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  1. Very strange, my receipt from August 2019 shows £130. Unless that's actually Euros and they put a pound sign in front? Genuinely can't remember what I paid exactly any more...
  2. I'd love for this to happen but I guess Apple TV users are a small minority of their users...
  3. You're right—not sure why I had £110 in mind.
  4. Maybe the extra £30 goes towards better payment servers?
  5. Oops, just posted almost exactly the same message at the same time! Mods feel free to nuke my thread if you like.
  6. Just got an email about my iFollow renewal. Looks like prices are being increased: It's iFollow, so obviously they haven't got their finger out and updated the subscription details page on the official site, but the price according to my email is £140 incl. VAT, or your equivalent local currency. I think it was £110 last season? Be interesting to see if single match passes are going up too...
  7. Hang on, I thought we didn’t have a ladies team? Has someone asked DC?
  8. So far failed to arrest some of our players for criminal performances 2/10
  9. Honestly I could imagine a meltdown on here if the socks were the wrong shade of blue or something
  10. I want him to re-sign if only for the inevitable litany of exploding heads on here
  11. I’m looking forward to hearing their new single
  12. Don’t let standards slip, big push for 700 now.
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