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  1. Only one constant through all of this… THE CUSTOMERS!
  2. Patience is all well but it’s going to have to be challenging for top two I think for him to continue—I’ve no faith that we have the bottle for a playoff competition.
  3. Awful Freddie Mercury impression.
  4. A win’s a win but crikey did we make that look like hard work. Enjoyed watching Corbeanu and Wildsmith had a good game too, I’m happy for him.
  5. I’ve a little bit of sympathy for playing out from the back in these conditions, long balls could go anywhere. It’s just a shame we don’t seem to be able to actually… y’ know… do it competently.
  6. Can’t help but think Moore isn’t helping himself here. Free hit to get the fans back onside with some all-out attacking football, but nope, ponderous as ever. You can judge exactly how the game’s going to go by the movement at throw ins—no one shows for the ball at all.
  7. Half of these players can trap a ball further than I can kick it.
  8. I'd like to see us win, of course, but I don't care about the competition at all so no problem if we lose. However, what I do want to see tonight is a tactical shift to give me some hope that Moore has it in him to develop an attacking style of play. Happy to go gung-ho and potentially lose, just to give some indication of which players are capable of it.
  9. It’s not even the number of wins/losses that bother me. It’s the eye-bleeding atrocity of the way we play. There is just nothing about us at all, slow, lazy, can’t pass, can’t keep hold of the ball. On the odd times we get it forward we hit an invisible wall where everyone gets a nose bleed from being too far away from our half and turn it back to the defence. Short of a few flashes we rarely see players actually looking like they care at all. Total apathy running through the club.
  10. *unbelievably ponderous. Gi’ edit button back Neil
  11. Out for me. We never look inspiring, scrape through matches and this season we seem to have augmented our unbelievable ponderous play with an inability to pass and keep the ball for more than ten seconds. I 100% agree that what this club needs is stability, and normally I keep my head down over matters of in or out when it comes to managers, but I’ve sat through two and half decades of this shît hoping and praying for a miracle that never comes. So balls to it, it’s me time motherfückers
  12. I actually don’t think being out-thought has anything to do with it. We’re so easy to play against—press us quickly and we’ll make mistakes. Every game. No thought required.
  13. My only criticism of Bannan is that I feel he’s his own worst enemy when we’re struggling—he drops deeper and pulls himself further out of the game. When he picks up the ball in a defensive position he’s then got an entire midfield line waiting for him. His desire to drop back, pick up the ball and make things happen is admirable, but I wonder if he’d be better off staying further up and relying on the defence to get it to him. Of course that assumes the defence are capable of doing so, and whether Moore specifically is coaching him to drop deeper or not.
  14. Probably the cause and effect are the other way around. When things are going well it’s frequently because Bannan is allowed to dictate play in midfield, so it makes sense that when he’s taken out of the game we hit that blip. What worries me is that we can’t seem to cope when that happens.
  15. Hang on, why would they be going to watch us?
  16. Not really. It’s a turn-key solution run by the EFL. Clubs are free to not do it and provide their own service, but most don’t.
  17. Watching on my phone at a fancy restaurant for my partner’s dad’s 60th. Burning a lot of political capital for this
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