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  1. Club confirmed to me that anyone who has a multi year season ticket has priority over season ticket holders. I'm wondering how many there are and if that leaves one year season ticket holders with not much chance. I'm guessing there are alot of multi year season ticket holders
  2. Jonnyowl... This is the point I was making but got shot down in sarcasm. It would be fairer if all season ticket holders were to go say 1 in 2 games. My understanding is arsenal and Bradford are doing something similar
  3. 2 questions if anyone may know. Firstly do multi year take priority over early bird. Secondly and this I think is really important. If its name in a hat draw then does that mean someone's name can get drawn every game and someone else has none. How would that be fair
  4. So are we assuming we have more season ticket holders than there is space for
  5. Does anyone on here actually know how many season ticket holders we have for next season and what capacity is. Just wondering if we would have too many when we finally let in
  6. News today is talking about new measures coming in sometime in future asking over 70s and younger people with certain health conditions to self isolate. Anyone know if having high blood pressure is one of these. I've been on medication for this for years but unsure if I'm on the high risk
  7. How long is it going to take for the announcement about Saturday.
  8. So am I right in thinking hardly anyone will be available to go to this tomorrow as its very short notice, and we therefore won't get to hear anything what was said?. Is that reaching out to the majority of supporters. They should be offering something to us poor buggers who travelled on Saturday to watch that inexcusable performance
  9. Seriously... People have boycotted games, which I understand but it's made no difference . People are saying boycott man city game but he will get his TV money anyway. Fans show anger at games, again understandable but Mr chansiri is not even in the country to see it. It feels like we are powerless. The club is sliding down the division with s real possibility of division one football next season and the chairman is nowhere to be seen and players look like they have given up. Bystanders is what we are
  10. Just curious where he stands with what is going on. History tells us that the chairman respects him. He may well listen to him. If it is 100 per cent the players at fault then he could verbally back monk and therefore try in some small way to unite the fans. The only one talking at the moment is monk. He seems the only one publicly facing the media and supporters. Don't get me wrong I know that's part of his job but he is his right hand man and we do have a club captain. Has he lost his voice too. I'm not seeing any leadership and that includes from the top. Time for others to step up
  11. I'm sorry but I've been reading this thread and is someone actually saying that the chairman has replied or is this just a wind up. I'm sure noone on here has his email or contact. Just not getting it???
  12. I've also booked train and hotel for London but am thinking of not going to the Brentford game. How bad is that?. Just can't stomach much more. I will carry on with the home games but until these set of an excuse for footballers leave that's me probably done with away games
  13. I know this should be in the ticket section but does anyone know the refund policy for away tickets. If I wanted to send back my Birmingham tickets would the club give me a refund. I seriously cannot watch that rubbish anymore...
  14. My guess is the game will be on the Thursday. Man city play Sunday before and after. That way they won't have to move any fixtures but of course we will have to
  15. So I've read unlikely to be on the Tuesday as Man city play Sunday before. If it's a Thursday I'm assuming the match against Brentford gets moved. But do we think they will make Brentford the Sunday or will they change it to another weekend altogether
  16. I can't get my head around how someone has got that many. I know it's over 2 seasons but that's 20 more games than me and I haven't missed that many, maybe derby,hull and qpr
  17. So that means they could sell out Thursday afternoon then, is that right
  18. Hi. Just seen details for Luton and only 1030 tickets available. Anyone on here have any knowledge on how quick these could sell out....what sort of day?. I need to book work off but I would be 3rd day sales so I'm thinking no chance. Anyone have any inside knowledge of how many people have high points?
  19. The travel mentioned was s certain club paying for a coach, that's all. Don't know full details, it was just an example. But seeing as though I'm getting rather alot of sarcastic remarks, the owners of this site may want to remove the whole post. There are some people on here who obviously just like to take the pxxx
  20. Omg. It was only a post about a debate id seen on twitter talking about different clubs offering things to supporters... That's all. I'm not being bxxxdy needy or need a bxxxdy hug or something. It's a discussion, end of. Some posters on here can be really sarcastic... And no, that's not me being touchy
  21. Just seen a post on twitter about what we get back as supporters as a way of thanks for such brilliant away support. He was talking about 3000 fans going to qpr on a Friday night, little or no trains back etc and on the back of a heavy defeat. Other clubs have done things as a show of gratitude ranging from travel to a free pie or pint or even vouchers at one club. And it got me trying to remember if we as owls supporters ever had that or are we in danger of being taken for granted.... Thoughts?
  22. So the only way to watch is bt sports
  23. So I can't watch it live in this country. I'm confused why anyone would pay 2.50 for just audio commentary when radio Sheffield is free
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