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  1. “Club suspends training” “SWFC Replica Shirts on sale” 🤔
  2. I said “needlessly contracts”, not chooses. Of course no one chooses, but by being in crowds you increase your potential for exposure. If you start exhibiting symptoms you should contact your doctor and self-isolate. They’ll advise you. I’m not a medical doctor. This is general advice from the WHO.
  3. Neil is right, this is not about preventing you from getting it, it’s about preventing you from getting it right now (and for as long as possible). Every person that unnecessarily contracts the virus in the coming weeks could very well be contributing to potential avoidable deaths.
  4. I can now confirm that iFollow definitely won't be showing the game
  5. Hard to say what's going to happen in the mid term future. So long as we can flatten the peak enough that the health service isn't overwhelmed then we're more in the territory of a bad flu epidemic: vulnerable people should be staying at home, but risk of mass fatalities due to lack of care will be reduced so we'd be back to having things going ahead, but with all the attendant public health warnings and advice. That's just a guess though—I really don't know.
  6. No problem. Don't forget to take a lollipop on your way out
  7. Uncertainties with testing makes it difficult to say if you have the virus or not unless you have a clear idea of when you were exposed to it. Because of the length of the incubation period, you may have been in contact with people who have it and wouldn't know. Anyone with symptoms or suspected exposure needs to be isolated for two weeks (is the current advice from the WHO).
  8. This is why a decision should have come from governmental level—if the football league authorities announce a postponement/cancellation then it's a legal field day, but if the government announces the ban then that kills off any legal challenges from anyone (you'd hope).
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