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  1. Let’s be honest, we never replaced Nilsson.
  2. He’d be able to if he’d turned up for his court appointment
  3. I hate sky as much as the next person, but come on, it’s hardly Pravda is it?
  4. Multiple people falling for a parody account on a thread explaining that it’s a parody account. Peak Owlstalk.
  5. Disappointed this isn’t a thread about what the people who leave before 90 minutes have on their iPods
  6. Insert obligatory Artic Monkeys on the SWFC badge reference
  7. If it’s a MacBook, option click the volume icon in menu bar and it’ll show you all of the connected outputs. You should be able to see the TV there. Good luck!
  8. You probably haven’t set the sound output of your laptop to go through the HDMI connection to the TV? Or your TV isn’t ARC compatible?
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