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  1. Just a small point on mutations—apologies if it’s already been brought up. The virus mutates within a host, so allowing it to reproduce unchecked (i.e. “herd immunity”) massively increases the chance of mutations that would potentially render vaccines ineffective. The best long term strategy would have been eradication, but I doubt the government will have the stomach for that now (or in fact the logistical capability, if past performance is anything to go by).
  2. I don’t have any reason to disbelieve it—DC’s faults seem to me to be less outright falsehoods and more a creative spin on the truth. I don’t think he’s a liar, but I do think he views things differently than a lot of people do. I might be wrong, of course.
  3. If he’s trying to asset strip the club having apparently ploughed 350 million into it, he’s not doing that very well either
  4. If I had to make this kind of post whenever there’s a falling out between the two sides I’d need to spend 24 hours a day on here I don’t consider myself in either camp, really, for what it’s worth. What I posted is just a reaction to several other posts I’ve read that are of the “I told you so” variety, which for me just doesn’t add anything to the conversation—you pointed out yourself that DC’s “office hour” is part of a divide and rule tactic, and these posts indicate to me that it’s working. I just wish we could all put aside the point scoring. Like the team
  5. Good to see that as ever in a crisis the fanbase fractures and starts taking pops at each other... same every time.
  6. Pitch gets the other 70% of the seed later in the month
  7. All CGI, they can afford the top VFX units in the prem.
  8. It’ll turn out that the club payroll team is going through the squad list, but the players aren’t answering their phones.
  9. Think it’s a big misunderstanding. Pulis is criticising Moses for not getting the right crackers for the Christmas party this year. It’s going to kick off again, clearly
  10. I’m driving myself mad trying to scan the thread title into the tune of “we don’t need another hero”
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