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  1. There was TUF branding when the takeover first took place: However I don’t think we saw that ever again.
  2. The real reason the stadium was closed wasn’t COVID, it was that someone on the south dropped a few prawns that have been slowly going off.
  3. I honestly can’t tell you how relieved I’d be if it turned out that the shambles of the last twenty years has been the result of a plan concocted by interdimensional beings that escapes the comprehension of the human mind. Would finally explain some things.
  4. He’s minutes away from calling a press conference in a garden centre car park isn’t he?
  5. What do you think they’ve been injecting into you under the guise of a COVID vaccine?
  6. Feels a bit off that they won’t let juniors into category A or C games
  7. Someone posted the entire thing but then Neil nuked it and replaced it with a his own drip feed version so he can claim all the plus points for himself
  8. I’ve had to break into the emergency stash of thinners. Normally only buy a few cases for the season but this one’s really hit my stockpile hard.
  9. Thought this was going to be another stadium sale thread.
  10. I don't know, I don't want to and yet I keep doing it
  11. Jóźwiak is the only one that particularly worries me based on what I watched of Derby's game with Swansea.
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