck jumper. Continental casual.
  4. Look what you've done now Brian!!! You've outed me as a middle aged hero worshiper of a bygone god like character that I once idolised like no other before nor since. Ok, I come clean. I am not THE Rodger Wylde!! I met him once! It was surreal. In the team I played for at the time, was a bloke called Max who said he knew Rodger, who lived, (lives?) at Ridgeway. I didnt believe him, still thinking like a child that footballers weren't real people and didnt live in normal houses near normal people. Anyway, Max kept going on about Rodger for a few weeks, telling me how well he knew him etc., just winding me up aware of my undying devotion for my hero. So, after a game on a Sunday morning Max came over to me and said not to miss training on Thursday as he had asked Rodger if he would come and take the session!!!!!! Of course I dismissed this as just another wind up. Thursday evening arrives and we are all gathered as usual at Beauchief, having a kick about, Max is asking me if Im nervous about the second coming, I just ignore him and tell him to watch and learn! Then, after about fifteen minutes Max shouts over, 'look, he's here!'. I stopped my quick walk, turned, and in the distance coming round the corner of Beachief Hall was a vision of perfection itself!! It was bloody Rodger Wylde!! Well, I couldnt do anything, my legs turned to jelly. There was no way I was going to perform infront this legend before me! I excused myself and volunteered for a stint in goal, (also I would have a better view of him). I couldnt believe it. Here he was five yards from me doing exactly the same things with that ball that he did at Hillsborough! I had to keep telling myself to pull myself together. Anyway it was all over in a flash, he came with us for a quick orange juice after, (of course I had the same!) and I just sat opposite him doing a very good impression of a goldfish. Amazing! I couldnt wait to get home and tell my Mum all about it, then I realised that maybe I should just go home to my wife of seven years and start acting my age. I was only 29 at the time!!
  5. Hi! Thanks for noticing me. Youre right, I must admit, before I signed for Wednesday I was a bit of Blunt, but all that soon changed once I donned the old blue and white shirt. I had a good time while I was there, and youre right, we were pretty crap, apart from me and my old mate Tommy T! We carried that bloody shower, I can tell you! Then Jack turned up and didnt like me much, thought I was too flash for his ways! He was right too! I keep getting ribbed about my 70's mullet but while its still growing on top Im keeping it!! All the best, Oscar.
  6. Thats you told Mr Lincoln Imp!! But having said that, this 640 figure? You can ring the 0871 no., they will say sold out, ring the ticket office, they will say loads left, look online and shut your eyes and think of a number!! Whos does this Lee bloke think he is, coming up with numbers just like that? The bloody chairman or something?!!
  7. Yes you have hijacked it havent you?!!! I only wanted to tell you my ears had just stopped bleeding from your mega beat box of a PA system, we didnt want a bloody relocation apraisal!!!!!! You carry on.
  8. Yo!! Bri!!! My newest friend in the world! BTW, remember I told you it was a nightmare getting there?! Well, we got back at 745pm!!!!!!
  9. I wouldnt fancy that one bit! The Trent FM Arena surrounded by Currys, KFC, Carpetland et al. Nah, stay where you are!!
  10. I agree with you about Derby and all the others, with maybe the exception of Bolton. Where will it be built?
  11. Its shame youre having a new ground. You have three great stands there and the Brian Clough stand is very impressive, its like a 'modern' version of our North Stand. Where is the new on going to be and is it going to be a typical new ground, characterless and souless? Any design links?
  12. So all Germans are Nazis by that line of thinking?
  13. How loud was that yesterday?!!?? I think its the loudest Ive ever heard! Ive been in quieter nightclubs. Me and my new friend Brian could hardly hear each other!!! Ridiculous!
  14. Yes. 'Consistently bad'. The others have the occasional look of footballers.
  15. Forget yesterday and the free kick he gave away, both Spurr and Buxton have been by far the most consistently bad players for the whole season. Spurr has never been a footballer. He might block the occasional shot/cross, but give him the ball at his feet and he is useless.
  16. I have a 1 spare ticket if anyone is interested.
  17. While ever there are seats - the atmosphere will never be as good as when it was standing. Fact. That better?
  18. Walks, I moved when the plastic arrived, 1993.
  19. Exactly. We always used to stand on the kop, but when we were forced to pay more to sit down we thought we might as well have a good view too.
  20. While ever there are seats - there will be silence. Fact.
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