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  1. http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=4...;mid=2122786086
  2. So why I wonder when I went to the ticket office to buy said ticket for a 7yr old, was I charged £13 and told he had to be a memeber to qualify for that price?!
  3. So looking at that, would I be correct in thinking its £9 for a 7yr old for the North Stand bought at the ticket office??
  4. I would be worried sick if they actually liked him!
  5. Are you actually saying you can read them and they serve a purpose??
  6. But World Cup squads are numbered 1-22 anyway. Its the League Im on about. Whats the point?!
  7. Thats what I thought, but I wondered how they dressed another 'lets screw the fans again' plan up.
  8. Can anyone remember what excuse/reason the FA/Premier Leaugue came up with for introducing squad numbers and names on shirts and doing away with the 1-11 numbering? And what is the point of it?
  9. 1 - Which current player should we hang on to at all costs? Tudgay 2 - Worst current player? Spurr/Buxton 3 - Best moment this season? Seeing Mr Strafford on the terraces before Peterborough away 4 - Worst moment this season? Derby away 5 - Where do you think we'll finish this year? 17th 6 - Would you rather Owls go down & England win World Cup or vice versa? Hope England are knocked out early as poss. 7 - Most hated team? Forest/Stoke 8 - If you could change one thing at Hillsbro what would it be? Bring back the floodlight pylons/Make everything that is blue ie. cladding, pillars, seats, signage, the same shade of blue!/Neon sign on Penistone Road. Ok thats 3 things, but you get the idea.
  10. Dont worry, it will be renewed. Renewing my season ticket each season is exactly the same as each Ive bought my 'last' packet of cigarettes. I know its not doing me any good but I just cant stop it!
  11. Your bet is a winning bet, and correct, I dont work for the Samaritans. But I was once asked to help with someones assisted suicide.
  12. Is that allowed under this dictatorial, press gang regime??
  13. At the moment I will be renewing mine, as I have done for the last 30 yrs, when I feel like it, but the more people keep banging on about renewing, the less I feel like doing it. So keep your nose out and flip off!!!
  14. In an accumulator that would be 1500/1, give or take!!
  15. I do, but Im not in to beards, all that chafing and rash drives me mad.
  16. Without doubt Purse has improved, but before everyone gets carried away, hes improved from being abysmal to now being average.
  17. Excellent layout and font. Looks a quality publication.
  18. I remember it always being busy and my Mum sitting me on the counter when I first went in. Ah, the days before cheap tack souvenirs and the need to make a fast buck!! Some call it progress.
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