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  1. Chansiri has been busy pimping Atdhe in San Francisco baseball. Take that FFP...
  2. Thanks readingowl but unfortunately I cant access sky and dont know how to vpn anything!
  3. Hi, am in California so can't get sky highlights, can anyone post the goals so I can celebrate here. Thanks
  4. Human League Don't you want us Brucie, Don't you want us oh, Don't you want us Brucie, Don't you want us oh! Sing this continuously until he breaks down in tears and begs forgiveness.
  5. Has no one told Bruce that when we play Millwall away, you play with no strikers? Let alone 2!!!!
  6. Has anyone got a red button I could borrow? Or sky subscription? Asking for a friend.
  7. What I think... Dawson Palmer Lees Van Aken Pudil Reach Bannan Pessy Hutch Foresteri Nuhiu What I would like... Westwood Palmer Lees JVA Hutch Fox Pessy Bannan Reach Foresteri Nuhiu
  8. A piece of advertising hording blows onto the pitch, security looks at it, does he go on or not? The ball is at the other end of the pitch. He starts to go, stops, starts again. Finally he makes his mind up and rushes onto the pitch. Picks it up, gets to the touchline and... it blows out of his arms back on the pitch. Oh, and Joey's goal was sweet.
  9. We're on our way...etc....
  10. Personally, this year. Last year we had a free go, no expectations. This year hurt because we ground out more results, beat bogie teams but just didn't click for the two playoff games. Last year, Hull were better than us (over the course of the season and on the day) but we should and could of played better against Huddersfield.
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