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  1. @PARKOWL Heres another question. Would you be surprised if he was denied a season ticket for going to court to get a refund?
  2. Wednesday used to be a classy, traditional well respected club throughout the football world. Since January 2015 it's been a laughing stock. 148 years of building and earning a great reputation, ruined by one clueless clown. And it continues
  3. Fara Williams has such a lovely voice. Such soft, velvety tones.
  4. No stripes on the sleeves and probably a mainly white back. Too much white. No.
  5. I am the furthest thing you could probably get from a violent man, but if I played in the same team as Jordan Pickford I'm pretty sure I would end up cracking him.
  6. If that Liverpool shirt took longer than 5 seconds to design I'd be stunned.
  7. True, but slightly mardy.
  8. Are you the only person you know in the whole world with one of these special devices?
  9. Apart from Ron Atkinson, Trevor Francis, Jack Charlton and Carlos Carvalhal, I wouldn't have done a worse job than any Wednesday manager since 1974.
  10. I wonder how many would have got in if there had been a full programme of games instead of the 50% that were played.
  11. I was there. It was really weird. The terraces were sectioned off with plastic tape and all sorts of ne'er-do-wells from various clubs wandering about being all friendly. Bit of a non event really.
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