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  1. Like posted above I had hoped we had learnt the lesson and were now being run professionally but alas the Friendlies issues is the same as kit and memberships A shambles I forgive the other mistakes as does not impact on the pitch but when we cant sort friendlies and therefore start the season badly no excuse. I take it we were playing Bolton and Bury and other clubs going into administration?
  2. I would be amazed if we don’t have at least 3 behind closed doors . Makes more sense can play 20 mins and then coach also not giving info to opponents . Don’t worry we will have plenty of game time
  3. We would need a kit ? And a proper kit stripes !!! for one team Yellow for the other Circa 1991
  4. Just seen the advert on the swfc site that it's £2000 plus VAT to play a game at Hillsborough Having previously played via Footballaid at Hillsborough wondered if there are 30 of us up for putting a game together . Even if we get ourselves a home and away kit - Blue and White Stripes and Yellow I reckon it would be £150 each Anyone up for this DM me and lets see if we can make it happen?
  5. I just don't believe we will have a kit , no leaks or anything If it was a local provider someone would have said something ! Reckon everything is on a container in the south china sea . As for lost income the Rangers game should make up for that 20,000 at £15 with beer sales etc will be half of what we make on shirts . Every chance we will be in blue and white stripes pro star !
  6. I ve done more today than ever at work. Doing anything to stop me thinking about tonight . Great being in Manchester, on nobodies radar more worried about Man Ure at Southampton and how City played last night .
  7. Fantastic player in there somewhere ????? Take it he wasn't drug tested at Leeds Shocking waste of money
  8. At a reception in Manchester tea time on Wednesday and wife wont let me go to Hillsborough as son is on gcse's Anyone about Wednesday night in manc ?
  9. Went to a Sports Dinner he was at - Got to be honest not the greatest seemed to have forgotten everything but QPR and Pompey
  10. Who's up for it ? Must be able to create a gathering in Lancashire ?
  11. What about Tommy Tynan? Think i can remember one v Everton But best has to be Spider
  12. Only one Black Bull on Bog height road . 15 mins walk haha its out in the country. Other options just thwaites for a pint of wainwright nothing exciting to compare with The Fat Cat . Wawaw
  13. Just spent my lunch time Hows this one sound M40 park at Gerrards Cross then train into Wembley stadium 12 mins ?
  14. I am thinking of train in and out . Used Wembley Central for an England game and loads quicker than the tube possible parking Watford or Bushy? Any other ideas?
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