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  1. Amazing game. Amazing time to be watching Wednesday. The kop was packed, when the third went in I didn't know where I was for about 2 minutes. Bodies all over! Absolutely crazy times.
  2. I boo when a traffic light changes from green to red. I boo if my tea is rubbish. I boo when I get a bill through the post. I just boo all the time.
  3. Don't be daft and dramatic. Have a think and post again tomorrow.
  4. And what percentage do we score from other corner takers, past or present?
  5. Have you figured this out all by yourself or did you use stats to come to this conclusion?
  6. It's as though he's invented football and we've never seen it before and we are all a bit thick. Just shut up Darren, please.
  7. I've just eaten 5 plums, one after the other. First fruit for a while.
  8. I suppose it depends what your track is. We seem to think a play off place is the be all and end all without ever actually aspiring to a top 2 finish. A bit like Arsenal when all they wanted to do was finish in the top 4.
  9. Need 27 points from 11 games to be back on track. 21 from 11 and that's a play off place.
  10. We're glad to have him back in the building #swfc Did he escape?
  11. Not doubting his quality as a player. He just always looks like a chubby tramp.
  12. I mentioned this a few years ago and got slated for it. Press conferences used to be for important news, new chairman, big new signing etc. Now they have them to announce player x has been to the dentist and may be doubtful for Saturday. Having said that, don't they have to do them due to League rules?
  13. It's not about enjoying it apparently, it's about watching absolute dog poo and getting 3 points. Big D isn't bothered.
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