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  1. And when the **** in your world did you last see that?!!!! 1990? And back to basics? How more basic can you get than hoofing it from back to front ffs!!!
  2. I like to think that most times Im quite level headed, listen to other peoples arguments, reason with people, debate opinions even, but what you say is total poo !!!! Today was embarrassing. Not even a 30.000 crowd behind the team would have changed that shower of poo .
  3. And this is why I said we will sell 500-1,000 less than last season. After all the close season propaga, sorry, encouragement and semi promises that, in the eyes of Mr Council and many others just havent come to fruition. Understandable.
  4. Exactly. And, if I were a betting man, which I am, I would put a hefty amount on us selling 500-1,500 less than we did last season. No amount of tub thumping from Mr Strafford or even buying air time on ITV for an advert will change this. This is not pessimism just realism. Thats assuming we stay up!
  5. Yes, this is 3 games now! Mr Joicey had his Forest ticket, a part time fan, (and part time friend) had it for the Doncaster game but today the others are already sorted with their kids for a quid jobs!!! Now, as we all know, illness cannot be helped, but having to spend time during a crucial time in a crucial season in the upper reaches of the Hallamshire hospital is a poor excuse I think! At least he isnt on the side that overlooks Bumhole Lane! (And its £2.30 to park!!)
  6. I have a spare season ticket for today. Adult, North Stand if anyone interested.
  7. Obviously the link isnt working because Purse is top!! Ffs!!! Has everyone gone soft? Hes a liability!
  8. Who chose the music that was playing as we left the ground though!? Momma Told You Not To Come!! Very apt!
  9. He is having a bad time of it at the moment, but dropping him for who, Clarke?? Our Marcus is an Aston Martin surrounded by Daewoos!!
  10. Ive mentioned this on a couple of occasions, both here and in the Departments bit. Its just him with the microphone, you cant tell what he's saying. All other announcements are fine.
  11. If someone at the club told me there was no human being on the pay roll that would be a better left back than Spurr, I just wouldnt believe them. Fact. Rant over.
  12. While you were in there you should have move it and put it on James O'Connor's peg!!
  13. http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=4...;mid=2122786086
  14. So why I wonder when I went to the ticket office to buy said ticket for a 7yr old, was I charged £13 and told he had to be a memeber to qualify for that price?!
  15. So looking at that, would I be correct in thinking its £9 for a 7yr old for the North Stand bought at the ticket office??
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