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  1. Ken Knighton was hard as nails - didn’t he get fined for kicking the dressing room door off its hinges, I think at Leyton Orient
  2. Just say mathematics, then there is no issue
  3. Excellent podcast - constructive discussions- good to be able to compare thoughts with you guys. But Luke needs to “Tuffun up” with regard to times he has to watch the games-think about us down under- we pray for night games on Fridays cheers NZowl
  4. Garden leave - he won’t be coming, if he does, until that is over
  5. Thanks for that response, I just couldnt he bothered to reply to him. People see want they want to see, not what actually is happening.
  6. He was offside and let the ball go out - I saw that sat watching ifollow in New Zealand at 5 am in the morning. You need to concentrate more when you watch the game
  7. Burtinshaw had a rough deal as well, no money to spend and nobody in the academy either. Came in when the ship was sinking. Along with others on that list to be fair
  8. I’ve read some garbage tonight - thank you for a sensible post.
  9. When I read statements like that I question why I read owlstalk and even more and worse I respond to comments like this
  10. This team as it stands isn’t going in the premiership, people need to get their heads around it, that is the problem. I’m sure the clear out will start in January and finish at the end if the season. Dreams and expectations need to be lowered. We can only bring players in if other players leave. How difficult is that concept. On the game I hope he plays the same back 4 at Blackburn and as Thorniley (who had a great game) today that Baker gets the same amount of help and cover.
  11. Harsh on Fox maybe 5 but Forestieri never 7 more like a 5 not a great game by him. Otherwise agree with numbers.
  12. Excellent second point couldn’t agree more, and if he is number 1 in the championship and possibly good enough for some premiership teams the size of his wage is surely not considered. Football can be a cruel game but I’m afraid life goes on.How fortunate are we to have 2 and I saw the under 18 keeper, so 3 excellent keepers that have come through the club.
  13. Surprised this didn’t generate more of a discussion. It gives a good indication of the direction the Wednesday may have to go. Although I do feel we still have the players this year to give a top 6 place a go
  14. Possums instead of wee wee ups just lets you know it’s a kiwi phone
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