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  1. These days there seems to be two different rules depending on which part of the pitch the ball is in. If its on the goal line and therefore a potential goal, it is scrutinized to the n'th degree that the WHOLE of the ball must be over the line for a goal to be given, however, it seems when the ball is anyhwere else on the pitch, as soon as the ball even touches the line or is fully on it, people strart screaming that it is out. You see it all the time on tv. Or is it just me?
  2. Shame someone didn't connect with it - really hard.
  3. Agree with James O'Connor but Purse is just a liability!
  4. I wasnt talking about just on todays performance. As a footballer, generally, he is appalling.
  5. Spurr is by far the worst player. Absolutely appalling. He looks nothing like a footballer. If he is told to kick it as hard as he can in the direction he is facing, then he is doing a good job.
  6. Kivo, you really think Spurr had a better game than O'Connor????????
  7. Grant - 7 Buxton - 3 Purse - 4 Beevers - 6 Spurr - 2 Gray - 6 Potter - 4 JOC - 8 Soares - 7 Varney - 7 Tudguay - 7 Subs.. Simek - 6 Sodje - 6
  8. It says alot about where we are today when a clip of the 3rd division play off final cheers people up!
  9. Ok, enough is enough! This cladding malarky. Has no one else been on Penistone Road and seen the nasty, cheap, faded cladding we have at the back of the kop, which is also the most visible part of the ground to most?!!! Its rotten!!
  10. No goal music!! But, if 'the powers that be' have been watching Man. City, Newcastle etc, how about a nice free scarf waiting on everyones seat?! You want manufactured lemmings? Its a start.
  11. 'Whatever I do next it will be based on the qualities that created a successful environment in the PlusNet business i.e. openness, honesty, transparency, and true collaboration.' I take it we've stopped collaborating? Or are your American friends insisting on this?
  12. Ive always thought Mr Strafford and his ideas have been pretty good, but on this occasion I think hes just being a fool and a control freak! No blinkers, no dockers no donkey jackets. 93% of OUR club say NO. So shove it!!
  13. That about sums it up. Potter had an off day unfortunately. But I still say, unless we can replace Spurr, Buxton and Purse it will always be panic stations at the back. Watching Spurr reminds me of watching a very keen and eager 12 year old that is crap and only in the team because his Dad runs it!
  14. Poor performance. Hate that ground. Too close to the pitch so you can see how bad they really are. Cold and M18 closed on the way home. Roll on Saturday!
  15. 3 - 1 Tudgay, Soares, Potter. MoM J. O'Connor. Sorted.
  16. Martin Hodge The man with the whitest legs in the world!
  17. Newcastle Nottm Forest West Brom Swansea Cardiff Blackpool Sheff Utd Leicester Crystal Palace Bristol City QPR Middlesbrough Doncaster Watford Coventry Barnsley Preston Derby Ipswich Sflaphorpe Reading Plymouth Peterborough ????????????? Give in then.
  18. I remember playing West Ham, first home game after it happened, I was stood on the kop directly opposite the tunnel. It was a night match and the sun was setting behind the West Stand and the sunlight was shining straight through the tunnel, there was a minutes silence and the sun shone through the dust. That was a chilling moment.
  19. For our crrent team in our current situation - Carbone, he wouldnt take his ball home if we were losing! If we were pushing for promotion, the nutter Di Canio.
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