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  1. dr. benway

    The Stuff You Find Lying Around

    I think I have this on 7"
  2. The requisite TruFan 16, of course. Though lately I've been toying with moving on to bleach.
  3. Why are you trying to extend a three year season ticket for just two more hours? Seems a bit insignificant
  4. I've met football fans, I wouldn't worry
  5. dr. benway

    Hillsborough falling down?

    Yeah, it landed on Millwall’s pitch the other day.
  6. Thing is about Snodgrass is that he even has a name that sounds like one of the unpleasant characters out of a Harry Potter novel
  7. I don’t really know what you mean by “get over yourself”? But anyway, why would I be setting up a witch hunt against the fans? What’s in it for me? I’d much rather see everyone being harmonious. It’s not me that’s been having a go at Boyd today, nor was it me raging against Jos after Millwall. And I’ve never said a word against Carlos despite him being pariahed here since he left.
  8. Dont see where I belittled anyone? Just pointing out the absurdity of the constant witch hunts after a bad result with a little fun...
  9. dr. benway


    Can't take flares in the ground mate.
  10. Just so we're all on the same page until Swansea. Edit: apparently I can't make polls just write your entries in and I'll get one of Snoots' assistants to tally them later.
  11. dr. benway

    George Boyd

    Would have liked to see Wallace play today if only as he'd probably have lamped Snodgrass and/or the ref
  12. dr. benway

    Not Big & Not Clever

    Gives Terry some competition for most odious man in football.